Not only on this site, but throughout the internet there are many posts of nail design ideas filtering the most beautiful and creative manicures on the internet. However, what I do here is take an extra step, trying to organize these options by aesthetic to help you find the ideas for finger nails designs that best fit the occasion, style, or mood you need at the moment. We’ve already created dozens of nail ideas posts here, but in this specific article, I’m going to organize them by themes and mood or aesthetic.

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Seasonal Ideas for Nails

Let’s start with the most common: seasonal nail designs. There are so many hyper-creative nail artists on the Internet, and it can be fun to create different nail designs. Below, I will show you a sneak peek of possibilities to go full in the mood for the 4 seasons of nature, and then you might click on the links below for many more options for that nail aesthetics.

1. Spring Nails

Spring is the season when life starts to bloom and people get excited experimenting with Nail designs for spring.

Explore this aesthetic: 65 Spring Aesthetic Images That Will Lift Your Mood

nail designs for spring

Flowers are the most obvious element of spring, and if you are aiming for them to decorate your nail art, we have a post only filled with nails with flower design.


But if you are very fond of a specific type of flower, there are also endless possibilities and delicate nail art of pretty and distinct blooms on the Internet. Aesthetic daisy nails are likely the most widespread flower design during spring.

aesthetic daisy fingernails

Lavender nails are a reference to this feminine color and plant that also suits the spring mood for fingernail design and evokes a sort of vintage femininity.

Explore this aesthetic: Evoking the Lilac Lavender Aesthetic & Meaning to your Life

cute lavender fingernails ideas for spring

Also, sunflower nails are a hit-nail design during spring and summertime.

sunflower nail design

Fluttering wonderous butterflies are likely the main symbol of spring, so of course, pretty butterfly nails are a great theme for your spring fingernails and a nice accent to get in the fairy aesthetic.

aesthetic butterfly nails

2. Summer Nail Designs

Bright summer nails are a must-have manicure for those who have fun setting up their nail art to a current mood or theme. See here for more fingernail designs for summer

fingernail designs for summer pink and orange with check and flower designs

Yellow is the color that is most associated with summer, therefore yellow nail art is a favorite for this season.


Summer at the beach? These amazing beach nail options will help you go fully in the mood for a vacation enjoying the benefits of salt, sand, and sun.

beach nail design for fingernails
pastel neutral summer beach nail art with glitter

Orange nails are also the top 3 nail designs for summer.


3. Fingernail Designs for Fall

Autumn fingernail designs are cozy, joyful, and chic. Fall Nature’s color palette of dark reds, browns, and oranges and its cozy textures and elements make the composition of these aesthetic nails.,


Plaid nails are a creative option that works well for fall and winter.


4. Nails for Winter

It is a bit more challenging to find fingernail designs for winter that are not associated with the Holidays, but Instagram is packed with stunning options!

These elegant and beautiful winter nail art ideas will surprise you with how beautiful nail design can get in the cold days.


Emerald green nails are pure sophistication and they evoke a sort of wicked power that resembles Slytherin aesthetics.


Sweater Nails are a great option for either fall or winter but feel more like winter to me.


Themed Designs on Fingernails

Celebrating special dates and occasions is something simple that brings extra meaning to our lives though. Below I will list aesthetic fingernail designs to get in the mood for celebrations.

5. Christmas Nails

Xmas nail ideas are something that popped up on the internet thanks to Instagram and there are so many ways to create a festive nail design. Below I show an uncommon black and white example, but you can check many more Christmas nails here 110 k 58

Girly and glam girls will aim for Pink Christmas nails.

And Cute Xmas nail art.


6. New Years Nails

Glittery sparkly nails for new year to shine bright.


7. Valentines Nails

Valentine Nails Design are essentially cute nails with hearts, but the range of options is enormous!


8. Easter Nails

Easter Design for Nails is lovely and cute. Pastel colors and spring elements are an accent to the traditional bunny and easter eggs designs.


9. 4th of July nails

4th of July fingernail designs are one of the favorite dates North American girls have to have fun with nail art.


10. Weeding nails

Bride nails couldn’t be out of this list. Something so classic and simple that also offers tons of possibilities for future brides searching for the perfect manicure to their big day.

white and glittery bride nails with crystal on short  square nails

Mood & Aesthetic Nails

Now, this is my favorite way to find everything: By mood. From clothes to gifts, just looking and feeling an aesthetic, and diving into that lifestyle inside my mind. We change our mood so much, from the mood we feel reading a book and immersing in the smell, sound, and scenarios of the story setting to the mood that changes us after a trip. This site is all dedicated to helping you find things respecting your current mood or the mood you want to make real to you. So, below, you find the ideas for aesthetic fingernails.

11. Nails with a feminine aesthetic to get in a girly mood

It’s undeniable that pink is the most feminine color. Pink nails are always the right choice when you want to evoke your inner girlie.


Pink and white nails are one of the most feminine combinations you can make in your nail art.


And you can’t imagine in many different ways is possible to do pink French tips.


Barbie is an icon of femininity and became even more so after all the buzz caused by last year’s movie. Hot pink nails are super Barbiecore and, obviously, super girly.

Cute nails are an alternative to evoke your inner child and express a joyful and innocent side of you throughout the manicure. Check here some adorable and cutest nails with designs.

cute nails with cute designs

Pastel nails are for soft souls who wish to display a touch of sweetness in their nail designs.


Light blue nails are also considered girly, cute, and innocent, just think about the peaceful blue sky and all the magic that comes from this shade symbology in classics like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Frozen. It is also a common color for winter nails.

Explore this aesthetic: Light Blue Aesthetic Guide: All about the Daydreamers Color


Luxury mood nails

Gold nails or nails with gold details are the top luxury aesthetic for a fingernail design.


So many exquisite designs can be created with gold nail polish. See how just golden nail tips already change the mood of a person to something extremely high-end.


Brown nails and dark brown nails are very common to set a luxurious mood.

Explore this aesthetic: Brown Aesthetic Guide (Dark, Light, and Vintage Moods) l Beige Brown Aesthetic Wallpaper Ideas for Phone


Nails with a minimal aesthetic to get in a simple mood

White fingernail with simple designs, like nail lines or just basic and minimal details are a classic and chic choice,


Black with white nails is a way to bring a prosperous woman vibe to your outfit when done right.

black and white fingernails

My favorite! When I look at marble nail designs I feel the aesthetics of a modern Greek goddess.


Nude nails design is the most sophisticated option and expresses how simple and neutral can be extremely elegant.


A bit of innovation and art to the classic nude nail, are these nude ombre nails


Nails with a baddie aesthetic to get in an alluring mood

I remember when I was a teenager and did my manicure in red, many of my friends didn’t like it because they considered it too bold, too much. I loved it. Some might think a woman with red nails is aggressive, or powerful, but I rather think that this shade is a statement, that behind this face lies an assertive, passionate, and alluring woman somewhere. Check here for some other stunning red nails with nail art.


Cherry nails design also was very trendy lest year and is probably an aesthetic tren that is about to grow in 2024


cute cherry nails


If you liked the fingernail designs in this post, take a look at the complete aesthetic hair and nail ideas library organized by mood, occasion and style.

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