Today’s aesthetic guide is about the fairycore or faecore, or fairy aesthetic. Fairycore is another term invented in the Tumblrverse to designate a fantasy fairy-inspired group of aesthetic images. But, just like everything else that becomes popular on the internet, this trend became a lifestyle for some creative, idealistic people. And, when something becomes popular a lot of brands embrace it and help us bring new possibilities, authenticity, and feelings to our lives.

I personally love to watch fantasy movies and shows, have the first impression that those feelings and moods are impossible to sense in real life, and then be surprised by authentic people, a brand, an ad, an experience, or a product that is creative enough to prove me wrong. So, if you love fairies and feel like a nature spirit, you might likely identify with a fairy and embrace fairy core.

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The Fairies

According to the book Fairies: The Mith, Legends and Lore, the fairy folk come from many different cultures, legends, and lands, each one with its own names for fairies, such as Good People, the Gentry, the Shining Ones, The Neighbors, Pixies, Elves and more. The most popular in our occidental culture is the Middle English term faerie, to refer to the land of enchantment and its fascinating inhabitants – The today called Fairy.

In the Victorian era, flying fairies myths such as the whimsical cute Tinkerbell became popular. This is why these types of fairies are the main inspiration for the fairycore aesthetic.

So, maybe you are not a supernatural being who flies through the air, but you can definitely embrace the moods and values invoked by the legends and myths that surround these gorgeous, little, magic creatures.

✨ The fairy moods: Sweet, fun-loving beings, joyful, clever, dazzling, ethereal, feminine, sassy, free like the wind. Can be a bit mischievous at times.

ᖭི༏ᖫྀ In the fairy world and legends, the three most popular elementals are known as sylphs, sprites, and water nymphs. Tinkerbell and her winged friends fall into the sylphs category of nature spirits of Air Element.

Fairy aesthetic

The fairy aesthetic is invoking the fairy tale pictured fairies vibes, which means the little Air fairy with butterfly-inspired gossamer wings and pixie dust. Fairycore is about embracing fairy values, dressing up, and acting as a fairy. How? being whimsical, dainty, and sparkling, not only in your visuals but also in your attitudes. Feeling a special connection and care to nature, and loving the atmosphere and vibes of the woods and its beings are strong characteristics of a fairy. The images below are to illustrate the aesthetic and are all in wallpaper size for iPhone, in case you are in the mood for a fairycore wallpaper.

Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild With a faery, hand in hand, For the worlds more full of weeping than you can understand

W.V Yeats, The Collected Poems

Fairycore Outfits

Fairy fashion is about dressing in a way that makes you feel free and enchanting. To achieve this look and feel, go for flowy, light, gauzy, pastels fairy dresses, with florals, and mushrooms details and accessories. That will make you look like a true guardian of the natural world!

fairy dress
fairy dress pink outfit
fairycore outfit with wings

This Princess meets fairy outfit will make you look cool and magical at the same time.


Just a gorgeous, light, pink satin or silk dress.


Fairy Inspired Costume Ideas

Some fairy costume ideas to DIY and photography ideas.


To believe in faeries is to step into an enchanted space where the rational mind meets the irrational heart, and all things become possible

Brian Froud

Fairycore room

A fairy room or house is about creating an environment that looks and feels out of this realm. Fairylights in the bedroom mixed with green garlands creates fairies-in-the-woods magic vibes. Little fairy print framed in the image below next to enchanting and dainty natural elements, such as the swan and the small plants

fairy aesthetic home deocr

Fairycore Makeup

The pixie dust effect on your face creates a dazzling and gorgeous, ephemeral looks

fairy aesthetic makeup

Fairycore Hairstyle

Just like the fairy outfits, the hair must be enchanting and resemble nature.

Natural, wild, and free hair.


Pretty romantic braids give the look and mix of fierce and romantic innocence.


More authentic and magical braids.

All Pastel hair can make anyone looks like a real fairy.


It just feels that flowers are coming to life from her hair.


Embracing the Fairycore Lifestyle

There are simple ways and nice stuff you can add to your life, home, and decor to embrace the fairy magic into your life.

This natural history of fairies book, illustrated by Jessica Roux doesn’t only have the most magical cover to showcase in your living room, but the perfection of its content is also something out of this realm!

Fairy-inspired accessories, such as butterfly wings-inspired earrings are the pixie dust you need to give a magical fairy touch to a simple outfit.

Fairy Wings

If you can wear an earring or a tiara to express something, why not also wear a wing?


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