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You may not be a fairy living in the woodland, jungle, or even deserts. But if you are reading this post, it is either because you believe in these fascinating little creatures, because you feel like a fairy yourself, or because you would love to know how it feels like to look like one and wear fairy wings.

Although we all wish we could drink a Polyjuice potion from Harry Potter and transfigure into a fairy for a few hours, we can’t. Thus, the most accessible way to feel like a fairy in the real world is by wearing a fairy costume, and its iconic fairy wings.

There are other ways to feel like a fairy, and you can read them here in our fairy aesthetic guide

fairy wing art

Walter Jenkins Morgan – The Fairy Ring

All the wings I chose for this post – and all the other posts in this site – are set in a magical and aesthetically pleasing scenario. That’s because we believe aesthetics tell a visual story and makes the products so much more relatable than just the image of them on a white background.

Fairy Wings for Adults

There are a few different types of fairies and different types of fairies have different types of wings, but all modern fairies wear delicate, shimmering gossamer wings that flutter behind them and make them feel like merging with the beauty and freedom of butterflies in nature.

Whether you want to feel like a lovely Pixie fairy and add a little magic to your everyday life or are looking for the perfect wing for an enchanting fairy costume, you may find them here.

Large fairy wings or small and delicate, there are all types of wings for every type of fairies out there.

White Fairy Wings

white large fairy wings costume for adults
Photo: Etsy

White Iridescent Large Wing

This is not a wing for tiny, delicate pixies. Large and white faerie wings will give you the impression of being a true queen elf of the forest.

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moth butterfly wings black and white
Photo: Etsy

Fairy Cape Costume

This flowy, natural looking butterfly-moth inspired black and white wing gives an interesting witch meets whimsical meets delicate vibes.

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Transparent Fairy Wings

transparent fairy wings
Photo: Etsy

Sylph Wings Iridescent Fairy Wings

Handmade transparent wings takes the magic illusion created by these fantastic pieces to another level. The most delicate item from this list.

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transparent fairy wings
Photo: Etsy

Transparent Butterfly Fairy Wings

Not too heavy, not too little, this gorgeous wings are affordable and perfect for a realistic adult fairy costume.

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Ethereal Aesthetic: Dainty Inspiration Too Perfect For This World

Black Fairy Wings

black fairy wings
Photo: Etsy

Unseelie Wings Dark Fae

Not every fairy is dainty and cute. If you like the powerful and intimidating dark fae vibes, this one is perfect. Details: black and grey detailing on one side and the back is iridescent that looks like oil slick.

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black fairy wings
Photo: Etsy

Black Moon Cycle Goth Moth Fairy Wings for Adults

Stunning wings for witches and fairies.

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Green Fairy Wings

tinkerbell inspired green fairy wings
Photo: Etsy

Tinkerbell-inspired fairy wings

To look like the pop queen of them all, just go with these large Tinkerbell inspired wings.

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Photo: Etsy

May Queen Beltane Fairy Wing

Looking for a green, lightweight, easy to wear, realistic and slightly dramatic fairy wing? Then this one is perfect.

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Some to the sun their insect-wings


Walft on the breeze, or sink in clouds of gold.

Transparent forms, to fine for

mortal sight,

Their fluid bodies half dissolv’d in light,

Loose to the wind their airy

garments flew

Thing glitt’ring textures of the filmy dew;

Dipp’d in he richest tincture of

the skies,

Where light disports in every-mingling


While ev’ry beam new transient

colour flings,

Colours that change when’r they wave

their wings

Alexander Pope

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