Witchcore, witchy aesthetic, or witch aesthetic is one of my favorite aesthetics and that’s why I took a while to create this guide. Today is still a full moon and two days ago was my 35th birthday, so I finally felt it was the moment to write a complete guide about the meanings and symbology surrounding the decoration, elements, moods, and outfits that represent the witch aesthetics.

If you are reading this post, it is likely that, just like me, you also few an inexplicable, wholehearted interest in mystic-witchy imagery.

From the antique Avalon mists to the old, spooky, and charming witch hut from Hocus Pocus, to wanting a Book of Shadows like the one in the TV series Charmed when you were a kid, if you are reading this post is because the witchy mood has a magnet effect on you, be you a practitioner witch or not.

So, in an attempt to understand and explain the magic one feels looking at witchcore aesthetic images, I will break down the colors symbols, and types of witch aesthetics here. I hope this post helps you unleash your own inner power and understand the meaning behind the exquisite mysterious images of candles, herbs, cauldrons, forests, and moons from pretty aesthetic Instagram feeds.

Important disclosure: I like to point out in all aesthetic guides I write, especially this one, in order not to offend anyone, that, as a graphic designer, when I write an aesthetic guide is never focusing on politics, fashion trends, or religion (there are tons of other articles focusing on these subthemes). I write focusing on the emotional meaning caused by aesthetic images, shapes, and colors. For me, aesthetics is not about putting someone in a box, nor just following a pattern because it is cute or because a celebrity did it, but is a great visual tool that tells a story and helps us find things that we genuinely love. In my opinion and expertise in design and design psychology, if someone feels attracted to the imagery of the witch aesthetic, is because they have something witchy within. This guide is a tool for you to comprehend & release this inner feeling and properly start putting into practice in real life what you see in magical and beautiful witchy aesthetic images.

The Witch Aesthetic

A witch is a person who lives in connection to the seasons and the stars and their cyclical nature.

The witch aesthetic is a visual representation of witchcraft, and witchcraft in one tweet is connecting with the power and forces of nature, recognizing that we are all connected in one net, and discovering nature’s power within yourself to make changes.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are a green, pink, white, or kitchen witch. Nature is the main element of this aesthetics, and below I will break down the most popular types of witchy aesthetics.

Aesthetic Nature Elements

When we talk about nature, we must think about its composition, the 4 elements: water, earth, air, and fire. A large part of the witchy aesthetics and practice revolves around them in different states and forms.

So, I will first explain the aesthetic of the elements and afterward the types of witches. The aesthetic of the Earth has wisdom and if we observe and absorb it (something so rare in such a noisy modern world), the aesthetics will become so much more than just attractive references.

Which of the images below speaks to your soul? Look and feel to know where to start sintonizing with nature and liberating your power.


The magic flame within our souls, the element that inspires us to burn inside and take action in the direction of our goals. It symbolizes our own potential inner fire for channeling our daring, vitality, will, and power.

Witch Aesthetic items related to the fire: Candle flames, the sun, dragons, salamander, warm drinks. The colors are red (the vitality from our blood), orange, and yellow (the fire flames).

witchore candle aesthetic
burning candle witch aesthetic

she was made of fire and pieces of poetry.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo Edit: Pinterest


Water is all about life and emotions, feelings, and intuition. All the fluids that leave our bodies, from sweat to tears, causing relief and release are water. Just like the air, water is absolutely vital for our bodies to function. The world (and our bodies) is composed of more than 70% water, which means that, for me, this is the queen of all elements. The water witch get inspired and/or identify with its cleanenisg properties and infinite capacity for strength, stillness, go with the flow vibes, changing tides connected with our changing moods and abundance.

Witch Aesthetic items related to the water: aquatic animals, goblets, cups, shells, mermaids, the sea, and waterfalls. Colors: green, blue, transparent.

nordic water witch aesthetic
Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
sea witch aesthetic

Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you



The earth is stable and fertile. It is about growth and birth. In magic, the earth is about personal growth and prosperity, wealth and abundance.

Witch Aesthetic items related to the fire: Crystals, stones, herbs, cauldron, broom, gnomes, and plants in general. The colors are shades of brown and green.


My favorite of them all. The air is invisible and unreachable, yet if we stay for seconds without it we can’t survive. We can’t tame, see, own, hold or lock the air, yet it has the strength to destroy an entire town when it forms a hurricane. In witchcore, the air is present in meditations and breathing exercises and it is in the environment scents that transform our consciousness. Air energy is related to thoughts, mind, intelligence, and communication.

Witch Aesthetic items related to the air: Incense smoke, fairies, bells, feathers, owls, birds. The colors are white and grey.

witchy aesthetic

By the earth that is her body
By the air that is her breath
By the fire that is her bright spirit

By the living waters of her womb

May the peace of the goddess be
Forever in your heart

What is your witch Aesthetic?

I want this guide to be more than just a visual guide, but a tool to help you live your life as a witch if this is what you want, or what your heart desires. So, it is important to know what kinds of witches are there. There are much more, and I will list a few here.

All witches’ aesthetic core moods: feeling at home in the woods or forest, collecting herbs, collecting rocks and stones, building and searching for fairy houses, befriending animals, feeling connected to a higher power when in nature, and working to create an enchanting life for yourself and transform.

Modern Witch Aesthetic

All the classic and antique elements of the witches’ universe but with a modern touch to it. Modern witch aesthetic is usually black and white and gold I like it because, and for me, it is a great summary of the witch aesthetic meaning.

The black and white witchy imagery evokes the darkness of the cosmos and the light of the moon, as well as the light and dark powers we all have within us and the negative and positive universal meaning of the yin yang.

Gold here comes as the main symbol of transformation because it relates to alchemy: transforming ordinary things in gold. And witchcraft is about this: transformation. Finding power and manipulating natural elements in order to effect change in ourselves and in the world.

A modern witch usually is an eclectic witch: She is tuned in on everything related to astrology, understands tarot, works on her psychic abilities, and plants her greens, even if just a tiny garden on her apartment balcony.

modern witch aesthetic fashion black outfit
modern witch aesthetic gold and black
cocorrina planner witchy aesthetic decor  black and gold
modern witch aesthetic nails gold
modern coven aesthetic
witchy shoes laced up witchcore
witch aesthetic fashion
maxi witch dress aesthetic
witchcore outfit

Green Witch Aesthetic:

The green witch feels an extra connection with nature and just like all the types of witches, sees nature as being incredibly sacred and magical. They follow the path of the naturalist, the herbalist, and the antique healers.

Green witches study and know the scientific power and use of plants and have a keen eye and wisdom on how to use them for preparing a soothing tea, healing a cut, or adding a touch of magic and flavor to food.

green witch plants aesthetic
green witch aesthetic
green witch
green witch aesthetic

๐Ÿƒ๐ŸŒ™ cold moon evergreen magic | cedar for purification of thoughts + deep listening to intuitions.

juniper for protection, discernment + boundaries to regenerate + heal.

pine for the wisdom to trust oneself l via @alysonsimplygrows

green witch
green witch aesthetic bedroom

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better

Albert Einsten

๐Ÿƒ Green witches usually plant flowers that are meaningful to them and cultivate organic spices at home.

๐ŸŒ™ Main elements of these aesthetics are herbs, plants, trees, and stones.

๐Ÿƒ The mood of this aesthetic: muddy, organic, wild, slow, natural

๐ŸŒ™ Green witches in fiction: Claire from Outlander, Cassie Nightingale from Good Witch, Pomona Sprout l Professor of Herbology from Harry Potter saga.

Kitchen Witch

Similar to the Green witch, the kitchen witch aesthetic is also about respecting and working in symbiosis with nature. For the Kitchen witch though, all her magic concentrates on the process of cooking. She knows everything about the magic behind the science of balancing the right amount of water, fire, and the earth when she cooks.


She takes seriously the mote ยจwe are what we eatยจ, usually planting and cultivating her own natural and organic veggies and greens at home.

Photo: witchesofthecraft.com
kitchen witch aesthetic

Dark Witch Aesthetic

When you look at dark witch aesthetic images on Pinterest, what we see is a much more gothic and gloomy atmosphere, but no explanations about its meaning. In my point of view, the dark witch aesthetic is a visual expression of the dark Goddess from Greek Mythology: Hekate.

According to the antique greeks, Hekate is the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the moon and the night. The most powerful lady in Greek myth and was highly associated with witchcraft throughout history.

hekate aesthetic dark witch aesthetics
dark witch aesthetic
dark witchcore

White Witch Aesthetic

white witch aesthetic hair
crystal aesthetic
white witch aesthetics
white witch aesthetic

Cottagecore Witch

A romanticized mix of the Green witch with the forest witch. Imagine that classic picture of a cottage witch in a charming hut deep in the woods. The green witch loves life in a cave in the forest, but in this case, also loves to feel romantic and sweet and dress up in lovely dresses. She studies the sacred nature around her and has the knowledge to do magick work in synergy with nature. Her Craft goes beyond healing and cooking. Cottagecore witches also love creating handmade art with natural elements.

cottagecore witch aesthetic
cottagecore witch decor
cottagecore witch
cottagecote witch decor

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Aesthetic Witchy Places

If you believe in magic you agree with me that some cities have a different energy. Even though they are not famous cities for their mysticism, we can just feel like a different person when we breathe new air, see new colors and listen to new languages in a new country or even city. But some places in the world are actually famous for having a witchy aura of history surrounding it, and these are very withy aesthetic places.

Glastonbury, New Orleans, Salem, Oregon

What do you think?

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