Oh, how I love the fall season and everything that comes with it, but especially, Halloween! I decided to create a post with aesthetic Halloween wallpapers because every year I change my iPhone wallpaper to get in the mood for Halloween. So, I thought other people might also do it and might find this useful.

I don’t change my phone background during other celebrations or seasons. But there is something magical about Halloween that makes me wanna embrace everything I can from it while it lasts. It is comfy, magical, and mysterious, it makes me feel like there are more revelations, possibilities, and truths to this world than what we experience in our ordinary daily lives.

According to the legend, on Halloween night the veil between the real and spiritual worlds gets thinner. I kind of believe in it, because I think it is the only explanation for the happiness and intense moods that I feel on October 31st!

Spooky ghosts, powerful witches, creepy skeletons and pumpkins, and the incredible orange, black, and purple palette make me happy. If you identify with those moods as well, enjoy!

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Cute Halloween Aesthetic Wallpapers

Halloween is largely associated with creepy, but it may as well have a super cute aesthetic. It will depend on the facial expression you give your Halloween pumpkins, for example, and the colors and moods you choose to represent them. The Halloween wallpapers below are for lovers of cute spooky aesthetics.

cute ghost disney halloween aesthetic wallpaper
cute ghost halloween aesthetic wallpaper
cute pumpkin halloween aesthetic wallpaper
cuta halloween aesthetic wallpaper hocus pocus

Landscapes and Scenarios

Old big houses surrounded by trees are the ultimate representation of the Halloween scene and a creative option for Halloween wallpaper.

spooky halloween wallpaper for iphone
halloween wallpaper for iphone
creepy illustration halloween wallpaper
halloween wallpaper for iphone


The charm of Halloween lies in its creepy and scary aesthetic. Dark, weird, and gloomy, this is one of the possible moods for this magical month and certainly a favorite among many Halloween enthusiasts. The wallpapers below are for those who want a creepy and dark aesthetic displaying their lock screen.

dark aesthetic halloween wallpaper
scary dark halloween wallpaper
creepy halloween wallpaper


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dark aesthetic halloween wallpaper iphone
edgy scary creepy pumpkin dark halloween wallpaper
dark halloween aesthetic wallpaper

Comfy Fall & Autumn Halloween Wallpapers

I think the comfy Halloween aesthetic is the most popular mood of all. After all, it matches perfectly with everything that fall represents: Cozy chill days contrasted by beautiful hot colors that keep our hearts warm. The fall aesthetic Halloween wallpapers below will

comfy halloween aesthetic wallpaper background iphone

As a fan of everything witchy and coffee myself, I just changed my iPhone lock screen to this one!

halloween aesthetic wallpaper witches

comfy hocus pocus fall halloween aesthetic wallpaper
fall aesthetic halloween wallpaper

Skull/Skeleton/Ghosts Halloween Wallpapers

These are the popular little creatures that make all the difference when we set the Spooky mood.

gohst fall aesthetic halloween wallpaper
skeleton aesthetic halloween background iphone
skull skeleton halloween wallpaper
skeleton ghost aesthetic halloween wallpaper

Hope you found the perfect aesthetic Halloween wallpaper for your phone! And yes, as you can see by this post, Halloween can be both lovely and scary! And don’t we all? ๐ŸŽƒ

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