Fabulous, mysterious, enchanting, this is how I describe everything evolving witchcraft, including witch wallpapers for iPhone. We already made many posts for lovers of the fall and Halloween mood, which you can check below. Now it is time to evoke the beautiful mysticism and mysteries of the witch aesthetic into your phone background.

Witchy Wallpapers for iPhone

Everything with Witchy vibes like cats, brooms, and cauldrons can be considered witchy things. So, I will start this series with enchanting aesthetic witch wallpapers to illustrate your phone background.

witchy bg iphone
dark full moon witchy wallpaper iphone

And obviously, a witch is not a witch without a black cat.

Enchanting Black Cat Gifts for Every Budget

black cat witchy

Sphynx cats are also super very witchy.

sphynx cat wallpaper iphone witchy wallpaper

Moon & Stars

The moon and its phases play a central role in many witchcraft and magical practices. From the association with witchy goddesses like Hecate or Selene to the historical symbolism of women, rituals, and the moon: The moon-witch relationship is strong and popularly well-known. These are wallpapers for women who feel connected to the moon’s magnetism.

vintage victorian moon witch aesthetic wallpaper iPhone.
purple full moon witchy aesthetic wallpaper iphone
cute purple witchy wallpaper iphone moon

The Most Magic Moon Wallpapers For iPhone (Aesthetic & Witchy Backgrounds)

Unique Moon Gifts Inspired by All Phases of the Moon

Witch coven

If Witches in a Community is your witchy gem, you may like the wallpapers below.

Victorian witch

There is something very appealing in the aesthetics of the Victorian era and witches. The dark and muted tones, red and wine pops of color, and low candlelight mixed with antiquities will make a mysterious, vintage, and Dracula-witchy background.

edwardian witch wallpaper iphone

Forest witch

aesthetic halloween witchy wallpaper iphone

Green kitchen witch

for the ones who know herbs and the art of natural cooking closely and live by the power of their vibrant healing properties

Dark Witchy Wallpapers

dark witchy wallpaper iphone

Tarot Witch

Cozy & Cute witchy wallpapers

Cozyness, cuteness, self-love, and the modern witch are a wonderful combination to set as a daily reminder on your phone background of how powerful it is to just enjoy the power of being you and doing you.

cute pink witchy wallpaper iphone

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