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I made a selection of unique moon gifts for those who are searching for something special for a friend who loves the cosmos, the night sky, and especially this gorgeous satellite called moon that is so full of meaning and the strongest symbol of femininity in nature.

The moon is our closest celestial neighbor. She is there every single day, offering a sense of stability, magic, and enlightenment to our living experience. For some people this connection is so strong that would feel absolutely thrilled to recieving a moon-inspired gift.

Full, waxing, or waning, all phases of the moon are incredible and, below I list some of my favorite moon gift ideas.

Full moon gifts

Considered by many as the most powerful phase of the moon, these gifts are for the person who loves the moon and identifies with the full moon energetic aspect.

Photo: Uncommon Goods

A Field Guide to the Moon

A gift for those who are fascinated by the moon, not only the astrological aspect of it but the scientific astronomic facts about the moon.

$20.00 – Uncommon Goods

Photo: Uncommon Goods

Harvest Moon Sand Art

A mesmerizing and magic gift featuring the full moon;

$90.00+ – Uncommon Goods

Photo: Uncommon Goods

Floating Moon Desk Lamp

A levitating 3-D lunar replica that rotates while emitting a meditative glow. 

$190.00 – Uncommon Goods

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Crescent & Waning moon Gifts

Photo: Free People

Crescent Moon Charm Holder

The crescent moon is the new moon when we see that first silver smile of light in the sky. A sterling silver charm that works as a gift to reinforce wishes of new beginnings and new relationships. 

$260.00 – Free People

Photo: Free People

Selenite Moon Charging Crystal Bowl

This selenite crystal charging bowl is made with ethically sourced polished selenite from Morocco. A perfect vessel for crystal collectors and users.

$80.00 – Free People

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Man In The Moon Shaped Candle

This gorgeous black candle will inspire the strongest wishes.

$29.00 – Urban Outfitters

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Man In The Moon Mug

For moon lovers and dreamers. To inspire a good night of sleep with a warm cup of hot cocoa.

$16.00 – Urban Outfitters

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Half Moon 4″ Planter

This lovely and affordable gift is probably one of the most popular planters on Instagram. I have seen it many times on gorgeous boho and minimal decor feeds.

$10.00 – Urban Outfitters

Phases of the Moon

Some people believe that the moon phases influence the events in their lives, and some don’t. But we can’t deny the aesthetic beauty and harmony of the visual representation of the moon phases. In my opinion, this aesthetic is proof enough that there are hidden mysteries lying behind the language of the universe, which makes this type of moon gift perfect for the mystical person in your life.

Photo: Zazzle

Cool Moon Phases Minimal Novelty Wall Clock

Beautiful minimalist clock showing the moon phases.

$41.25 –Fine Deozine

Photo: Zazzle

Moon Phases Yoga Mat

Have a wellness enthusiast in your life who also loves the magic of moon phases?

$80.45 – Lemon Box

Photo: Free People

Stars & Moon Collection Cloth Journal

This lovely journal comes with a perfect cover for those who like to write about feelings and life. With a reminder to celebrate wins in the full moon, allow yourself introspection in the waxing gibbous, and so on, this is a simple way to keep life aligned with the language of nature.

$16.00 – Free People

Photo: Free People

The Crystal Boutique La Luna Choker

I can picture any woman channeling Artemis, the moon Goddess, after wearing this gorgeous chain with the moon phases as a gentle reminder that just like the moon, we all go through phases.

$88.00 – The Crystal Boutique

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Aesthetic Gift Guides

Star and moon gifts

Photo: Jennifer Behr

Isolde Earrings

This delicate crescent moon among a constellation of mega-watt crystal stars will make any sophisticated moon lover feel like a fairytale princess.

$425.00 – Jennifer Behr

Photo: Jennifer Behr
Photo: Jennifer Behr
Photo: Jennifer Behr

Lune Earrings

These stunning pair of earrings are also part of Jennifer Behr’s The Celestial Edit and it evokes powerful feminine and mystic vibes. The sophistication and also feminine pearl and the star details can make any woman look and feel like an ethereal and whimsical divine being.

$198.00 – Jennifer Behr

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