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Making your surrounding aesthetically pleasing is a goal everyone should have. In this post, I will list amazing Moon Lamps that will make all the difference if you have the goal to create a magical space. Do you know when you watch Hocus Pocus and feel a magical and special mood at the Sanderson sisters’ house? Not only hocus pocus but many movies have the power to trigger our moods and make us discover things we love. So while you can’t move into a witchy cottage in the countryside, you can turn your own home into a mysterious and magical environment if that mood appeals to you.

Of course, functionality is important, but the decoration that suits your true self is equally important since it is a huge opportunity for you to create a small version of your ideal, happy personal world.

Just like the real moon, moon lamps will add a subtle glow and magical mood to your room.

Shoot for the moonEven if you missyoull land among the stars.” -.

Les Brown

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Moon Lamps

There are many types of moon lamps on the market, from just the plain full moon to galaxy-inspired lamps that change colors and magnetic moon lamps that create a magical floating impression. Below I list my favorites:

Galaxy Moon Lamps

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Stars And Moon Projector Light

Few things are more magical and mysterious than space! This galaxy-inspired moon projector will bring all the mystery mood from the cosmos to your bedroom.

Brilliant Ideas


Galaxy Moon Lamp

This LED color Changing galaxy moon-shaped 3D lamp has multiple different light colors to choose from, including this galaxy mood, that will set a cosmic tone to any room. Walmart Exclusive

Urban Shop

Stars And Moon Projector Light l Urban Outfitters

Classic full moon lamps

Photo: Wayfair

Haa Moon White Globe Table Lamp with USB

You probably already know this gorgeous moon lamp. Its simple yet detailed design provides a realistic impression of the full moon. This lamp is a queen when it comes to setting a mystic mood for aesthetic decoration and photography.

Ebern Designs

Haa Moon White Globe Aesthetic
witchy corner aesthetic moon lamp
lamp moon aesthetic
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Full Moon Color-Changing LED Bluetooth Speaker

This full moon lamp is super popular on the internet, but this model from Urban Outfitters is equipped with LED lights that cycle through different colors for a glowing touch and streams music wirelessly via Bluetooth. Available exclusively at Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters

urban outfitters
urban outfitters
More Moon Lamps Aesthetics
Photo: CB2

Large Moon Pendant Light

A gorgeous pendant available in 14″ and 21″, is the perfect choice for those who want a large full moon lamp.

Urban Outfitters

Photo: Design Milk

Smart Levitating Moon Lamp

Ready for some real magic? This extraordinary floating moon lamp was designed by a creative couple who loves sustainability and innovation. The moon is Suspended by a strong built-in magnet that creates a fascinating and life-like illusion of the real thing.


Photo: Pottery Barn

Harvest Moon Light

A more sophisticated and minimalist version for your room’s enchanting glow. The 16 different color choices easily allow it to set any mood you wish. For indoor and outdoor use.

Purple Moon Lamp LED
Pottery Barn
white moon lamp LED
Pottery Barn

Hanging and wall moon lamps

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Geo Moon Light Sculpture

This UO exclusive moon-shaped light is perfect for those who want a delicate wall lamp that will cast a magical glow on the room.

Urban Outfitters

Photo: Dormify

Moon Wire Wall Light

A small and delicate version of crescent moon-inspired wall light.


urban outfitters crescent moon lamp
Urban Outfitters
dormify moon lamp
Dormify moon lamp l @meganmeichner

Crescent Moon Table Lamps

crescent moon mini led moon lamp
Photo: American Eagle

Amped Moon Mini LED Light

A super cute moon light for your side table.

American Eagle

Photo: Loftek

Crescent Moon Shaped Light

I absolutely adore this 15-inch LED Crescent Moon Shaped. It is magical yet sophisticated. Differential: 16 beautiful RGB colors and 4 lighting modes


I hope that with these moon lamps options you find the perfect glow for your nights!

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