With the release of The Disney Little Mermaid live-action last year, I got inspired to make this post with beautiful and enchanting mermaid wallpapers for iPhone, and today I decided to update it with some new whimsical alternatives that I have made.

Whether you want to get in the mood for the film or simply want a cute high-definition mermaid background, or a mysterious siren vibe on your aesthetic wallpapers, here you will find some options.

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The Little Mermaid Wallpapers

So of course, we start this post with aesthetic Little Mermaid movie wallpapers. The two first images are screenshots from the Movie.

disney little mermaid movie aesthetic wallpaper

A background inspired by The Little Mermaid green scales.


Ariel exploring the dark underwater. I love the shape of an S on this green tail here. This siren could easily be a Slytherin being.

Photo: Jeremy Bishop I Source

Aesthetic mermaid tails and scales wallpapers

a beautiful pink mermaid tail aesthetic wallpaper for iphone

Unicorn colos in this gorgeous, mythical and transluscent mermaid scale background.

free mermaidcore aesthetic pastel soft hd mermaid scales wallpaper background for iphone
by themoodguide.com

Aesthetic mermaids themed images.

aesthetic mermaid wallpaper

¨Real¨ aesthetic mermaids are my favorite backgrounds.

male mermaid aesthetic wallpaper

The ocean with a mystical, whimsical aesthetic is also a nice minimal and abstract option for mermaid-related wallpaper. Pink and glittery or pastel soft aesthetic oceans are very enchanting and feel like the home of sirens.

Photo Silas Baisch: Source
hd mermaidcore background
Photo: Linus Nylund I Source
pink beach mermaidcore aesthetic wallpaper

Aesthetic Glitter mermaidcore background options in high definition are my favorite. AI helped me bring my idea of what would the perfect mermaidcore vibes be in these images!

free mermaidcore aesthetic wallpaper for iphone

Mermaidcore Backgrounds

Below are more abstract backgrounds with the mermeidcore magical feminine vibes.

Photo: Pawel Czerwinski I Source
Photo: Krystal Ng I Source

A pastel under-the-sea aesthetic wallpaper is also very popular when it comes to mermaid aesthetics.

Photo: Shaun Low I Source

Sea Shells Mermeid Aesthetic Wallpapers

Pearly pastel and whimsical sea elements such as shells gorgeously reflect the unique mermaid aesthetic on the wallpaper.

Mermaidcore aesthetic wallpaper for iphone with iridiscent background
high resolution mermaidcore wallpaper
a beautiful fantasy mermaidcore mermaid aesthetic wallpaper of a fibonacci seashell for iphone in whimiscal pastel colors
Photo Drakery 3D I Source
Seashell wallpaper

Cute and pretty mermaid illustrations are also a super nice option for wallpaper

Dark Mermaid Aesthetic Wallpapers

Sirens are also known for their dark side, and that is some darkish mysterious mermaid that gives gorgeous wallpapers for an admirer of dark sea witches.

Photo: Naja Bertolt Jensen I Source
Photo: Sevil Yeva I Source
dark blue mermaid aesthetic wallpaper
Photo: Ann Antonova I Source
Photo: Ari He I Source

I also love the enchanting realism of these Vintage mermaids

vintage mermaid wallpaper

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