Spring barely started, but since our spring aesthetic wallpapers post was a big success, I decided to get in the mood for the summer ahead with some warm, cheerful, and refreshing summer wallpaper ideas for iPhone.

So, this post is for those ready to bring summer aesthetics into their iPhone wallpaper!

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The Ultimate Summer Aesthetics Guide: One Resonates With You

The summertime-inspired wallpapers below are all in HD and free. Some of them are summer pictures from the best Free Stock image websites and others I created myself using Photoshop and AI (I am a graphic designer).

Aesthetic Summer Wallpaper Ideas for iPhone

Here are some gorgeous images to channel soul-charging and mood-boost summer aesthetics into your phone screen. Bright colors, the beach, sunscreen smell, the ocean power, and the warm breeze. That are so many moods evoked by summer, and a lot of inspiration to get your spirits high just by looking at a summer wallpaper.

Beach, Sand, Ocean, Sea & Sea Shells Summer Wallpapers

Beautiful aesthetic summer wallpaper is usually immediately associated with a nice summer day at the beach. The blue ocean, the sand, and the sun have a quite otherworldly effect on our senses.

The coast is a natural gift from this planet to us, and whether you prefer the mystery of the blue ocean or the softness of the sand, here you will find a summer beach-inspired background for your phone.

A cute coastal beach aesthetic, the mix of sand and ocean, whether in photography or art, evokes major summer vibes in your wallpaper.

pastel soft summer beach wallpaper for iphone
themoodguide.com Exclusive
pastel beach summer wallpaper for iphone
themoodguide.com Exclusive

Euro summer beaches are so popular on Instagram that they also give nice aesthetic wallpapers. The two most popular and top summer destinations on people’s wishlist are Santorini in Greece and Capri, in Italy. If you ever visited these places or love the mix of vibrant and preppy summer moods they evoke, the stunning wallpapers below will inspire some euro summertime.

santorini summer wallpaper for iphone colorful bright preppy
themoodguide.com Exclusive
minimal aesthetic santorini summer wallpaper blue and white building
themoodguide.com Exclusive
themoodguide.com Exclusive
themoodguide.com Exclusive

But if you are in love with the deep blue sea and its power to refresh our souls and wash away negative energy, here are a few options for HD summer ocean wallpapers for iPhone.

Whether mixed with a storm or just reflecting the sunlight, the ocean is a powerful entity and its image also triggers potent sensations.

Photo: Tim Zänkert I Source
Photo: Mark Olsen I Source
summer ocean aesthetic wallpaper
Photo: Slava Stupachenko I Source
Photo: elizabeth lies I Source
Photo: Marissa Rodriguez I Source

Photo: Silas Baisch I Source

If you are more a lover of the infinitude and softness of the summer beach and sand, here are some backgrounds for you. See also Gorgeous Beach Wallpaper Ideas For iPhone.

Photo: Filip Mroz I Source
Photo: Guzmán Barquín I Source
Photo: Marten Bjork I Source
aesthetic minimal summer sand wallpaper for iphone
Photo: Marten Bjork I Source

And, of course, when it comes to beach & summer landscape aesthetics, we can’t forget the symbolic tropical summer palm trees and their Instagramable coconuts as gorgeous summer-inspired backgrounds.

Photo: Cole Patrick I Source
Photo: Augustine Wong I Source
Photo: Content Pixie I Source
Photo: Amy Humphries I Source
Photo Wil Stewart I Source
Photo Vino Li I Source
orange palm trees tropical summer wallpaper aesthetic iphone
Photo Vino Li I Source
Photo: Epicurrence I source
Photo: Dan Freeman I source
aesthetic pink and orange palm tree summer wallpaper
coconut summer wallpaper

Sea shells are almost proof that mermaids are real because come on. How gorgeously mystical and feminine are these little gifts of the sea? Perfect for a feminine summer background.

minimalist summer seashell wallpaper aesthetic for iphone

Sun, Sunset & Sunrise Wallpapers

The major kings of summer, the sun, the sunset, and the sunrise are the regents of this season. So, of course, we have separated a few summer wallpapers honoring the king star in your wallpaper for the summer season.

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vintage sunset aesthetic summer wallpaper for iphone
pink sunset summer wallpaper for phone
Photo: Dynamic Wang I Source

Boho sun art for a cute summer pattern. See also Bright & Beautiful Boho Wallpapers for iPhone

boho sun summer wallpaper
The Mood Guide

Ice Cream

When it comes to summer aesthetic things, probably ice cream is the first thing that comes to mind.

soft pink ice cream summer wallpaper iphone

Summer Flowers Aesthetic Wallpaper

Although flower wallpapers are usually associated with spring, when they are portrayed with a bright and colorful aesthetic, or refreshing water & sunlight, we can easily relate the blooms to summer.

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50 Lovely Daisy Wallpaper Ideas for iPhone

summer aesthetic wallpaper
Photo: Kelsey Curtis I Source

Summer Drinks & Fruits Wallpaper iPhone

Summer is not all about ice cream and coconut. That are many other aesthetic, yummy, healthy, and refreshing eats and drinks that are typical of summer, such as strawberries, lemons, and iced beverages.

Photo: Kelsey Curtis I Source
Photo: Mariam Antadze I Source
Photo: alleksana I Source
Photo: solod_sha I Source
Photo: Monika Grabkowska I Source
tropical pinapple wallpaper
Photo: Dynamic Wang I Source
Photo: Max Griss I Source
Photo dhanya purohit I Source
Photo: Bruna Branco I Source
Photo: Lany-Jade Mondou I Source
Photo: Olga Solodilova I Source
watermelon bright summer background phone
Photo: Amy Shamblen I Source
Photo: alleksana I Source

Other Summer backgrounds

Some other summer wallpapers for your iPhone:

A Blue Summer landscape at the beach wallpaper.

blue summer by the beach wallpaper for iphone

A bright, plain orange background depicts summer hot days.


A summer garden wallpaper.

The Mood Guide Exclusive

Minimalist Summer Wallpapers

My favorites: Minimalist summer wallpapers that can be expressed either by slow living aesthetic summer scenarios or minimalist summer artwork.

Photo: Kelsey Curtis I Source
Photo: Brittney Weng I Source

Peaches are trending in 2014 due to the Pantone official color. See here The Sweetest Peachy Aesthetic Wallpapers to Get Your Phone Screen in the 2024 Official Color Mood

Photo: Nataliya Melnychuk I Source
The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide

Colorful Summer Wallpapers

Colorful backgrounds with tropical summer vibes wallpapers just summon the generally bright and happy summer feel in an image for your phone screen.

The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide

And to finish, these lovely summer patterns.

The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide

Pool-Inspired Summer Wallpapers

Photo Marcello Gamez I Source
Photo: Artem Militonian I Source
Photo: Wesley Tingey I Source

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