If you are reading this post and looking for gorgeous beach wallpapers for your iPhone, it is likely because you love and value a pretty sunny summer day at the beach. I am obsessed with the beach. It is a huge privilege to be close & feel the magnitude of the powerful force that is the combination of the elements – the ocean, the sand, and the natural greens – in such infinite amounts.

I feel fluid and strong like the ocean, soft and delicate like the sand, and ethereal light like the beach breeze when I am at the beach. It feels like I can sense & be fueled by all these elements of supreme force, and I just love it.

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Aesthetic Beach Wallpaper Ideas for iPhone

The pretty beach wallpaper images below are super cool, modern & aesthetic. This means you look at them and can immediately feel and imagine a whole lifestyle. Whether you have a more minimal chic Miami beach aesthetic or bright tropical Hawaii beach wallpaper vibes, here you find the beach background with the perfect aesthetic that will reflect your mood.

Of course, there is no beach without the sea. So here are some ideas for ocean beach wallpaper.

ocean wallpaper iphone background beach
aesthetic beach wallpaper iphone mermaidcore

But if you prefer a bigger picture of the beach, here are some gorgeous beach & sand landscapes wallpapers.

ocean beach bali wallpaper iphone aesthetic
aesthetic beach wallpaper
aesthetic beach wallpaper iphone
aesthetic beach wallpaper iphone

Beautiful iconic beach landscapes, such as the Maldives could not be out of this list.


These cuties are so iconic at the beach, right? Seashells and starfish are also original an pretty beach wallpaper for iPhone..

cool shell beach wallpaper background

If you like something more conceptual and minimalist, maybe this beach quotes are the perfect background for you.

cool ocean beach wallpaper

Palm trees and their shadows are the ultimate aesthetic trend when it comes to beach images and backgrounds.

pretty palm tree aesthetic beach wallpaper
beautiful aesthetic beach wallpaper
beaultiful aesthetic beach wallpaper


The Hawaii beaches are some of the most popular beach scenarios on this planet, so of course I would list a few Hawaii beach wallpapers.


Here are some more tropical beach wallpapers.


Chic luxury Miami beach vibes background.

What about these chic and minimal beach art wallpapers?


Sunsets by the beach and warm beach nights are just magical and worthy of inspiring wallpapers.

beach night wallpaper iphone
sunset wallpaper iphone background
sunset wallpaper beach iphone

Colorful, bright & cool wallpapers are the true face of summer!

beach wallpaper iphone
bright fun beach wallpaper iphone

What about some fun beach patterns for your background?


Are you a cool surfer? so these may be the perfect beach wallpapers for you.

minimal surf beach wallpaper iphone

Summer pink beach backgrounds are the perfect aesthetics for the feminine soft girls who appreciate cute & romantic beach scenarios.


Pink mystic beach wallpaper aesthetic


Loved these wallpapers? So take a look at all aesthetic wallpapers.

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