Summer season is around the corner and I made a few posts with nice wallpaper to get in the mood for the warmer days. Today it is time to honor our magnificent, calming, soothing, mysterious, and infinitely powerful Ocean with a collection of gorgeous ocean wallpapers for iPhone.

No wonder this planet is often called Planet Water instead of Planet Earth. After all About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water (source). 

That being said, the Ocean is incredibly majestic & superb, also fulfilling us with such well-being, peace of mind, and connection with the superior potency of Nature.

For me, it is impossible not to have a massive mood improvement with the sight and feel of the ocean. If you also love the 7 Seas and its wonders, be free to save the HD wallpapers below on your phone.

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Ocean Aesthetic Wallpapers

Aesthetic images are images with a concept or filters that tell a story beyond the mere beauty of photography.

Below are some amazing aesthetic ocean wallpapers that will give more essence to your ocean-inspired iPhone background.

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Photo Jan Weber via Unsplash
Photo by Jakub Pabis via Unsplash
Photo by Sharan Pagadala via Unsplash

Photo by Sharan Pagadala via Unsplash

Photo by Hans Isaacson via Unsplash
Photo by Tuyen Vo via Unsplash
Photo via Harry Cooke on Pexels
Photo Jacob Dyer on Unsplash
Photo: Ilyuza Mingazova on Unsplash

Aesthetic ocean and the beach shore are wallpapers for those who love the infinitude of the oceans and the lifestyle at the beach. See also Gorgeous Beach Wallpaper Ideas For iPhone.

Photo via Sasha • Stories on Unsplash
Photo: Zoe on Unsplash
Photo: Abyan Athif via Unsplash
aesthetic shimmery sparkly ocean wallpaper for phone
Photo: Noah Clark on Unsplash

Nigh, moon and the ocean. See also The Most Magic Moon Wallpapers For iPhone (Aesthetic & Witchy Backgrounds).

Photo: Abyan Athif on Unsplash

Aesthetic sunset & ocean are also gorgeous ways to use this wallpaper. See also Breathtaking Wallpapers of Sunsets for iPhone and Cute & Aesthetic Sun Wallpapers to Brighten up Your Phone Screen this Summer.

Photo: Mariam Antadze on Pexels
The Mood Guide + AI
Photo by Abyan Athif via Unsplash
Photo: Dave Hoefler on Unsplash
Photo: Vino Li on Unsplash
Photo:Jacob Dyer on Unsplash

Under the Sea Wallpapers

The underwater diversity is otherworldly, superb and vital. There are also mystic beings in tales and stories that live under the sea and express the richness of the deep ocean and the diversity of its surroundings: Jellyfish, whales, mermaids, and an infinitude of colors, shapes, and textures below to illustrate your phone screen.

Photo by Joel Filipe via Unsplash

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The Mood Guide + AI
The Mood Guide + AI
The Mood Guide + AI
The Mood Guide + AI

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The Mood Guide + AI
The Mood Guide + AI
Photo Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola on Pexels
Photo: Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola on Pexels

Just appreciate the infinite calm on the under waters.

Photo: Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola on Pexels

Aesthetic Oceans with a quote.


Minimal Ocean Wallpapers

Wallpapers for elegant minimalists who love the ocean.

Photo Ryunosuke Kikuno on Unsplash
Photo: Andreas Rasmussen via Unsplash
The Mood Guide + AI
Photo Mathilde Langevin on Unsplash
Photo: elizabeth lies on Unsplash

minimal ocean wallpaper for phone
Photo elizabeth lies via Unsplash

Ocean Waves Wallpapers

We perceive the ocean’s true power yet soft fluidity by looking at a wave. It is amazing to see a wave and realize it is soft, beautiful, calming, strong, and fearful, all at once.

Ocean waves are one of the most inspiring things we can get & learn from nature. Here are a few options for daily ocean waves inspiration on your phone wallpaper.

The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide + AI
Photo by Zoe on Unsplash
Photo via Ben Mack on Pexels
Photo via Shifaaz shamoon on Unsplash
Photo: Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola on Pexels
Photo: Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola on Pexels
The Mood Guide + AI
Photo by Jean-Baptiste Terrazzoni via Pexels
The Mood Guide + AI
The Mood Guide + AI

Ocean Art & Collage Wallpapers

For the artistic hearts who adore the ocean & its stunning and diverse life.

The Mood Guide + AI
The Mood Guide + AI
The Mood Guide + AI
The Mood Guide + AI
The Mood Guide + AI
The Mood Guide + AI
The Mood Guide + AI
The Mood Guide + AI
pink dolphins wallpaper ocean
The Mood Guide + AI

Abstract art ocean wallpapers you are a more conceptual person.

Photo: Omid Armin on Unsplash

Beach & Landscape Ocean Wallpapers

Photo: Mahendra Putra on Unsplash

Ahmed Yaaniu via Unsplash
Photo Ryan Spencer on Unsplash

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