Last week I wrote a post with Aesthetic spring wallpapers, and today, keeping the spring energy, it’s time for some lovely Easter wallpapers for iPhone.

Cute buns, ester eggs, florals, and cute vintage vibes are all elements of a pretty thematic easter wallpaper. Wheater you have a more boho style or vintage cottagecore, you will find the easter wallpaper that matches your mood or aesthetic here.


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Free Easter Wallpaper Ideas for iPhone

There are many moods and styles possible for the same theme, and considering that this post is about organizing things by aesthetic to help people find visually what they are truly in the mood for at a certain moment, I will organize a few visual possibilities for your easter wallpaper.

Modern easter wallpapers

Simple, modern & minimal easter wallpapers are not that popular, but the perfect choice for the minimal chic woman who likes thematic wallpapers on their iPhone. If this is your style or if you are just in a chic minimal mood, check out our modern minimal lifestyle guides.

minimal easter aesthetic wallpaper iphone
modern minimal easter aesthetic wallpaper
minimalist easter wallpaper iphone

Cute Easter Wallpapers

From watercolor illustrations to pastel aesthetic easter wallpapers, aesthetic & cute easter wallpapers for iPhones are super popular. They are usually surrounded by vintage vibes that are ideal for a very aesthetic easter background.


Pretty cheerful easter eggs are a popular choice for easter wallpapers.

cute easter pastel wallpaper for iphone
cute easter eggs wallpaper
cute pastel spring easter eggs wallpaper iphone
cute easter wallpaper for iphone spring
easter pattern wallpapper iphone
cute minimal easter wallpaper aesthetic bunny

Folk art style easter wallpapers are one of my favorites, and so cute!

easter bunny wallpaper for iphone

Cute pastel easter eggs with a floral spring easter aesthetic for your iPhone background is the option that most perfectly reflects the easter mood for me.

easter wallpaper iphone vintage

Cute easter bunny pictures are also an amazing option for cute easter wallpaper for iPhone.

cute happy bunny easter wallpaper iphone
cute easter wallpaper for iphone

What about these cottagecore wonderland ideas?

cottagecore easter wallpaper background for iphone
easter background iphone

Vintage Easter Wallpapers

Vintage Aesthetic easter wallpapers are for nostalgic souls who want to evoke a more aesthetic and romantic emotion in their iPhone screens.

farmhouse easter background for iphone
vintage easter aesthetic wallpaper iphone
vintage wallpaper easter iphone

Farmhouse Easter Wallpapers

For a simple slow aesthetic wallpaper vibe, go for easter farmhouse wallpapers. If a slow-living aesthetic is what makes your soul smile, take a look at our Slow living lifestyle and buying guides.

easter wallpaper farmhouse iphone
aesthetic farmhouse easter wallpaper
farmhouse illustraition easter bunny wallpaper iphone
modern simples wallpaper easter
aesthetic spring farmhouse simple wallpaper iphone

Aesthetic images are images that induce insight and meaning into the mere beauty of the physical form.

An easter egg might just be pretty, or it might evoke a message of hope. On this site, we look for the most aesthetic images to help you find meaning in products, lifestyle & wallpapers. Check here for a complete list of aesthetic wallpapers.

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