Pastel colors are so appealing to the senses when it comes to the meaning of colors and what they can make us feel, that the Pastel Aesthetic even becomes a whole mood, or even on a deeper level, a whole lifestyle.

I like to take some time to write these aesthetic guides because I see ¨aesthetic¨ as an amazing term to describe a wonderful mix of lifestyle & mood in a visual way. You look at an aesthetic picture and it instantly makes you feel something.

So, aesthetics is such a nice tool and shortcut to help us connect with our archetypes, feelings, and moods, and follow our hearts to create an authentic lifestyle

In this post, I will discuss the possibilities and meanings behind the pretty and dainty Pastel Aesthetic.

What is the Pastel Aesthetic

Aesthetic pastels are shades of every color in very soft tones. They become aesthetic at the moment that they are more than just a color, but are well combined with soft shapes, forms and spaces, creating a lifestyle revolved around the meanings evoked by the pastel palette in a picture, in an outfit or in the house decoration.


These are a few pastel aesthetic pictures that when combined, instantly activate a soothing, positive mood when we look at them.

Channel pastel cotton candy by@benny_drop

What is the pastel Palette?

The pastel color palette is the basis for pastel aesthetics and is formed by gentle and soft colors that create a calming and soothing atmosphere and feel childish and sweet, just like cotton candy.

So, a bedroom decoration or outfit with a pastel aesthetic will almost certainly evoke a dreamy and ethereal vibe.

Although all colors in a light shade compose the pastel palette, the pink pastel aesthetic is quite popular within this aesthetic.

There are though, some different styles and types within this aesthetic that will evoke different moods.

Types of Pastel Aesthetics

There are some different types of pastel aesthetics, though.

The pastel aesthetic types range from classic candy pastels & vintage Shabby chic to new aesthetics associated with this palette. We have already written an entire post about the soft aesthetic, which is a mixture of kawaii & Korean pastel aesthetics with some ethereal vibes and the most popular recently: the Danish pastel aesthetic.

All these pastel aesthetics are a popular choice for those who want to create a soft and serene atmosphere in their surroundings. They are all also often associated with femininity, gentleness, and sweetness, and are perfect for creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in the interior design or outfit.

Modern classic pastel

Just simple details in the decoration or wearing basic pastel clothes are enough to evoke these palette-soothing feels without effort.

Below are 3 amazing and stylish ladies to follow on Instagram for pastel aesthetic outfit inspiration. @michelechung_ style is a wonderful mix of pastels with remarkably girly ballet and coquette aesthetics. @juliaengqvist outfits are the perfect balance between girlie and modern, mixing sober colors with joyful palettes. For a modern urban style with a hint of creativity and color (pastel and bright), gorgeous @frollein_herr feed is the inspiration you need.

Classic Modern Pastels in Decoration

To achieve a glam-classy-girly aesthetic using pastels in the decoration, stick to the classic and simple with colorful details.

The side table and tray evoke this living room’s pink pastel soft & feminine magic.

A pastel mood board on your wall or pastel accents on black & white modern bedding is one of my favorite ways to have the beauty of soft pastels in a subtle, chic and comfy way.

The bathroom is also a nice place to explore with pastels in the details. It gives a clean yet slightly cheerful bliss to the environment.

Have you ever considered toilette paper as part of your pastel decoration? Little ceramic trays and towels are also small ways to bring in the pastel in a non-overwhelming way.

modern pastel aesthetic bathroom minimal
modern bathroom pastel details
modern pastel aesthetic pink gold bathroom

Now if you want to give an extra romanticized boost to your life, feeling like a vintage girl from the countryside, Marie Antoinette in Sofia Coppola movie, or a delicate doll, then the pastel aesthetics below might be more suitable.

Danish pastel

Danish pastels became popular last year in interior design, from the kitchen to the bedroom but especially in the living room decoration.

This aesthetic is a gorgeous mix of the sophisticated rich vibes of the Scandinavian minimal chic aesthetics with a fun, colorful creative, yet soft delicate approach. Danish design evokes a ¨I am chic and fun but without extremes¨.

Pastel aesthetics has become quite popular in interior design. Danish pastel was the big trend of 2022, and I will list a few examples below.

Interior Design

Clean wavy shapes, terrazzo, swirls, smileys, geometric and fun patterns, in general, and a lot of pastel colors in the details are what make the Danish pastel decoration. Brighter shades out of the pastel palette, such as lime green, combined with the pastels are also an important difference of this aesthetic

You can go full-fun and colorful in the use of Danish pastels, like in the examples below. Sophie from @thiscolourfulnest home is a classic all pastel home interior done right from Instagram.

Details like wavy mirrors and candles, as well as daisies and shells, are fun elements that make the chic minimalism escape from the obvious. You can make it all colorful or just add color to the details, like vases or cushions.

In case you are really a more minimalist person who feels drawn to the Danish pastel aesthetic but likes too many colors, just focus on one or two colorful elements with that danish pastel design curve appeal and it will be enough to evoke the mood without sacrificing sophistication.

Fun & colorful wallpapers with pastel colors and Danish shapes are also a suggestion to bring the Danish pastel aesthetic to your home interior. @letsgotopoppys and @homewithhelenandco make smart and balanced use of checked patterns and nature elements in cute Danish pastel combinations, creating a soft and ultra-cute yet modern mood to their cheerful home interior.

Danish pastel Fashion

The same patterns & colors mentioned above, now for the clothes, creating a modern and cool outfit. Yasmine Ibrahin from @sweet_thangxo feed is 100% a Danish pastel dream. It was hard to pick only 2 outfits to feature. She rocks!

Vintage pastel

When it comes to the vintage pastel, the mood evoked by this aesthetic is about stepping back in time. As anything vintage, the vintage pastel is a celebration of the past, but in soft delicate colors, transporting us to an English cottage with shabby Chic life, sipping a cup of tea.

When you embrace this aesthetic, you are embracing a way of life that is slow, charming, elegant and extremely feminine, and romantic.

The Vintage Pastel aesthetic Fashion

Effortlessly timeless and feminine, often mixed with the Cottgaecore Style.

The Vintage Pastel aesthetic Decor

Vintage pastel in interior design is popularly known as Shabby Chic. The Royal Aesthetic And angel aesthetics also bring the magic royalty of antiquities mixed with the ethereal vibes of pastels to

These countryside kitchen ideas are a perfect example of the extremely romantic, farmhouse and rustic romantic vibes of the vintage pastel decoration. Mix pastel with vintage and natural elements and you will get it.

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Soft Girl pastel Aesthetic

I have already written an entire post about this aesthetic, which you can take a look at here. This is about feeling like a delicate, ethereal, and soft doll-angel when embracing the pastel palette in your life.

Soft Girl Pastel Decoration

White organic and rounded shapes mixed with very, very light and soft colors compose the perfect soft pastel interior.

Kawaii Pastel Aesthetic

Kawaii aesthetic, unlike the soft girl and Danish aesthetics, is definitely not something new. This Super ultra-cute pastel aesthetic stans out by its dolly Japanese style and is a quite popular sub-culture that originated in japan with very strong Japanese cultural references for at least 10 years. A reference when it comes to pastels.

Kawaii Fashion is a party mix of prints, colors & the cutest accessories.

Kawaii pastel nail design

To make the kawaii a way of life, more than an outfit, attention to detail, and little cute things everywhere matter. Yes, even on the nail design. @bububun is a master queen of Instagram when it comes to pastel kawaii aesthetic nail art.

Kawaii decoration

Neon lights, plushies, miniatures, and a strong influence of gamer culture. Everything very cute, of course.

In conclusion, if you love the creamy delicate vibes evoked by this sweet color, now you know better how to use them better to achieve a way of life that speaks to your heart, soul, and goals.

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