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The name reveals it all: Royalcore or royal aesthetic is about writing and living your own fairytale and feeling like royalty. This romantic & nostalgic aesthetic – also known as princesscore or queencore – is historically inspired by the aesthetics of the European Royalty era, mostly from the late 1700s (Marie Antoinette) and the early 1800s (Bridgerton). A pretty mix of Versailles luxe with Rococo Cottage and Shabby Chic in the poetic outfits, gorgeous exuberant home decor, and romantic-sophisticated, ¨blasé¨ behavior.

The royal aesthetic trend is getting so big that there is even a #18thcenturystays growing on Instagram. I chose the Marie Antoinette movie from 2006 aesthetics as the main reference for this post. The film cinematography, scenario, and color palette are so delightful that they became a big inspiration for the royalcore movement.

Is Royal aesthetic for you?

If Bridgerton, fairytale castles, royal princess balls, french chateaus, Cinderella, and, of course, Marie Antoinette visuals make your heart feel warmer, then the answer is yes. If you like things romantic but also love exuberant and dramatic moods, you will find yourself in this aesthetic.

Royal aesthetic movies and Shows: Bridgerton, Shakespeare in Love, Marie Antoinette, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast.

Royal core moodboard:

Crown, crystal, gold, pink and white marble, exuberant, tassel, chunky silk taffeta, romantic & dramatic, Royal icing ceilings, dreamy pastel colors, almost too beautiful to eat food, corsets, tea party, luxury vintage pieces, fabulous balls.

Photo: Pinterest
marie antoinette movie aesthetic
Scene from the movie Marie Antoinette – 2006 – Written and directed by Sofia Coppola
Scene from the movie Marie Antoinette – 2006 – Written and directed by Sofia Coppola
sleeping beauty royal aesthetic
royal aesthetic
Marie Antointte portait
marie antoinette aesthetic hair

Royalcore outfits

The aesthetic of royal dresses and corsets is the most appealing symbol of royalty ¨romantic power¨ and high status when we think about this aesthetic. When you dress like royalty is because you want to feel like a princess and a queen: Confident, powerful, and whimsical.

Royal outfits aesthetic: satin, bowls, ribbons, floral lace, puffy sleeves, silk, corset.

Over the Knee Socks

This nice accessory creates a cute sexy look and feel to any royal outfit.

royalcore aesthetic

Royal Dresses: Whether you picture yourself as a queen from the regency or an opulent queen, there are plenty of modern versions of these unique vintage dresses. For this post, I chose the most popular brand with a royal aesthetic concept. Selkie dresses are beautiful and a fairytale dream come true.

More aesthetic royal dresses inspiration:


Corsets: Uncomfortable yes, but absolutely stunning and the most iconic piece of female fashion history. In modern days we can find beautiful and comfortable tops inspired by corsets.

Choker: Looking at queen portraits from the 18th and 19th centuries, you will see that many were wearing elegant chokers and pearls.


Crowns: The biggest statement piece of a queen is definitely the Crown.

? Crown Def.

a circular ornamental headdress was worn by a monarch as a symbol of authority, usually made of or decorated with precious metals and jewels

Queen or princess hair aesthetic: You don’t actually need to wear a real crown to invoke the powerful meaning of this accessory. Styling romantic ornamental headbands, pearl hair pins, or gold floral accessories are also stunning alternatives to invoke a bold queen or romantic princess royal vibes.

Underwear: satin ribbon crisscross lace-up detail is a strong element of royal outfits. A lingerie with these details is perfect for layering and will add a subtle princess vibe to your outfit.

Royal Aesthetic heels and shoes

Sparkling Princess Shoes, like the classic pink mules, or the fabulous Jimmy Choo Cinderella Collection, or something to make you look like coming straight out of a 1700s history book.

Jimmy Choo Cinderella Shoes l @thecoordinatebride
Jimmy Choo Cinderella Shoes l @claireweeraund

? Funny fact: Queen Marie Antoinette used to choose 3 or 4 different outfits every day.

Marie Antoinette inspired aesthetic Places to visit

There are two places any Royalcore fan should visit: Ninas Marie Antoinette in Paris and the delightful Petit Trianon at Versailles: Marie Antoinette private boudoir outside of the Palace.

petit trianon royal aesthetic
@mollycarrphotography at Petit Trianon
petit trianon royal aesthetic
@amyvermillioninteriors at Petit Trianon
ninas marie antoinette
@manoboudoir at Ninas Marie Antoinette
ninas marie antoinette
@manoboudoir at Ninas Marie Antoinette
ninas marie antoinette
@manoboudoir at Ninas Marie Antoinette

Royalcore Aesthetic Home

Go bold and extra with rococo furniture, details, Gold accents, crystal chandeliers, greek pillars, rose quartz sink, and white or pink marble.

Scene from the movie Marie Antoinette – 2006 – Written and directed by Sofia Coppola
Scene from the movie Marie Antoinette – 2006 – Written and directed by Sofia Coppola

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Write your own Princess Fairytale

Tips to create your own royal life:

Make a Rococo Tea Party in a rose garden

Read the Bridgerton book series

Make a batch of Macarons

Go to the market wearing a crown

Buy a chandelier for your bedroom chamber.

Hope this post served you as a guide to live the royal fantasy.

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