Regardless of any fleeting TikTok trend, light blue nails are a classic spring and summer soft color. However, for being a cold color, it’s also a great option to create a soft winter look and evoke cool Frozen vibes. Personally, it’s not my favorite shade for Fall but go for it if you’re in the mood, after all, it’s just art. So, in this post, you’ll find the cutest light blue designs, art, and ideas for nails in every size and format, from short to extra-long coffins. Also, I added some press-on options for practicality. I find light blue nails a great pick for people who want to wear a little color, but not strain too far from the neutrals.

Save and Pin all your favorites so you have plenty of choice for your next manicure moment.

Light Blue Nails

1. French tips

2. Dainty

3. Tied-up blues

4. Organic art

5. Baby blue Valentine

6. Summer Swirls

7. Cute half flowers & swirls

8. In the details

9. Fun hearts

10. Side frenchies

11. Glitter mix

12. Simple

13. Blue garden

14. Food fun

15. Abstract art

16. Gradient tips

17. Orange mix

18. Bridgerton inspired

19. Spring bloom

20. Speckled

21. Daisies

22. Minimal strokes

23. Enchanted garden

24. January blues

25. Ethereal

26. Frozen vibes

27. Minimal

28. Sparkling

29. Lavender mix

30. Celestial

31. Snowflakes

32. Chrome

33. Velvety

34. Fun blues

35. White waves

36. A little bit of white

37. Confetti party

38. Magic rainbow

39. Vegan nail polish

40. Soft stars

41. White to blue ombré

42. Crescent 3D

43. Sideways

44. Enchanted garden

45. Glam tips

46. Wave tips

47. Princess manicure

48. Gold digger

49. Summer party

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What’s your favorite time of the year to wear light blue nails?

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