Valentine’s Day Nails IN THIS ARTICLE

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Oh, the love! If your heart is overpouring in love and romance, why not express it with beautiful nail designs? So, in this post, you’ll find all sorts of ideas for Valentines’ nails, from romantic pink to sexy red, and modern black inspiration. Yes, even if you have a goth heart you can show off your love on vday. All Valentine’s Day nail ideas work for long or short nails, as well as square or almond, it’s all about your personal preference.

Heart nail art is the most popular choice when it comes to nail designs for Valentine’s Day, for the obvious reason that the heart is where we feel our emotions and a symbol of the most powerful emotion of all: LOVE. There are endless ways to create pretty gorgeous nails only with heart designs, and I have selected the best of the best (plus a few tutorials) and gathered them below.

Pink Valentines Nails

Pink Valentine’s day nails are the most romantic and feminine pick. Combined with red and white, they make the classic Valentine’s color palette, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get super creative by combining colors and going for fun designs.

1- Rose pink color with tiny white hearts evokes a sweet and cute aesthetic with a slight air of maturity from the antique matte pink shade.

@hannah_gelman via

2 – Minimalist soft pink with French tips on short square nails, super romantic and not too childish.


3 – a Touch od sophistication with the silver heart nail art.


4 – A very easy option to DIY, pretty light pink nail polish with white little heart stickers (or handpainted)

5 – Fun and cheerful happy mood, play with pink shades on the tips and make a cute statement with hearts in one nail.


6 – If Barbie would pink a glittery pink Valentine nail design, that would be it! I love the hearts cut in half, their organic shapes gets even more feminine.


7- Another Barbiecore vibes for these hot pink frenchies and cut-out hearts.


8 – Feminine, romantic, glamorous and… Fiery! For the cute girlie girl who does not deny the baddie within.


9 – If hot pink and glitter are your jam, the glamorous nail design below is for you.


10 – The red, white and pink Valentine palette comes together in this ultra-feminine and sweet organic shapes and minimalist heart pattern in one nail.


11 – Short round nail for hot pink nail lovers. Another super easy option.


12 – The aesthetics of ombre nails are so wonderful. I love how soft and romantic yet very chic this one looks. The tiny red hearts are very easy to DIY.


13 – To achieve a very cute and girly aesthetic, white and soft pink is the best combination. The organic soft swirls upgrade the femininity mood.


14 – How many super cute heart stickers can one fit in lovely light pink square nails?


15 – For creative joyful souls, hot pink and yellow are a gorgeous and lively combination.


16 – Pink on pink is beautiful and you will need a nail artist with a lot of talent to create this unique psychedelic heart effect.


17 – Cute and basic hot pink french tips and a minimalist heart shaped Frenchie.


18 – I like how simple yet authentic these Valentine’s nails are.


19 – Another easy neon pink heart nail design to DIY.


20 – Pink tips with hand drawn hearts.


21 – Hot pink stiletto french tips with soft pink hearts.

Hot pink stiletto french tips with soft pink hearts

22 – Heart tips with glitter nails.

aesthetic heart tips with glitter nails for valentines day
Check the tutorial for this Gradient pink heart tips topped with holographic sparkles

23 – Pink ombre nail design made with eyeshadow pigment.


24 – Pink gradient nails with a minimalist heart.

pink gradient nails for valentines day

25 – Ultra cuteness in this heart gradient pattern nails.

valentines day heart pattern on short square nails

26 – Although hearts are the big stars when the subject is Valentine’s nail art, cute kisses are also an option. The red and pink combination is a classic.

lovely pink and red kiss and heart nail design for valentines day

27 – Calling all the glam baddies for these stunning hot pink chrome nails with heart design.

hot pink chrome nails

28 – My favorite, all pink and perfect galentine Nails

beautiful all pink aestheetic valentines nail art with heart design. Barbiecore nails

29 – Pretty pink glittery french tips

See this Tutorial from the talented @heygreatnails

Simple Valentine’s Day Nails Ideas

If you don’t master nail designer skills or prefer to keep things simple, there are tons of simple Valentine’s nail ideas to take inspiration from. If you’re doing it yourself, I find decals and stickers the easier way out.

30 – Cute, short and simple nails with a little red heart.


31 – Cute short nails with tiny white hearts.


32 – Blue minimalist heart is a pretty, chic and easy Valentine nail art.


33 – Absolute minimalism and simplicity that still makes a valentines Day statement in this all white with a minimal little heart nail design.


34 – A mature darker shade of red on short minimal nail design.


35 – White nail polish with glitter and heart design. Very traditional and simple.


36 – Minimal colorful hearts on nude nails. GET NAIL STICKERS

Cute Valentines Nails Ideas

37 – Super sweet french tips with the little heart detail.


38 – I love this, just the cutest little love letters.

@tessa.lyn.nails via GET LOVE LETTER NAIL STICKERS

39 – White lines with heart nail design.


40 – Pink stripes nails design for valentines day with tiny heart, one of the most authentic alternatives on this list.

41 – A very classic, feminine and elegant white and red nail design with swirls for Valentines Day.


42 – Pastel color cuteness.


43 – An all white valentine sophistication.


44 – Pink to red gradient on heart patterns on nude nails for a very sweet yet elegant nail design.


45 – A very elegant all white french tip for chic Valentine’s manicure.


46 – Short round nails evoke innocence and purity, especially when in soft pink colors, and decorated glitter and little hearts.


47 – I love the originality of turquoise blue with orange and hot pink combined.


48 – Another lovely design of love letters on nude nails.


49 – Super cute pattern of pink and purple hearts with little white dots for a lively nail design.


50 – These gave me major Alice in Wonderland vibes.


51 – Gold pink and red nail design for Mystical mood without missing the romance.

52 – One of the cutest, this ombre blue sky and little heart with eyes.


Black Valentine Nails Designs

You can be modern, chic, and minimalist while showing all your romantic side.

53 – This one is so feminine and chic. Gave me a very CEO witch vibes.


54 – A chic balance of traditional black and white french tips with heart design.


55 – White nails with little black hearts for romantic chic minimalists.


56 – Nude, black and white is likely the most sophisticated color combination and looks gorgeous for a minimal yet thematic Valentine’s day nail design.

A minimalist chic black white and nude nail design with heart for valentines day

57 – Black french tips with black hearts.


58 – These pearly with black minimal french are gorgeous. This would be my Valentine’s manicure if I were a millionaire.


59 – Black hearts and coffin nails.


60 – Hoiow lovely and adorable are these Yin Yang black and white little hearts.


61 – So cute and so chic black nails with hearts.


62 – Another romantic and elegant back and nude valentine nail deisng.


63 – Black nail art can be very cute when done the right way. These little black hearts and poka dots on soft pink polish is a perfect example.


64 – Classic, simple and traditional black frenchies on nude nails.


65 – I love black and gold combination on nail polishes, for a royal yet minimalist mood.


66 – All black and nude.


67 – Black and white heart patterns.


68 – Ultimate sophistication and minimalist elegance for these nude nails and irregular tiny hearts.


69 – A bolder alternative.


70 – If a little broken black heart is what represents you this valentines day….


71 – Another one playing with black and white negative and organic shapes.


Red Valentine Nails Design

Red is the classic color of love and passion, therefore a favorite nail polish color to represent Valentine’s Day.

72 – A bold and red Queen of Hearts.


73 – Super aesthetic heart nails pattern with vivid red plain nails.


74 – Lovely handwritten letters matching little red hearts, I love it!


75 – The most luxurious Valentines nail art with heart design on this list. Red with white are a classic combination that cant go wrong when it comes to the LOVE theme.


76 – Funny heart with cute eyes.


77 – Tiny red hearts and french tips. The matte effect mixed with the glossy shine makes this one a unique Valentine manicure.


78 – Silver lines and dark red matte on stiletto nails make this one rank top 3 on luxury Valentines nails for me.


79 – Little chromed cupid hearts. Just loved the creativity here.


80 – Soft pink and red to DIY.


81 – The basic red french tips with little red hearts.


82 – Simple and cool.


83 – If you like to play with different funny design on each nails, the option below is perfect.


84 – I love this darker shade of red, this add extra sophistication even for something so cute as a heart design.


85 – Aesthetic and basic.

red aesthetic valentines day nails

Pink And Red Valentines Nails

The most popular combination of Valentines Day design. Passionate and feminine, yet classic and cute.

86 – Super creative half pink and half red french tips.


87 – Playing with thematic illustrations


88 – Obsessed with this one. It is cute, joyful, romantic, feminine yet chic.

valentines day nails french tips pink and red with minimalist heart design

89 – Gorgeous pink and nude ombre nails with dainty little red hearts.


90 – Hot pink and red on short square nails.


91 – Light pink french nails and tiny cute hearts.


92 – Another variation of pink and red hearts.


Fun & Unique Valentines Nails

If you just got bored of the traditional colors for Valentine nails, the designs below will prove that is possible to make something very authentic with the classic heart.

93 – Colorful stripes with little white heart.


94 – Amazing royal electric blue valentines nails.


95 – Amazing matte Disney nails.


96 – These bright and colorful french tips are the perfect choice for creative romantic souls.


97 – Emerald green nails with golden heart stickers.

luxury green and gold valentines day nail design

98 – This one is very different and nice.

99 – Sweet chocolate box feelings from this brown and pink valentines nail frenchies.

brown and light pink french tips for valentines day nail design

100 – Nude and gold minimalist luxury.


101 – Beautiful white and purple nail art.

102 – Another option for lovers of purple nails who wants to get in the romance mood.

103 – Another queen of hearts vibes nail design.


104 – Cute, bright and neon!


105 – For the cute and colorful ladies.


Did you find your favorite Valentine’s nail inspiration?

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