Expensive nail polishes on luxury-rich-vibes nails are what you will see in this post. I will list luxury nail polish brands and showcase a few examples of the most creme de la creme hands, with Classy, Hollywood glamour and Celebrity aesthetic manicure vibes for inspiration.

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Neutral & Brown Luxury Nails

Brown, beige, black, white and gold are basically the main colors of the luxurious color palette. A fancy combination of these colors will create a perfect rich and wealthy nail mood.

Designer Inspired Luxury Nails

When we think about luxury, of course the first thing that comes to mind are expesive luxury brands. Brands such as Gucci, Louis Vouitton, hermés and Louboutin not only have their own line of unique luxuxy nail polish, but they are also inspiration for stunning nail designs. Below I will list both, nail polish and neil designed related to the most luxurious brands in the world.

Gucci Nail Designs

Gucci brand and its colors is already fixed on the imaginary of everyone as a representation of luxury. Some women love the brand so much that they invest in amagin Gucci inspired nail art, with cute Gucci bee stickers and foil.

Red, green black and gold is one of the most popular Gucci visual identities and inspiration for some luxury nails.

gucci nail art design

This minimalist Gucci nail art is also a nice option for Christmas!

almond luxury gucci nail art christmas
square gucci logo sticker nail art matte

Brown and beige is also part of the Gucci visual identity and inspo for sophisticated manicure.

brown gucci nail design
coffin gucci nail design
nude gucci nails luxury
gucci nail nude

Louis Vuitton Luxury Nail Art

Of all the expensive fashion houses, Louis Vuitton is one of the most famous. The classy brown and beige color palette makes a simple and refined luxury nail design option.

luxury nail design LV

Simple black and /or white Louis Vuitton nail design is pure sophistication.

black and white louis vuitton nail simple

For a girly extravagant luxury nail, pink or purple polish and crystals.

Louboutin Nail Designs

The sexiest luxury designer brand and the sexiest nail polish could be left out of this luxury nail list. There is even a specific femme Fatale style in luxury nails called Laboutin nails when you actually paint underneath the nails red. This is a true Louboutin lifestyle beauty statement!

louboutin nail design luxury black and red

beige or white nails with red bootons is also a reference to Loouboutins iconic stilettos.

louboutin nail red underneath

Red nails with gold bottoms.

louboutin luxury red nails

This long chrome red nails also gives me sensual Louboutin fatale-rich vibes.

long red luxury nails

Christian Laboutin Nail Polish

The famous stilleto bottle contains one of the most desired luxury nail polishes in the market. The red and stunning Louboutin Rouge.

louboutin rouge polish

Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish

louboutin rouge red polish
red rouge louboutin lacquer

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Channel Nail Art

YSL Luxury Nail Art

yves saint laurent luxury nail design

Hermes Nail Art

hermes luxury nail design

The nist expensive nail polish brand on this list

Glazed donut nail

The latest nail crazy, the glazed donut nail is a chrome, glossy nail style that became a mega trend on the internet this year thanks to Hailey Bieber. luxuriously smooth, hã?

Luxury Pearly Glazed Donut Nail

hailey bieber glazed donut nail
luxury glazed nails aesthetic
white chrome luxury nails
glazed donut pearly nails

Luxury Brown Glazed Donut Nail

hailey bieber luxury nails brown glazed donut chrome nails
brown chrome hailey bieber glazed donuts nails


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