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To feel sexy, and fearless, worship your own body, love money, luxury, and the good expensive things in life, express these in your lifestyle and know you are destined for greatness: These are the values and lifestyle expressed by the baddie aesthetic. In this post, I will help you understand the elements and symbols of this aesthetic and discover when the baddie moods will suit you.

To be a baddie is about taking to the ultimate level the notion you have about your female power. Probably one of the most remarkable pop icons of a baddie woman was Jessica Rabbit (I remember being a 13-year-old girl and thinking ¨that lady is so intimating and beautiful, even though she is an animated cartoon¨). Her arched brows, permanent bad bitch facial expression and red lips, dress and hair are a reference to classic baddie features until these days.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

When it comes to modern days, the biggest representation we have of the baddie aesthetic is, obviously, the Kardashians. The tremendous success of the women of this family is the ultimate living proof of how powerful this aesthetic is on people’s imagination;

They sell love. Love for the body, love for the beauty, love for the sex, and love for the good things, which means they sell admiration, and in the end, this is what all of us spend our lives chasing: external approval and self-esteem.

kim kardashian pink dress

Some may say that being a baddie is shallow and just a way to objectify women and glorify money. Of course, this is a valid point of view, and I believe every aesthetic must be embraced until a level that is not harmful to anyone’s mental health.

In every aesthetic guide I write, I reinforce that aesthetics is a visual tool, a gathering of symbols to help us easily identify what makes our soul happy. Your Instagram feed doesn’t have to be aesthetic for you to be happy, but an aesthetic feed can give you hints of what to follow, step by step and little by little, in order to put your mind’s desires and your body actions in harmony, mobilizing the body to do what the mind wants and, and then making decisions that will get you closer to who you really are.

That being said, I honestly see the baddie aesthetic as a powerful tool to see that every woman retains a wild female power within and that all the luxury and money surrounding it is a symbolic extension of the huge value we all possess. A woman who identifies with the baddie aesthetics is one who unapologetically owns the power of the female body, sensuality, and femininity.

The baddie aesthetic helps us channel confidence, and here again, the Kardashians and Kylie Jenner are clear examples of it.

The baddie Lifestyle aesthetics

Weatlh, money and everything within the luxury aesthetic is part of the baddie aesthetic. Dubai is a top destination on the baddie travel list. Exuberant houses with everything streaming ¨this is expansive¨, like mirrors, golden, and planned lighting is her dream house. Traveling on jet planes and driving sports cars, and of course, when it comes to the engagement ring, she won’t like anything less than a big, heavy diamond, to show everyone that she is worth it.

🍒 the baddie aesthetic: red wine, Aperol, champagne, jewelry, heavy makeup, highlight sexy parts of face and body, feminine power, alluring, seductive, display of luxury brands, extravagant lifestyle, diamonds, gold, sports cars, unrestrained passions.

There are a few subcategories of the baddie aesthetic, which I will list below.

Pink and glittery baddie aesthetic

A baddie cute girlie with pink and sparkles is an expression of soft femininity with sparkly glamour.

Barbiecore Baddie

We already have a post about the hot pink aesthetic. I mention the baddie aesthetic and Barbiecore in this post, and many other ways neon pink can be felt in a lifestyle.

This is an aesthetic for the nonbasic Barbies. You are feminine but also sensual af, and the neon pink combined with tight outfits makes that clear.

Luxury baddie:

The baddie almost every baddie aims to be. She likes the expensive, high-end things in the world and she loves to show it off. The ski glasses baddie aesthetic is a very trendy aspect of this lifestyle and is also a luxury baddie thing. She is not ashamed of indulgence and extravagance. In fact, she loves it.

Femme Fatale baddie

The ultimate ¨can look, can’t touch¨ level of baddie. Mystery, wealth, and a little danger are associated with this aesthetic. The power of this aesthetic is visually represented by the red and black mix.


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Baddie aesthetic hair and makeup

It is pretty much the aesthetic of a baddie Bratz doll: big smooth shiny lips, perfectly tamed hair, big lashes, and seductive eyes. Plastic surgery and heavy makeup for her are not shallow or unnatural. But a way to highlight her favorite features and improve to be the best physical version of herself.

The baddie girl personality

  • ¨I know you want it but you won’t have it¨ attitude
  • Self Love Queen
  • Provocative af
  • Not afraid to show how much she loves money and luxury
  • Relate the monetary value of things and experiences to her own value
  • Can never be basic
  • Self-centered. ¨me me me and all about me¨
  • Accepts princess treatment only
  • Even if she doesn’t have Kim Kardashian bank account, she acts like she is Kim
  • Expensive as hell and worth it
  • Moto: ¨diamonds are a girl’s best friend¨
  • Moto: ¨fucking fabulous¨
  • Moto: ¨know your worth. Then add tax¨
  • Usually feels hotter and prettier in Juciy bodies rather than in skinny bodies
  • Usually values attachment and commitment

When to embrace your inner baddie moods

If you are a bit more shy and insecure but stumbled on this post, there is probably at least a curiosity about the baddie aesthetic, or you feel attracted to it but don’t have the courage to embrace it.

I feel you and I see you. I am a woman who identifies with slow living and girly moods, but sometimes I know that I urgently need an extra that my natural aesthetic will provide.

So, when you need a boost in your confidence level, try to embrace a bit of the baddie style and attitude. It is not only about dressing up in a tight dress and wearing red lipstick, these elements will highlight what you certainly have within you, your

Baddie Style and Outfits:

Flattering and sexy, the baddie woman’s goal is always to look desirable in an outfit. There are some ionic variations of baddie clothing that I will show below.

Mini tight dresses

Short tight rompers

Tight Jumpsuits

Over-the-knee boots


All Denim look is part of the baddie streetwear style. Check out more denim and streetwear baddie aesthetic outfits at Fall Baddie Outfits Ideas To Unleash Your Sexy Power in 2023


Big cleavage dresses

Tight shimmery dresses


Athleisure laid back looks hoddies

The I don’t give a damn attitude also shows off on a loose casual hoodie. It is the baddie girl way to say ¨I can guarantee myself as the center of attention even wearing hoodies¨

Frill detail asymmetric dress

Some Favorite Baddie Brands

Some brands make their clothing thinking almost exclusively in the baddie girls. Here are a few brands that sell almost everything with a baddie aesthetic.


OF course, Kim Kardashian Brand would be the first on this list.

Public Desire


Pretty Little Thing

I love how beautiful, original yet affordable everything is on Pretty Little Thing. I risk affirming that 90% of their clothing and accessories have a baddie aesthetic to them and are also super feminine.

Dolce Gabanna

¨Without love, the Soul does not engage itself with life. The first task of the child is to bond with someone or something¨. This a quote from the author Dr. Carol Pearson about the Lover Archetype in her book ¨ Awkening the Hero Within.

So, in conclusion being baddie is about wanting to be and feel loved above all things, but mostly is about loving every detail about yourself and about the process of building whoever you want to be and showing all that bliss to the world, unapolagetically.

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