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Before starting to write this post, I wondered ¨hmm, Barbiecore is such a 2022 thing…is it worth making a Barbie aesthetic guide just to be in the hype of the movie? ¨ But then I thought: Of course, unquestionably, yes. And, honestly, regardless of the movie and the hot pink aesthetic massively taking over the fashion industry and Instagram last year, our girl Barbie is such a global pop icon, so charged with meaning and symbology that so many girls (and boys) identify with since childhood, that This super girly, pink and glamorous universe, definitely deserves its own timeless lifestyle guide.

So, if this is your first time here let me tell you that my aesthetic guides are all mostly about reminding women that they should never waste time waiting for the perfect moment to be who they want to be.

They are a friendly reminder to allow themselves to romanticize life, through the big or small things, – you can feel a spark of happiness with a glass of gorgeous rosé or with expensive luxury designer clothing, it will only depend on doing the proper thing to fulfill the mood you are in.

That being said, this post will guide you towards embracing the Barbieore aesthetic, when it feels right for you.

What is aesthetic and Barbiecore aesthetic?

In every single post I write about aesthetics, I like to make the same disclosure about what aesthetics means to me. The majority of fashion magazines describe aesthetics merely as fashion and pop trends. For me, the popularized trend, like the movie or Valentino hot pink collection in 2022 is just a consequence of a much bigger meaning.

Aesthetics is a creative way that the internet’s early adopters found to unite images that contain a very strong meaning, whether for being on our unconscious through fairy tales (such as fairies with the fairy aesthetic or mermaids with mermaidcore), or through big symbols of pops culture, like Barbie core.

Therefore, Barbiecore is not about looking at a non-inclusive skinny, unreal, blond Malibu Barbie and wanting to be physically like her. It is rather, about embracing all the powerful, dreamy symbology surrounding that Barbie universe.

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Pretty Pink Barbie Wallpapers for iPhone

It is about looking at the femininity and hot-vibrant-glamorous 80s vibes of neon pink, seeing that cool independent woman lifestyle represented by a doll who owned her own convertible car and a big house, and wanting to welcome that imagery into your lifestyle, regardless of weight, skin color, gender or body type.

Big visual, mythological, and pop characters o become popular aesthetics because they are universal symbols and survive time and space., a huge mass of people identify with them and want to embrace them.

So, that being said, aesthetics are not a trend, it is a visual shortcut to guide you toward your most true and authentic self.

The Barbie aesthetic:

vintage, retro, elegant, glamorous, cute, girly, California

The Barbieore Colors and textures:

hot pink, white and soft pink, pastels, black and white, glitter, tule,

To be a pink Barbie Malibu aesthetic:

These are some of my favorite influencers who naturally and beautifully embrace the Barbie lifestyle

Embracing Barbieore Lifestyle: Aesthetic Outfits and Clothing in Events

Let us get super inspired by some Barbie aesthetic outfits. When I say Barbie aesthetic I mean that these are suggestions to dress up in a way that you will look and feel like a Barbie and evoke her energy, without necessarily wearing anything showing the BARBIE brand. I know that is a lot of huge Barbie fans out there though, that love to proudly show off the brand as well, so, I will also recommend branded stuff.

Of course, Margot Robie in Barbie outfits to promote the movie is the first Barbie fashion reference here.

But if you truly want to embrace Barbiecore beyond style and play with how would be like to live a Barbie-like life below, these aesthetic things below may please you

Barbie Sleep Routine Aesthetic

As an icon of beauty and self-care, Barbie would not just wear pajamas and sleep at night. A true Barbie-like girl will take her time to pamper herself with very cute and pretty things. From a nice hair towel to a fluffy heart-shaped hot water bottle to bring some comfort on those delicate days when period cramps kick in.

Lovely Barbie nighttime things

B-day Party Barbie Aesthetic Outfit

Casual classic preppy picnic Barbie

Glam Chic work girl Barbie outfit

80s Barbie work girl

Summer Barbie Vacations on the Beach Aesthetic

To be a classy Barbie Malibu, a girl must love getting a tan by the beach. This girl is independent and likes to keep up with her tan. and she can totally do it herself with the cutest pink tan applicator.

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Summer Barbie light pink aesthetic

Barbie Themed stuff, gifts, and Clothing

Some very cool brands launched amazing collections that are all Barbie-inspired. I will list my favorites Brands and Barbie™ collabs here.

Barbie™ x Unique Vintage

The Barbie™ x ALDO Collection

Barbie™ x Kendra Scott

Another limited edition collection to celebrate the Barbie hype.

Barbie ™ The Movie x BÉIS

My favorite Pretty Little Liar, the stunning Shay Mithchel just launched some previews of this girliest partnership of her travel goods brand, Béis with Barbie™. The official launch is on July 19th and I am so here for it. Everything is so stunning and you an join the waitlist and shop here!

Balmain x Barbie

In January 2022 Balmain partnered with Barbie for a limited edition collab. Even though we are already in 2023, some of the last stuff of this glamorous collection can still be found in some shops. Here are some of my favorites.

Valentino favorites that Barbie would wear

Embracing Barbiecore: Barbie aesthetic Decor

This AI-generated Barbie house is all you need to get the perfect reference of a modern Barbie house AEsthetic.

But if you are more in the Barbie Malibu vibe, this Aribnb is the dream house for you.

Now that we already explored possible ways of living a Barbie-like routine, it is time for some Barnie nest inspiration.,

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