Whenever you feel like it’s time to get your claws out, animal print nails will put you in the right mood. They are fierce, bold, and a lot of fun. Leopard, cheetah, tortoise, and cow are the most popular animal print nail art, and the possibilities of color combination go as far as the imagination can reach.

Therefore, as usual, I looked for the most popular animal print nail designs on Instagram and organized them into two groups: Neutral Animal Print Nails and Colored Animal Print Nails so you can have a more pleasant experience browsing and saving your faves.

My special thanks go to the nail design beast @learnahstarbuck_nailartist. Her animal print designs are to live for and she is responsible for the vast majority of inspirations you’ll see here. Gosh, I wish I was half as creative as the women I feature here! As I always say, make sure you follow these artists on Instagram. Let’s support each other’s money-making and creative energy, ok ladies? Together, we are the most powerful force of nature.

Neutral, Classic Animal Print Nails

Classic leopard, classic French tip, bold outcome.

Glossy tortoise.

Nude and glitter are the winning combo for animal print.

When you cross cheetah with nude ombré, glitter, and rhinestones in one hand. Surprisingly stunning.

Very sophisticated tortoise.

Chocolate milk cow print.

Swiss chocolate.

Black V-Tips + Leopard print and gold rhinestones for the ultimate glam manicure.

Chic tortoise with black.

Matte X Glitter because there’s some sass in being contradictory.

It’s a moo point (if you know it, you know it).

With white.

Blurred and perfect.

Tortoise and orange,

Black & white mix.

Add a swirl to it and make it unique.

Not so basic.

Colored Animal Print Nails

Blue V-Tips

Matte pastel for Spring animals.

Yellow and orange animal print.

Bright red and rhinestones.

Light purple and cow print for Spring.

Glitter rainbow.

Purple leopard print.


Tropical leopard print for summer.

Fall cow print.

Fun zebra and green French tip.

Electric blue.

Neon animal print.

☾ Affiliate Disclosure: The Mood Guide celebrates women’s moods and versatility. Even though we may earn a commission from some of your purchases, we encourage you to shop with the right intention. Focusing your energy on what you feel confident and comfortable in is empowering! ♥︎

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