Getting in the mood for the Holidays with Festive Christmas Nails is such a fun way to bring the spirit of the Holy Night into your Christmas Eve. Regardless of personal faith, when we talk about moods, sensations, and aesthetics, we all agree that the atmosphere, the movies, and the overall look and feel of everything related to Christmas feel like the purest type of magic.

I have already created a series of beautiful Christmas Wallpapers for iPhone, and we also have a bunch of gorgeous aesthetic nail ideas organized by mood posts. Check out more ideas for Christmas nails and Holiday moods here.

Red Christmas nails

The most traditional nails for the holiday are red and their variations with the Christmas colors, such as red and green or red and white. Aesthetic Christmas nails in red and white are the most popular in 2022.

white red christmas nails

How original is this white sweater pattern?

Minimalist Christmas nails.

Red Holiday Nails with Glitter or Gold

To go full festive, put a sparkly twist with glitter on your red Xmas nails.

gold red christmas nails
red christmas nails with glitter

Red Christmas Nails with Candy Cane Effect

Candy cane stripes on French tips represent the ultimate cuteness vibes for holiday nails. For a list of the cutest nails for the Holidays see Cute Christmas Nails for the Dearest Holiday Mani.

candy cane french tips

Only one nail is a simple and cute way to evoke that Christmas mood.

aesthetic christmas nails  candy cane

Square red with delicate nail art.

xmas nail art

Santa hat art is also an authentic option that works for both almond and square nails if you want red nails for Christmas.

santa hat christms nail

Green Christmas Nails

Less popular than red, the Green Christmas nails are also super nice.

White & Green Nails with Golden details

white and green christmas nails with snowflakes

Long or short, square nails are luxurious and look stunning.

green gold nails
white green gold nails

Green nails with French tips

red and green holiday

White and green Christmas Nails

dark green christmas nails with snowflakes

Olive green Christmas Nails

Although dark forest green is the most popular shade for Christmas nails, olive greens are a softer, still beautiful

olive green nails

Olive green red and white

olive green red and white christmas nails

Green, White & Red

Mixing the three traditional colors of Christmas

red and green cane nails

Red green and gold for a luxurious/festive Christmas nail aesthetic.

festive red green gold christmas nails

White Christmas nails

White holiday nails are classy Christmas nail art, I love how delicate and cute these short oval french tips are with the Christmas tree, resembling a snow globe.

white french tips christmas nails

Blue and silver light blue

Dark blue Christmas nail designs with white or silver and gold are the chicest options!

blue and gold christmas nails

Light Blue Christmas Nails

Light blue with glitter is my favorite! It evokes princess Elsa’s vibes.

light blue and white snowflake christmas nails
light blue square christmas nail candy cane
light blue christmas nails longe

I think this is how Elsa would do her Xmas mani! Matte sweater weather effect, soft ombre blue with sparkles and snowflakes.

light blue ombre christmas nails


Light pink, white and rose gold are perfect for a girly holiday glam mani. See here for more 41+ Pink Christmas Nails For A Delightful Holiday Mani. Want a Christmas decor that matches a glam pink aesthetic nail design? Then enjoy these Pink Christmas Aesthetic Ideas and The Cutest Pink Christmas Decorations To Make Your Dreams Come True.

elegant girly pink christmas nails design
pink rose gold xmas nail design
pink square christmas nails girly sweater weater

Black Christmas Nails

Black nails are a super authentic option for the Holidays, the first inspo evokes a goth Christmas vibe, while the second one is a chic yet cute alternative.

black snowflake goth christmas nails
cute black matte christmas nails

Simple Snowflakes

Snowflakes are in almost every Christmas nail designs inspirations, but if you want an easy, simple and elegant option, this is also my favorite option: snowflakes on nude nails. They are a pretty and natural choice for holiday nails.

simple snowflake classy christmas nails aesthetic design
snowflake nude christmas nails
grey with white snowflake christmas nails
simple girly snow christmas nails
simple snowflakes nails on short nails


Decorate your nails with Christmas ornaments art, why not?

christmas ornament nail designs
christmas nail design ornament almond


A color that summons prosperity and is classy, chic, and sophisticated. The Power of the gold aesthetic in your manicure.

white gold classy christmails nails snowflake
elegant almond gold christmas nails
simple gold christmas nails short square

Reindeer nails

Rudolph the red nose is the main inspiration when it comes to reindeer Christmas nails, usually symbolized only by its antlers and big nose in one nail.

rendeer gold christmas nails
reindeer christmas nails

Grinch Christmas nails

red and grren grintch christmas nails

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