October is barely gone and I am already in a big mood for some Christmas wallpaper ideas! Yes, I know we still have Thanksgiving before that, (check out our Thanksgiving wallpapers , Thanksgiving Nail Ideas and Thanksgiving Decor tips), but for me, there is no mood more enchanting and positive than the one evoked by the Christmas Aesthetic.

If you also agree it’s the most wonderful time of the year and, like me, are ready to let the spooky season go, just enjoy the Christmas Wallpapers for iPhone below.

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Disney Christmas Wallpaper

disney christmas wallpaper background

Cute Christmas Wallpaper

Cute Christmas backgrounds are super popular, after all, white snow, fluffy socks, cute gingerbreads, and sweet candy canes are all elements that collaborate for a cozy and cute Christmas aesthetic and atmosphere.

No wonder why the most classic Christmas movies are aimed at children! It is a cute time of the year and below you have some really cute Christmas backgrounds for iPhone that reflect this innocent and happy mood.

I love cute and minimalist Christmas illustrations, like the iconic Xmas tree as a phone background.

cute christmas tree aesthetic background iphone
cute christmas tree wallpaper phone
cute christmas wallpaper art
red and green christmas wallpaper

Cute Christmas patterns are a fun option for your phone bg.

cute christmas pattern illustration background
chirstmas pattern
traditional red green christmas pattern background

Snow Christmas Wallpaper

Pretty snowflakes or snowy pictures to decorate your phone with soft white snow magic.

snowflake christmas wallpaper
cute snow aesthetic chistmas wallpaper iphone
white snow christmas wallpaper picture

Red Christmas Wallpaper

Red is the most simple, classic and traditional color for Christmas aesthetic wallpapers, especially when combined with green and gold.

aesthetic christmas wallpaper iphone
aesthetic christmas wallpaper
aesthetic xmas wallpaper

Vintage red backgrounds are also a classic Christmas card reference.

Chrismas puppies, a snowman, and a garland pictured in a vintage aesthetic. The complete Xmas mood in one wallpaper.

vintage red christmas aesthetic wallpaper iphone

Children and Christmas vintage aesthetic red and green wallpaper.

vintage red christmas wallpaper
vintage traditional red and green wallpaper for phone
london christmas wallpaper

Details of the decoration are also an enchanting way to bring the Hollydays magic to your phone bg.

red xmas aesthetic wallpaper
red cute aesthetic christmas wallpaper
holiday wallpaper aesthetic christmas
winter holiday aesthetic cute christmas wallpaper iphone

A simple red pattern or a plain red background.

red christmas wallpaper for iphone
christmas background theme free red

The iconic red and white candy cane is a symbolic Christmas wallpaper alternative.

candy cane christmas wallpaper
candy cane aesthetic christmas bg
candy cane christmas wallpaper
candy cane wallpaper

Traditional Red & Green Wallpapers

Who loves tradition, these red and green wallpapers are very aesthetic the in the whole Christmas spirit.

traditional christmas aesthetic wallpaper iphone gingerbread house
vintage christmas tree iphone wallpaper
christmas wallpaper for iphone
red green gold christmas wallpaper
traditional christmas background
traditional christimas art iphone background

Girly Christmas Wallpapers

Rose gold and pink Christmas aesthetics have been a trend in Christmas decorations for the past years. The backgrounds below are for you if you identify with the all-pink cute and girly pastel Christmas vibe.

pink girly rose gold aesthetic christmas wallpaper
pink rose gold girly christmas wallpaper iphone

Cute and girly Xmas Christmas quotes for iPhone bg.

pink girly christmas quote wallpaper iphone
cute pink xmas wallpaper quote

Cute and girly illustrations will bring cuteness and joy to your bg-spetially the puppy wallpaper one!

cute christmas aesthetic art
simple christmas phone background
cute pink christmas wallpaper
girly cute puppy christmas wallpaper

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White & Gold aesthetic Christmas Wallpaper

White aesthetic Christmas is like summoning the subtle magic of an unpretentious calm snow day into your life. The White Christmas aesthetic became a popular mood in modern homes that truly evokes that Winter Wonderland fantastical feeling in your nest. The options below are for those who want a Winder Wonderland moon on the phone screen.

cute white christmas wallpaper iphone
white cozy christmas aesthetic wallpaper
white and gold christmas tree background for iphone

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Cozy & Simple Christmas Wallpaper

Beiges and browns are the official colors of coziness. Corresponding to cinnamon and baked warm bread, these are, of course, important Christmas colors.

cozy simple xmas aesthetic wallpaper
christmas wallpaper aesthetic iphone
christmas background pattern
cozy christmas background pattern

Cozy Christmas lights are one of the most cheerful background options for your phone.

wallpaper iphone cozy lights xmas
pretty wallpaper christmas
xmas lights
christmas tree lights wallpaper

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Blue Christmas Wallpapers

Less popular but still absolutely beautiful and chic.

blue aesthetic christmas wallpaper
christmas background blue

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And to finish, the most iconic Christmas wallpaper ever 😀 ⭐ 💫 !

mariah careu christmas aesthetic wallpaper

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