At this point, it is clear that we are head over heels for aesthetic nails at The Mood Guide. Personally, I have loved having my nails done since my early teens and by the age of 13, I had mastered the skill. As much as I find all sorts of nail art fun, I can only have minimalist nail designs. They are low profile, do not drive too much attention (I’m a die-hard introvert so I avoid conversation starters like the plague), work for any mood or outfit, I can DIY, and they look terrific at any nail length, short or long. So, in this post, I picked my favorite and some of the most popular minimalist nails to inspire you.

I hope you love it!

Minimalist Nails Designs

01. White dots

02. Minimal wedding nails

03. Yin & Yang

04. Black dots

05. Red and pink

06. Black Minimalism

07. Gold glitter glam

08. Minimal Valentine

09. Dark red minimalism

10. Not-so-basic white French tips

11. Gold details

12. Four-leaf clover for St. Patrick’s Day

13. Elegant marble

14. Tips and cuffs

15. Tiny red dots

11. Blue and white tiles

17. White cuffs & Glitter gold tips

18. Minimalist Rhinestones

19. Neon

20. Minimal white swirl


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21. Barbwire

22. Tiny pearls

23. Tiny stars

24. Gingerbread cookies

26. Spring joy

27. Blue dots

28. Terminator

29. Orange French tips

30. Dark green

31. Thin tips


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32. Minimal Christmas

33. Thin Spring French tips

34. Green dots

35. Minimalist Spring

36. Orange and Blue tiny dots

37. Black & White

38. White leafs

39. Matte details

40. Snowflakes

41. Cottagecore mushroom

How chic and low profile are these minimalist nails?

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