Butterfly nails are the go-to pick to celebrate Spring and Summer. Butterflies are joyful, colorful, fun, and of course, a nature’s symbol of change. On top of that, the butterflies are natural polinator, which makes them one of the main elements of Spring. Therefore, whether you’re getting ready for a garden wedding or just want to brighten up your daily beauty routine, butterfly nails are a fun and creative way to express yourself. So, in this post you’ll find beautiful butterfly nails designs for every shape of nails, from short to extra long coffins and for every style, from nude minimalist to glam extravaganza. I hope you enjoy it!

Butterfly Nails Designs & Ideas

1. Cotton Candy

2. Pink Dream

3. Blue Minimalism

4. Spring Dream

5. Holographic

6. Colorful

7. Art Work

8. Milky Minimalist

9. Coquette

10. Fun Summer

11. Green Tips

12. White Glam

13. Moody

14. Purple & Gold

15. Lemon Cocktail


16. Glam

17. Black & White

18. Black Art

19. Elegant Tips

20. Extra Long

21. Blue Tips

22. Dreamy

23. Cute

24. Purple Glitter

25. Red & Pink

26. Romantic

27. Pastel

28. Green Vibe

29. Single Butterfly

30. Chic

31. Dark Mood

32. Red Butterflies

33. Autumn Butterflies

34. Light Pink

35. Yellow & Green

36. Lovely

37. Purple Glitter

38. Simply White

39. Glam Garden

40. Dark Orange

41. Spring Butterflies

42. Nude Chic

43. In the Clouds

44. Green Garden

45. Light Blue

46. Extra Glam

47. Cute Garden

48. Quinceañera Burst

49. Gatsby Vibe

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What are your favorite butterfly nails designs to try this Spring and Summer?

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