One of my favorite ways to express my mood is through the color of my nails! The light pink on the nails is an extremely feminine and delicate color that reminds us of romance, fairy tales, and soft personality and makes us feel slightly like a princess. If you and pink are a match made in heaven, these cute, classic and glamorous nail ideas are for you

I love to post aesthetic nails and relate them to a certain mood. Doing your nails is an easy and quick way to show personality in the details, and the feeling of satisfaction when having your nails done is indescribable.

Light Pink Nails: Design ideas

so much can be created even with such a simple color like princess light pink. Almond, square, short or long, gel, shinny or matte: it doesn’t matter the shape, size, or top coat of your mani, soft pink will always add extra soft girl energy to your overall mood. So, the nail designs below are for the ladies who love that sweet aesthetic that makes them look straight out of a fairytale.

The light pink and white combination evokes the ultimate girly mood, while the baby pink french tips channel the ultimate princess aesthetic nails and are the perfect nail design for weddings.

Ps: When you go search for light pink nail polish colors, also try baby pink, pastel pink, and soft pink. All of these are shades of very light pink nail colors.

French Mani

aesthetic light pink french nails
aesthetic pink french mani @maevestier
aesthetic light pink french tip nails for wedding
soft french tips almond nails @mariavictoriaxo
square medium light pink french nails

French Gradient Tips

pink gradient tips
pink gradient tips @the_gelbottle_inc
light pink and silver gradient tips

Hot pink mix

light pink with hot pink nails tips

Light Pink and White

almond long light pink nails with white
matte nails with white by @nail_art_club
light pink nails design inspiration on almond long nails
withe and soft pink nails @ingridraiana_
girly white and light pink nails design on square nails
square and short nails by @aagistyle_nails

Light Pink Nails With Glitter

light pink square medium nails with glitter
soft pink nails with glitter on dark skin
Soft pink nails with glitter by @opi_france
light pink nails with glitter tips
light pink nails with glitter tips by @olootka_nailart
short square nails with rose gold french tips @nailsbypaulin

With Diamonds, Rhinestone or Pearls

light pink nails with rhinestone and pearls
light pink nails with rhinestone and pearls by @
soft pink short almond nails with french tips and pearls
light pink nails with white french tips and diamonds on medium square nails

Light Pink Nails With Designs

light pink nails
matte almond long light pink nails with design
matte with floral design by @
pastel pink nails with design
pastel pink nails with design @annagasienica_
almond long light pink nails with floral design
long almond light pink nails with design

Valentines or With Hearts

valentines light pink nails with heart
valentines nail design @nailsbykate
light pink nails almond with red heart
almond pastel pink nails for valentines @monica__nails
matte light pink long nails with heart for valentines


marble natural light pink nails
very light pink nails marble by @nailsbysuman
white and pink marble light pink nails
white and pink marble nails by @aagistyle_nails


short almond light pink nails
short almond Chanel nails by @emmekarla


light pink nails natural short
natural short nails by @natalie.nesazalova
very light pink natural nails

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Glossy Light Pink Nails

long light pink glossy nails
light natural glossy nails by @aagistyle_nails

Soft Pink Nails With Gold

very light coffin pink nails with gold
very light coffin pink nails with gold by @nailsbykate

very light pink and gold nails
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