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If Spring is the time for pastels, summer is all about fun and bright colors. Summer is the season of joy, of being outside, soaking all that sunlight energy, enjoying fresh fruits, and spending time by the pool and at the beach. No matter how neutral or minimalist you are, there is pretty colorful nail art to spice up your Summer vacation with class. And because there are over 130 summery nails designs on this post, let’s get to business. I spent entire 2 full days of work (almost 20 hours) selecting the most popular summer nails from the most famous nail queens on Instagram. If a nail design gets over 30,000 likes, there’s definitely something to it.

So, because there are so many beautiful ideas I organized them in a way to make browsing more pleasant. Therefore, you’ll find ombré, simple, bright & neon, cute, fun, on dark skin, pink, blue, red, yellow, orange, and white summer nails ideas to get you in the mood for outdoor season, your tropical dreamy vacation, and breeze outfits. Happy Summer yall!

Ombré Summer Nails

Ombré summer nails are the most sought-after design of the season. It’s relatively easy to DIY and it’s a safe pick for the ones who don’t feel comfortable with elaborate art, yet want to get on the bright summer mood.

Simple & Easy Summer Nails

Simple nail designs are always popular at any time of the year. Usually, it’s the favorite design for lovers of short nails of any shape. They are low maintenance, and easy to do, for the ones lacking skill. But they are also elegant and minimalist for the classy low profile. Therefore, to nail the simple and easy summer manicure, go big on the bright colors combination and apply it to the basics: french tips, geometric lines, swirls, confetti, polka dots and there you have it. And if this is still too much, pick a summery color and make a solid mani.

Bright summer colors + lines.

Swirls and French tips are the second simplest nail design one can wear.

A summer minimalist twist.

Simple solid yellow manicure for summer.

Bright & Neon Summer Nails

From now on you’re diving into hardcore summer nail inspo. The bright and neon manicure is not for the low profile, nor the faint of heart. Of course, they look good on every nail size and shape, however, they are the absolute favorite for my extra-long coffin and acrylic girls.

Bright tips.

Short nails, bright ideas. This neon rainbow French tip is the simple summer twist you need.

Cute Summer Nails

Cottagecore picnics, European beaches, fresh fruits, tropical vacations, time by the ocean, golden sunsets, garden parties… the most meaningful summer activities translate into the cutest summer nail ideas.

Take me to watch all the Summer sunsets right now.

Let’s have as many summer picnics as we can, please.

A starry Summer night.

Get me a one-way ticket to Barcelona, please. The Parc Güell is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen.

That 80s California summer vibes with rainbows and palm trees.

Smiles and spicy

What about these floral nails for a fairy summer wedding in the garden?


Fun Summer Nails

Summer is the most fun season of the year and I can’t take different opinions on it, I’m sorry! We want to go out fueled by the extra daylight that feeds our bodies and soul with joy de vivre.

When you take both your personalities to the salon.

Summer Nails On Dark Skin

During my research for this post, I was a bit surprised by this. That’s because I have dark skin and feel more comfortable in hot summer colors like pink, red, yellow, and orange. I feel like these color highlight and enhance my skin.

Pink Summer Nails

Blue Summer Nails

Greece summer vacations

Dreaming about an Italian summer vacation.

Blue and orange are always a winning Summer combo.

Red Summer Nails

Yellow Summer Nails

Orange Summer Nails

White Summer Nails

If you made it to the end, congratulation! How many summer nail ideas did you save? It’s only 90 days of summer against more than 130 designs!

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