Light purple nail designs are a cool yet delicate and feminine option for a pretty mani. This color is excellent for winter and also for the joyous and happy spring and summer since lavender nails are super popular during the warmer seasons due to the sweet lavenders that start to bloom.

If you are wondering if lilac, lavender, and light purple nails are the same, the answer is yes! I am a graphic designer who studied colors ins college, and that are minor differences in these color shades, but they are quite analogous and similar.


Evoking the Lilac Lavender Aesthetic & Meaning to your Life

Lavender Dresses To Feel Like A Powerful, But Soft, Witch From Weddings to Proms

Plain light purple nails

These are options for those who like the light purple mood but are not really willing to try on detailed nail designs.

square light purple lilac nails
light purple nails square short

Gradient almond nails in light purple look so lovely.

almond light purple nail gradient

And they also work fine on square nails.

Light Purple Nail Designs

Light purple nails with designs are as popular as just plain lilac nails. So, below are a list of some creative, gorgeous pastel purple nails for inspiration

Light purple nails with diamonds

Of course, those are not real diamonds, just lovely gems to evoke some luxury feels.

With butterfly

Lavender nails with butterflies are 100% fairycore vibes!

Scattered pearls

scattered pearls lilac nails

Cute, soft and fun

Glossy, cute Korean-style nails are popular in pastel colors, including light purple. They are gorgeous and a match for the soft girl aesthetic style.

cute short korean soft purple nails

Lilac & Silver

matte light purple nails with silver almond

Marble nail design

The chicest way to style your light blue nails is with this gorgeous marble effect.

light purple aesthetic marble nails

The gold details below make this the most luxurious option on this list.

marble light purple and gold aesthetic nails almond luxury

The white and light purple matte gradient is proof that mixing techniques work wonderfully.

matte marble light purple nail designs

Light purple glitter nails

almond glitter nails
lilac nails with glitter

Light purple nails with flowers

Floral light purple nail tutorial

Organic Shapes

Modern abstract shapes

So artistry, and I absolutely love the black and light purple combination.

Abstract brush strokes

white and lilac matte almond nail design

Swirls & Waves

A big hit.

Cute Minimal Details

Summer Lilac nails

Winter & Christmas Light Purple nails

Cool color spectrum are the favorite shades when it comes to winter nails, and purple is a cool shade that matches wonderfully with winter wonderland vibes.

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Fall lilac nails

These muted purple gradients are the most authentic fall gradient I’ve seen.

Lavender nails designs

The lavender flower nail design is obviously one of the dearest lilac nail arts there is.

lavender design nails


white purple ombre glitter nails

Lilac ombre nail tutorial

This ombre with gold lavender nails are just stunning.

ombre with gold aesthetic lilac nails

French tips

A classic that looks nice in any color and variatons.

Diagonal french tips

Lilac Floral tips

A mystical-provincial-cute enchanted garden mood.


Purple is the witch’s color (and black!). This mysterious color is also long known for its magical associations, not only the pure purple but also the lilac variations evoke all those hocus pocus and astrology feels when combined with moon an stars designs.

mystic lilac astrology almond nails
light purple nails witch nails mystic nails moon nails

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With clouds

The ultimate cute & dreamy lilac nails

Lilac Coffin Nails


Light Purple Wallpapers for iPhone + Lavender Backgrounds (plant & color)


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