Lavender Dresses To Feel Like A Powerful, But Soft, Witch From Weddings to Proms

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In the fashion realm, lavender is a soft shade of purple that evokes a mix of girly and mystic vibes. It’s the perfect color for romantic witches and fairies. But it also works great if you want to wear soft colors, but imprint a strong and powerful aesthetic. So, in this post, you’ll find magical lavender dresses for every occasion, from proms and weddings to picnics in the enchanted forest!

When we think of the lavender aesthetic, it’s easy to be transported to the idyllic lavender fields in the south of France. It’s a romantic dream. For the mystic witches, both the lavender flowers and the color, have powerful effects on our bodies. The lavender plant is famous for its relaxing and soothing properties. You can use the essential oils in a diffuser, body and linen fragrances, or the leaves in a herbal tea. In chromotherapy, purple is the color of the crown chakra, so it helps to soothe your mind. Stay away from it if you’re in a depressed mood.

Lavender Dresses

Lavender Plus Size Embroidered Lace Tulle A-Line Dress For Prom

Lavender Plus Size Embroidered Lace Tulle A-Line Dress
David’s Bridal
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This beautiful embroidered dress is perfect if you’re going for a cute ethereal look for your prom.

It’s also available in pink!

Lavender  Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaids Dress

Lavender  Floor-Length Chiffon Bridesmaids Dress
Coco Melody
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This lavender dress presents the right balance between cute and discrete. You can look your best and not shock conservative/traditional guests.

Purple Lavender Tulle princess renaissance floral fairy dress For Wedding & Prom

Handmade Lavander Tulle princess renaissance floral fairy dress
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This royal fairy dress lives rent-free in my mind. It’s the perfect combination of royalcore, princesscore, and fairycore. The dress is handmade using lace, embroidery, tulle, and netting. It has a flattering renaissance fitted bodice and puffy detachable sleeves.

Lavender Sequin Long-Sleeve Cocktail Midi Dress For Mother of the Bride/groom

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Mac Duggal Design House has classic dresses with a modern twist, like this beautiful lavender midi dress. The sequins give it a sophisticated flair, perfect for mothers of the brides and grooms.

Pink Floral Sheer Long Fairy Dress

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Are you feeling a boho fairy vibe for your next social event? This dress has a beautiful mix of laid-back design with a sophisticated finish. Perfect for any afternoon outdoor wedding venue: beach, country, woodland, garden, park.

It’s available in more colors.

Cute Off-Shoulder Short Lavender Dress at H&M

Cute Off-Shoulder Short Lavender Dress at H&M
Shop at

Get the picnic blanket and baskets ready, because you already have the cutest dress for the perfect cottagecore picnic in the enchanted forest!

Minimal-Chic Lilac Lavender Dress for Bridesmaids, Wedding Guests & Mother of the Bride

Minimal-Chic Lilac Lavender Dress for Bridesmaids, Wedding Guests & Mother of the Bride
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If flowers, embroidered, and lace are not for you, this perfect minimal-chic lavender dress will imprint a chic and mysterious mood.

Designer Lavender Dress, Norma Kamali

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Feeling sexy and powerful?

Once upon a time, there was a shy girl, who didn’t know how powerful she was until she realized that she was in charge of her life and she could be magical. I get this power mood from lavender dresses. What about you?



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