We cannot enter spring and don’t make a post about one of the most iconic flowers out there, the sweet and pretty lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). Although the lavender aesthetic is about the color, I also believe that nature is the main teacher on this planet to tell us about color meanings, and when we think about the Lavender color aesthetic, this wonderful plant is the first nature symbol that comes to our minds.

June and July is Lavender season in the northern part of this planet, where fortunate people travel to get lost in the intoxicating Lavender aroma and take wonderful photographs among the rows and rows of lavender and famous lavender fields they discover on Instagram.

Her First Love was like Lavender, delicate and melancholic

Laura Chouette

But, how nice it is to dive deeply into the meaning of these flowers, color, and their uses before just like them because they look lovely on Instagram girls walking through Lavender fields on their lovely and girly flowy dresses?

I believe nature has a way to communicate with us in Her own language. When I look at the infinity diversity of flowers’ shapes, scents, and colors, I always try to figure out what it is telling me. In this post, I will write about the lavender aesthetic and suggest ways of incorporating this flower and its color, into your daily life.

The Lavender

If you, like me are really drawn to the beauty of lavender, it is probably because of its elegant form, lovely lilac color and sweet and strong aroma. Lavender is a flower that, when you look at it, you see elegance, dainty vibes, and some soft mystery, delivered by its unique soft purple color shade. No one can tell at a first glance how powerful Lavender can be once it releases that sweet and lovely aroma that lasts forever, even when dried and turned into sachets or bouquets. In 2017 I purchased a lavender sachet in the south of France and I am still impressed by how its aroma never faded away.

Lavender Aesthetic Pictures

Lavender Flower Aesthetic & symbolism: This lady flower is intoxicating, sweet, feminine delicate, and mysterious. Lavenders are also popularly known to bring luck, purification, peace, passion, and good life. According to this article, the herb contains an oil that seems to have calming effects and might relax certain muscles.
lavender herb aesthetic
lavander aesthetic
lavender color aesthetic /lilac color meaning: purple is the color of mystery and royalty, so, a pastel purple evokes a soft, romantic, simple, and comforting yet mysterious and powerful vibe.
lavender color aesthetic
pastel lilac aesthetic color
lavender color aesthetic
lavender fields are in every romantic girl’s summer dream.

Embracing Lavender into your life

Whether you feel like a powerful and intoxicating yet delicate and sweet girl that loves summertime or if you want to have more of these features in your life, you might feel represented by lavender or want to incorporate it into your life. Get inspired by the lavender aesthetic, recipes, and things below.

Aesthetic Lavender Cakes and cookies Recipes

Bring this wonderful aesthetic, aroma, and flavor to your table baking pretty perfect and fragrant cakes.

lavender lemonade and drinking

Lavender Oil and Soap recipes and beauty stuff

Lavender scents and beauty products in harmony with your skin. If you are a hands-on person, you can DIY your own lavender oils or body scrubs and fill the room and yourself with the relaxing scent of lavender.

Lavender Aesthetic outfits

Since lavender is a feminine and relaxing plant, I tried to exemplify lavender aesthetic outfits that evoke these characteristics.

Lavender Dresses To Feel Like A Powerful, But Soft, Witch From Weddings to Proms
The Most Coveted Lavender Shoes For Magical Men & Women

Lavender Aesthetic Decor

Lavender aesthetic bedroom decor is actually quite trendy right now. Making the bed with soft purple shades in light fabrics such as linen or cotton and playing with pastel colors will create joyful and calming vibes. This pastel color combination is also known as the Danish pastel aesthetic.

Lavender aesthetic things for the bedroom decor
Lavender and lilac pillows are a great way to start decorating with lavender in the bedroom or in the living room
Below are some ideas for Lavender details in the kitchen to create a sweet royal vibe in the small things.

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