Although I have already written an entire post with enchanting winter nails, I decided to make this one with emerald green nails designs as well. This is an out-of-the-ordinary nail color, but for me is one of the most gorgeous, sophisticated, and chic colors out there. Perfect to achieve a chic minimal mood in winter.

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Emerald Green Nails Mood:

Emerald is a highly precious natural medium or dark green gemstone, which makes it one of the most sophisticated and desirable preciosities created by nature. Therefore, this nail color will evoke sophistication and a positive reputation for your overall look and feel.

Emerald Green Nail Designs:

If you want to evoke a rare treasure mood in your nail colors (emeralds are 20 times rarer than diamonds), go with dark emerald green nail designs! There is also something slightly wicked in this shade, probably because is exactly the color of Harry Potters’s Slytherin House, So if you are a chic, powerful, and slightly bad girl, this is perfect!

Emerald green plain

Just plain emerald green, with no art or design, is enough for a sophisticated winter nail. This color looks beautiful on short or long nails;


Emerald green french tips

A minimalist nail design option that is classy and chic. The snake ring gave me big Slytherin vibes.

Emerald green french tips aesthetic nails slytherin aesthetic
Emerald green french tips

The golden details from these french tips will elevate your mani.

Emerald green french tips with goldd

And these emerald green chrome Frenchies are also an original approach to this classic nail design.

Emerald green and gold nails

This is the chicest combination ever, whether for almond, coffin, or square nails, the dark green with gold is just pure winter sophistication. And one more time, we have a snake matching this color.

emerald green nails with golden foil almond
emerald green with gold aesthetic long almond nails

Black and dark emerald green marble with gold


Emerald Green with Silver Swirl Nails


With natural nails and golden details

chic emerald green with gold nails

Emerald green nails with glitter


Emerald green bling nails

Emerald green Christmas nails

Dark green is a traditional Holiday color

emerald green christmas nails

With animal prints

emerald green with animal print nails
emerald green with animal print nails

Emerald green Ombre Nails



Organic Shapes

A modern boho vibe to your chic nails that works both on almond or square nails.

almond emerald green nails with gold aesthetic

Brush Strokes with Gold


What’s your favorite emerald green nails design to try next?

What do you think?

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