Teal nail design is a not-so-common shade of nail polish often mistaken for turquoise or aquamarine, but that can evoke very different moods! So, I decided to make a nail idea post today only with teal nails, which to me as a designer, is the perfect cold color shade to get in the mood of changing from the warm to the cold seasons.

Teal is a color that has a slight aquamarine bright blue joy that suits summer, but still is more greenish and muted, which makes it perfect for the beginning of autumn

Before I list the teal nail ideas, below is a little comparison of Teal Blue shades that I got from color-name.com

Plain teal nail ideas:

Plain teal nails in different shades for different moods. The dark teal is a more closed and muted version of the emerald green nail, the ultimate elegant winter color. See also 60+ Enchanting Winter Nails for a Pretty Delightful Mani Mood (Snowflakes, Tutorials and more).

plain aesthetic teal nail for winter

Dark teal on stiletto long nails for an opulent luxury look and feel.


Cute and short teal in this greyish shade also gives a very cozy winter vibe

short teal nails

Medium shade of teal is a versatile all-season alternative, whether short or long!

light teal aesthetic nails

Here we have a bright, closest-to-turquoise shade of teal that makes a summer-chic nail.

green tea

Teal nails with glitter

Teal with glitter is very popular and it looks quite winter-witchy-whimsical.

aesthetic teal nails with glitter

Teal Nails with design

Teal is a very sophisticated shade of blue, therefore the combination of it with gold, – the color of wealth and luxury – is perfect. See also Gold and Black Nails Designs and Variations to Evoke Wealth and Sophistication.

teal nails with gold

Black and teal is another duo of winter chic colors for your nail design.

black and teal nails with glitter
mate teal nails

Teal Halloween nails look stunning with the combination of orange and teal.

teal and orange short square halloween nails
teal and black halloween nails

Spring nails are lovely, and this teal with sunflower is an original match that goes beyond the common.

See also 40+ Joyful Sunflower Wallpapers for iPhone (Free and HD).


Teal Frenchies for French tip lovers. This is an option with glitter.


Here we have teal with white nails, a clean and cool alternative.


Teal nail design. Just let the creativity flow!


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