Dark Academia is an aesthetic that breathes ultimate fall vibes, so every now and then I create a Dark Academia Aesthetic post here, and today I will list some elegant and romantic dark academia hairstyles for inspiration.

I always like to explain in my posts about aesthetics that I have a degree in graphic design and I created this magazine because I think the new meaning given to the word aesthetic is wonderful. Aesthetic on the internet is a visual tool that helps people connect with their most authentic selves, through color identification, elements, and symbols from a set of images, styling, and photo editing.

So, in this post, I talk about a list of Dark Academia hairstyles not only because it is an autumn trend, but because these hairstyles are symbolic and visual expressions that communicate a preppy, chic, romantic, vintage, and mysterious identity.

Some elements are common in the dark academia hairstyle: velvet or satin bows, black, beige, and brown color palettes, and plaid patterns for accessories like scrunchies.

Low Ponytail

Easy and sober, the low ponytail, with or without bangs works for every type of hair and will have a special dark academia expression when done with a bow.

Low bun

The most common hairstyle in every dark academia profile on Instagram! It is easy yet formal. Dont forget to leave a bunch of hair in the front, creating the effect of a cute, messy, fake and long bang.

dark academia low bun hair

Low bun with a scrunchie

Low ponytail with a beanie

Traditional ponytail with a bow

Classic high ponytail on natural long hair

Braided Ponytail

Ponytail on short hair

Half-up hair with a bow

Together with the low bun, this is the top popular dark academia hairstyle. Easy, cute and sophisticated.

Half up hair

Beanie & Bangs on long hair

Beanie and bangs on short hair

Hairband on short hair


Natural Dark Academia hairstyles

Middle part straight

Middle part with clips on straight long hair

Middle part with clips on curly hair

Middle part with clips on wavy short hair

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