Summer in the northern hemisphere is the perfect time for visiting lavender fields or smelling sweet lavender. Suppose you do not have the chance to experience lavenders but still love these gorgeous light purple cute plants. In this case, you can still appreciate them by embracing the lavender aesthetic in your life or with your iPhone with these pretty lavender aesthetic wallpapers.

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Lavender Fields and Hills Aesthetic Wallpapers

Endless rolls of lavender in full bloom are an intoxicating, soothing, and calming view. Even though one can’t really visit a lavender field, a bit of these feelings can be felt just by looking at a pretty image.

Focus on the lavender flowers if you like lavenders but not necessarily the fields. A soothing pastel mood is my favorite option for a vintage vibe.

Bees and butterflies are huge lavender appreciators. Here are some wallpapers for bee lovers, Whimsical Butterfly Wallpapers for iPhone (the Best Images + Exclusive Creations) and a bee and honey aesthetic guide.

Lavender field paintings are so beautiful for those who like the plant.

Abstract Lavender field art backgrounds.

Also, just the lavender flower in artistic form is a great way to have an aesthetic lavender wallpaper on your phone. Minimalist lavender flower illustrations are my favorites.

Cute Lilac Lavender Aesthetic Wallpapers

Some cute lavender wallpapers for an aesthetic light purple phone background inspired by the flower but with extra cute elements.

Light purple, pastel purple, or lilac is currently my favorite color. It is a mix of everything I like: romance, sophistication, and some mystery & magic. So, below are some cute & aesthetic light purple wallpapers for iPhone that evoke the meaning and moods of the plant.

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