The pretty HD Flower iPhone wallpaper ideas in this post are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful background options for those who love everything floral. The colors, shapes, and scents of flowers make us happy, which means that any time of the year is an excellent time to have a gorgeous aesthetic floral wallpaper on your iPhone screen. I am updating this post when the countdown to spring has already started so that you can choose the perfect blooming flower background.

I have already made a post filled with flowers and other cheerful springy symbols and elements in this 60 + Aesthetic Spring Wallpapers for iPhone. But here I want to showcase from the softest sweetest flowers to the darkest and moodiest aesthetic flowers, to show how these gorgeous beauties of nature can suit any spirit.

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Flower Aesthetic Wallpapers X Flower Wallpapers

Aesthetic images are images that induce insight and meaning into the mere beauty of the physical form. A flower wallpaper might just be a pretty image, or it might evoke a process of blooming or true love when it comes with light, an angle, or additional elements that tell a story and awaken feelings, memories, or desires inside us. On this site, we look for the most aesthetic images to help you find meaning in products, lifestyle & wallpapers.

To learn more about Aesthetics: What is Aesthetic? The Ultimate List of Aesthetics and their Meanings

Flower Wallpapers: Roses

Roses are one of the most popular, symbolic, and romantic flowers. So beautiful, so exuberant, so soft and velvety, but one must be careful with their thorns. The aesthetic wallpapers with roses for iPhone below are for the delicate and lovely yet slightly dangerous flower lovers out there. See here 50 Gorgeous Rose Wallpapers For iPhone.

1- Floral patterns made of soft pink roses for romantic souls.

pretty and pink pattern of rose flower aesthetic wallpaper

2- Aesthetic falling roses over a calm blue sky.

aesthetic wallpapers roses

3- One traditional single red rose for a minimal statement of passion.

red rose flower wallpaper

4 – A new aesthetic that evokes a new mood. The sun shining on the shiny velvety petals of this delicate red rose over white sheets evokes extra lightness and sensuality.

a beautiful femme fatale aesthetic red rose aesthetic floral wallpaper for iphone
Photo by Shopify Photos

5 – A soft pink aesthetic romantic bouquet of rose flowers.

aesthetic roses wallpaper

6- Dark red flowers, evoking the passion of Valentine’s Day aesthetic. See here for 45+ Heart & Valentine’s Day Aesthetic Wallpapers for a Romantic iPhone Background.

Photo via Shopify Stock

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Flower Wallpaper: Nature Diversity

There are many other gorgeous flowers in nature, that when properly combined, can evoke in us a huge variety of positive feelings.

7- Fragilie mood to represent delicate moments.

aesthetic flowers wallpaper for iPhone
Annie Spratt l Source

8 – Pretty, cheerful and very cool.

cool and aesthetic floral wallpaper for spring

10 – A cottagecore floral dream.

a pretty cottagecore aesthetic floral wallpaper art for iphone

11 – Pastel petals for when in a soft feminine mood.

soft pastel flower petals for phone wallpaper
Photo via Kaboompics

12 – A vivid floral color dream.

pretty floral background for iphone

Sunflower Wallpaper for iPhone

Sunflowers are a cheerful background option for iPhone. From vintage sunflower aesthetic wallpapers to artsy illustrations, a Sunflower background is probably one of the most popular options for floral wallpaper, especially during springtime.

Check this out for more 40+ Joyful Sunflower Wallpapers for iPhone

13- This very cool sunflower.

vintage sunflower wallpaper iphone

14 – Falling sunflowers for joyful dreamers.

artsy flower sunflower wallpaper for iphone

15 – A very bright and aesthetic sunflower field.

aesthetic sunflower wallpaper for iphone

16 – Sunflowers with a cup of coffee is pure love.

sunflower wallpaper iphone aesthetic

Vintage Flower Wallpaper for iPhone

Vintage aesthetic flowers evoke the feeling of old love from period romance books like Pride and Prejudice or Bridgerton that we all want to feel but somehow feel impossible…Your lock screen will have a romantic, innocent, and pure nostalgia with the floral wallpapers below.

17- Vintage aesthetic flower petals

Photo via Shopify Stock

17- Hopelessly romantic souls will love this love letter with dried flowers as a background.

vintage aesthetic floral wallpaper for iphone with a love letter

18- A simple image that transports us to another age and time.

vintage flowers aesthetic wallpaper
Zoltan Tasi l Source

19 – Another beauty to travel in time with daisy flowers and vintage utensils.


20 – Vintage book pages adorned with dainty flowers and a cup of coffee, a classic background for romantic readers.

vintage floral background iphone

21 – A vintage world surrounding a single lovely and gentle flower.

vintage flower aesthetic wallpaper

22 – Dried roses.


23 – Vintage botanical illustrations of flowers are for vintage souls who love nature, like a big art nouveau floral pattern in HD.

Birmingham Museums Trust l Source

24 – A botanical white flower art with a quote of kindness.

botanical vintage flower wallpaper iphone

25 – When the love for classic music, tea and flowers comes together in an image.

vintage flower daisy aesthetic wallpapers

Floral Painting Wallpapers

An even more powerful way to travel to the past is with antique aesthetic floral paintings for the phone background.

Eugène Bidau ~ Le printemps
floral painting wallpaper iphone

Cute Pink Flower Aesthetic Wallpaper

Flowers are the symbol of love and pink is the color of love so of course, the combination of both is one of the most powerful aesthetic wallpapers for your phone. With other details such as sophisticated silk and fragile water drops, this imagery aesthetic becomes even more compelling. See also Pink Aesthetic Flowers & Meanings to Choose the Right One for the Proper Moment & Pink Aesthetic: The Ultimate Guide To Live In A Pretty & Sweet Fantasy

pink wallpaper for iphone
pink petals flower wallpaper for iphone
minimalist pink flower aesthetic wallpaper for iphone
Photo by Annie Spratt l Source
pink aesthetic flower petals background
Rikonavt l Source
Photo by Rikonavt l Source
Photo by Evie S. l Source
Photo via Kaboompics
Zoltan Tasi l Source

Blue Aesthetic Flower iPhone Wallpapers

Light blue is the color of the bright sky, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland, and it always transports me to dreamy feels. So, to evoke the floral romance but with an extra hint of dreamy vibes, go with these gorgeous light blue floral aesthetic wallpapers.

Light Blue Aesthetic Guide: All about the Daydreamers Color

Light Blue Aesthetic Wallpaper Ideas for a Dreamy Phone Background

soft blue floral wallpaper
blue flowers aesthetic wallpapers
light blue aesthetic wallpaper
Arham Jain l Source

White Aesthetic Wallpaper Flowers

The color of purity, aesthetic white floral wallpapers will evoke the purest and softest moods every time you look at your screen.

white flower wallpaper aesthetic iphone
Jason Leung l Source
Photo by Rikonavt l Source
white minimal aesthetic flower petal iphone background
Photo via Kaboompics

Purple Flower Aesthetic Wallpaper iPhone

Mysterious & elegant, purple aesthetic wallpapers are pure magic, and when combined with florals what you will get is a mystical yet romantic mood.

purple flower wallpaper iphone
purple flower aesthetic iphone background
Photo by Amy Shamblen l Source

Floral Illustrations

Flower art or illustrations are a more minimalist approach to your floral wallpaper for iPhone. These illustrations evoke an ultimate dainty mood to your floral phone bg.

flower illustration aesthetic background iphone
minimal cute pink floral aesthetic wallpaper
colorful beautiful flower art illustration with butterflies for spring wallpaper for iphone
pretty art of spring floral background

Dark Flower Wallpapers

A darker aesthetic to your flower phone background will evoke a mysterious-moody feel to your romantic floral image.

dark moody aesthetic floral wallpaper for iphone
Photo by Europeana l Source
Photo by Zoltan Tasi l Source

Black and White Floral Wallpapers for iPhone

minimal black and white flower wallpaper
Photo by Mathew Schwartz l Source
Photo by Evie S. l Source

Minimalist Flower Wallpapers

It is a minimal aesthetic for those who love flowers and the elegance and peace of breathing space on a background.

Photo via Kaboompics
Photo by negin baahrami l Source
Photo via Kaboompics
Photo via Shopify Photos

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