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Aesthetic images tell a story that helps us identify moods or even lifestyles that speak most to our hearts. Pink Aesthetic images, for instance, make us feel good, dreamy and inspire us to awaken our most delicate and feminine side. Pink is a mood! In this guide, we give you a step-by-step on how to be a pink aesthetic girl and live a dreamy pink aesthetic life.

The Mood Guide is an imaginative buying guide dedicated to feminine aesthetics. Our main goal is to help you find the coolest aesthetic stuff and clothes online, therefore, in this post, we will show you the path to live in a pretty and pink fantasy!!

Not sure if the pink aesthetic is a big thing? The cute and whimsical Moschino Spring/Summer 2022 NYFW Show made a clear statement that the pink aesthetic is not just a mood, but a big trend that suits every woman.

moschino pink coat 2022
moschino pink nyfw 2022
moschino pink 2022

The color Pink: Meanings

Love l compassion l sweetness l sweet/candy l feminine l playfulness l sensitivity l innocence l optimism

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Are you a pink aesthetic girl? The answer is yes if you dream with strawberry or heart shaped stuff, pastel pink cupcakes, cute japanese stuff, cotton candy colors, sparkling pink champagne, pink neon lights, Audrey Hepburn and pink designer bags. This aesthetic is for the playful, sweet and nerdy yet classy girl to express her moods.

Types of Pink Aesthetic:

Many other aesthetics are related to pink aesthetics. This means that although pink almost always evokes self-love, dream, and cuteness, the symbols and elements related to the color may change, creating different aesthetic tribes, such as Kawaii pink aesthetic, pastel pink, soft girl or baby pink aesthetic, ethereal pale pink, hot pink aesthetic, Luxury Glam aesthetic, Vintage Romantic, Shabby Chic and many others. So, for this post, we chose the main elements that are central and common to all.


The easiest way to visualize the meaning of this aesthetic is with iconic celebrities that are sweet, feminine, and playful. Ariana Grande, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn are classic examples. When we think about PINK, we associate it with their identity.

ariana grande pink aesthetic
audrey hepburn pink aesthetic
Photo: Pinterest
ariana grande pink dress bow

Make it pop like pink champagne In the purple rain Were gonna paint paint paint the city We re gonna show off our pretty, pretty Pink champagne

Ariana Grande – Pink Champagne
marilyn monroe with pink aesthetic dress
Photo: Pinterest
marilyn monroe soft pink aesthetic

I believe in Pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest.

Marilyn Monroe

Pink Aesthetic Stuff

There is a delightful list of items that are part of pink aesthetic fashion, decor, and lifestyle and carries a lot of symbolism. Embracing at least some of these things will add all the pretty vibes to your home and life!

Pink Flowers:

Purchase bouquets of your favorite joyful and uplifting pink flowers. Below I list the meanings of the most symbolic ones.

Peonies symbolize beauty, love, and good luck and are a famous omen of happy marriage. Their pinks and peachy shades combined with a soft yet extravagant shape and sweet smell evokes a feeling of luxury and delicacy
Aesthetic Photo inspiration: @mariavictoriaxo
Peonies l @theflowerbx

The majestic peony is a symbol of prosperity, good luck and fortune

Soft pink roses are always a truly fit for a pink princess. Fresh roses make any space look better and symbolize grace, love and joy.
pink aesthetic roses photo
Roses from @thebouqsco l Photo: @themireladiaries
pink roses
Aesthetic Photo Inspiration @tammy.tot
pink aesthetic photo
Aesthetic Photo Inspiration @camrihewie

pink chrysansthemus flower bouquet
Chrysanthemums l @bloomsybox
¨Chrysanthemums signify joy, optimism, and happiness in China and Japan ¨ @bloomsybox
Hydrangea is an authentic, joyful and uplifting flower. Pink hydrangeas symbolize love, sincere emotions and gratitude.  Its cute, ruffled petals creates a powerful impact when gathered in clusters.
pink hydrangea flower bouquet
Hydrangeas l @theflowerbx

Tip from the : The Pink Flower page from FLOWERBX

Pink aesthetic Tech Stuff:

Fun pink Instax cameras, pink calculators, and a keyboard for your notebook are on every pink aesthetic Pinterest board and Instagram feeds.

Instax Mini [email protected]
pink aesthetic instax photo
Instax Mini by @michelleborchardt

Pink Aesthetic Clothing, Outfits and Style:

Wearing pink aesthetic clothes will help you reflect your inner pink-playful-sweet mood. You should feel like wearing a dream, a piece of cloud, a princess, or a Barbie. A pink aesthetic outfit will make you feel and look effortlessly romantic and girly. People will look at you and think ¨that girl is a happy and optimistic dreamer with a doll or princess bliss¨. But more important than what anyone will think is that the right pink aesthetic clothing will make you actually feel in a dreamy, happier mood.

The aesthetic: All Pink outfits, tennis skirts, pleated skirt, floral dresses, corset inspired top, cute and sweet pink dresses, preppy pink, extra frills to create a dramatic effect, soft pastel hues, delicate ribbon motifs, floral artwork, swoosh-worthy skirts. Fabrics: satin/silk, lace, wool, tulle.

corset top pink aesthetic outfit
Lyla Bustier corset top l @mariavictoriaxo
hot pink aesthetic dress
Maddison Midi Dress Dress l @hellomolly
preppy pink aesthetic outfit
Pink Preppy aesthetic outfit l @leximar
pink aesthetic dress
Pink Satin Juliet Dress l @murlongcres
pink aesthetic dress
Juliet dress princess dress shoulder detail l @murlongcres

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Favorite Brands:

Selkie: If you like pink and fairytales, you probably have already stumbled upon someone wearing this little pink- princess dress on Instagram. Selkie Dresses are a stunning aesthetic dream for the woman who isn’t afraid to express her princess-like personality to the world and will connect you to your hopes and dreams.

pretty pink aesthetic clothes
The Poptart Dress l @Selkie
millennial pink aesthetic dress plus size
pink aesthetic clothes
The Parlimen Dress l @selkie

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Victoria’s Secret Pink Lingerie and Sleepwear: give yourself the right to feel sexy and pretty with sexy pink lingerie. Victoria’s Secret + For Love & Lemons Collection is just as dreamy as the classic pink satin Victorias Secret Sleepwear.

pink pajanas

Sleeper: The coolest and cutest pink sleepwear.

Photo: @daily_sleeper
party pink pajamas soft pink aesthetic
pink aesthetic pajamas
Pink Shearling Slippers l @shopsaintbernard
hot pink aesthetic pajamas
Chic Set with Leggings l @_simonett

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Pink Aesthetic Shoes:

Some pink heels, sandals, and boots are true fashion statement pieces. Aesthetic photos of Gucci pink Sandals are all over Instagram and on every Pink Aesthetic Pinterest Board.

Photo: @minamarlena
pink aesthetic gucci shoes
soft pink aesthetic
pink aesthetic gucci sandals outfit
Photo: @sara_waiste

pink aesthetic ugg fluff
Fluff Sugar Sandal l @kweenkatyatar
UGG pink Bailey Bow Boots are on every pink aesthetic Pinterest profile.
pink aesthetic UGG boots
Super Fluff Sleeper UGG l@vspinkrutgers

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Pink Aesthetic Bags

Pink luxury designer bags are just too iconic and have a bigger impact on our emotions when we talk about the color pink in fashion. It’s ok if you love the pink aesthetic but can’t afford a luxury purse! Any pink bag will invoke the color meanings.

pink aesthetic outfit luxury designer bag
Pink Micro Biker Bag l Moschino l @mariana_instyle
pink moschino biker bag outfit
Micro Pink Biker Bag l Moschino l @mariana_instyle
pink aesthetic moschino bag
Pink Micro Biker Bag l Moschino l @mariana_instyle

pink aesthetic louis vuitton photo

balmain pink aesthetic bag
Photo: @beaubeerensshoes
pink aesthetic lady dior bag

Pink Gucci bag aesthetic
Photo: @roseabelle23

Hair & Accessories:

Adorable Princess braided hair, dainty ponytails, pink aesthetic scrunchies cottagecore hats, and tye silky ribbons to your hair.

black woman pink hat
pink aesthetic hairstyles

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Makeup & Beauty:

Pink aesthetic makeup is about making sure that your skin is naturally glowing when you create makeup. Powder pink blush and a soft pink lip gloss can make any mood looks brighter. If you are a more energetic person, a hot pink aesthetic gloss or lipstick will do the job of expressing it. Glossier and Too Faced create the prettiest makeup products for pink princesses.

pink lipstick
too faced makeup pink
Photo: @prettypinklagirl
pink aesthetic bathroom
Lash Slick l @glossier
pink aesthetic photo
Early Birld Eyeshadow Palette l @andallthingspink
Pamper yourself with your favorite pink creams and lotions and mostureizers
pink aesthetic lotion
? @gabriella.taylor
Glossier Body Hero Exfoliating Bar l @glossier
pink aesthetic victorias secret mosturizer


Miss Dior and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle are the perfumes to go for if you want to smell like spring with sweet and floral scents. Ariana Grande’s floral and fruity Thank U Next Perfume is another pretty and pink option.

For a lighter fragrance during the day, the classic Victoria’s Secret.

miss dior aesthetic pink
chanel aesthetic
Photo: @gabriella.taylor
miss dior aesthetic pink

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Creating a pink Aesthetic Routine:

Fulfill your pink soul by following these tips:

Bake enchanting pink aesthetic Sweet treats and take cute and girly aesthetic photos on light and pretty background. Edit them with cute bright and pink filters, like this one or this one if you want a very girly aesthetic. Click on the photos for the recipes 🙂

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Watch a very girly movie from the 90s and 00s or TV show with pink aesthetic/cinematography: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Clueless, Marie Antoinette, Mean Girls, Scream Queens, Legally Blonde, Funny Face, Sex and the City, Bridgerton, and, of course, all Disney princess movies.

Enjoy a bar of pink Ladurée chocolate, cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery, and a box of macarons

ladurée aesthetic

Take a trip to a ballet or take a ballet class to feel like a ballerina for a day

Ballet Aesthetic Photo Inspiration: @montclair
Sweet Ballet Aesthetic Photo Inspiration: @montclair

Give yourself a lovely (and pink) aesthetic mani at home

pink aesthetic nails
pink aesthetic chanel

Organize a pink aesthetic tea party and decorate a pink decadent cake with your friends

marie antoinette pink aesthetic cake black girl
afternoon tea pink aesthetic

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Light your favorite pink aesthetic candle. All candles below are from Poppilyn Shop.

pink aesthetic candle royalcore
pink aesthetic heart candle
Photo: @shoppoppylin
pink aesthetic woman body candle

Create a pink aesthetic decor for any room, like your bedroom with lots of pinks, white and floral. Shabby Chic or silk bedding is perfect for achieving a vintage vibe and a furry fluffy pink sheet set is ideal for a cool modern pink mood.

pink aesthetic room
pink aesthetic room

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Cozy up on your pink pajamas all day long.

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Pink Aesthetic Wallpapers:

If this cotton candy world made you feel happy, you might want to have a pink aesthetic wallpaper on your phone lock screen.

For more lovely pink background ideas, please check Pink Aesthetic Wallpaper Options for your Phone.

Make a lovely pink fall/winter Pinterest board

And most important: to live a pretty pink aesthetic life, let your dreams guide your decisions, and don’t settle for anything less than your heart desires.

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