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The mid-century was the most prolific era for furniture design. The proof is that over 50 years later the iconic pieces designed by extremely talented and innovative artists are easily recognizable and desired by so many. The endless hype is due to the authentic clean design and timeless materials that pairs well with most decor styles. When it comes to the dining room, a place usually reserved for special occasions and guests, mid century modern dining tables elevate different decor styles and match most dining chairs.

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And there is a lot of magnificent mid century dining tables out there. So, for this post, I made an extremely thorough selection and rounded up only the most recognizable and iconic mid century modern dining tables. I balanced it out between originals and inspirations, after all, the budget should not stay in the way of your vision. Ultimately it is a post for purists and design lovers. I hope you feel inspired!

Iconic Mid Century Modern Dining Tables

Saarinen Oval Mid Century Modern Dining Table, by Knoll at 2Modern

Saarinen Pedestal Mid Century Modern Dining Table, by Knoll at 2Modern
? 2Modern

Dimensions: 72in, 78in, 84in, 96in | Material: Various

from $5,796
Also available at Lumens.com

The iconic pedestal table designed by Eero Saarinen in the ’50s is likely to be the most recognizable and replicated dining table in the history of dining tables. Apparently, Saarinen wanted to create a design that eliminated the outdated table legs. Well, mission accomplished.

The oval Saarinen is available in 4 different sizes, several different colors of the base, and tabletops materials, including marble. You can also get the round version.

Mid Century Modern Round Extendable Wood Dining Table Made in USA, by Copeland at Lumens

Mid Century Modern Round Extendable Wood Dining Table Made in USA, by Copeland at Lumens
? Lumens

Dimensions: 48 Inch, 54 Inch, or 60 Inch | Material: Solid cherry hardwood or American black walnut

$3,541.00 – $6,264.00
Also available at 2Modern.com

This MCM dining table is fantastic from the top to the bottom. First, the high-quality solid wood, which combined with skilled American craftsmanship results in a durable and outstandingly beautiful dining table. Also, the self-equalizing ball bearing extension glides are made to perfection so you won’t drop a sweat setting the Thanksgiving table before your guests arrive!

It’s available in 6 different wood finishes and 3 different sizes.

@ourbklynspace, West Elm Wood Dining Chair

Mid-Century Walnut Dining Table, West Elm

? West Elm

Dimensions: 70″w x 37.4″d x 29.2″h. | Material: Solid Walnut


A solid minimalist walnut wood dining table with mid-century accents.

It’s available in solid oak as well.

Platner Pedestal Mid Century Modern Dining Table, by Knoll at 2Modern

? 2Modern

Dimensions: 53.75 in Dia x 27 in H | Material: Nickel-plated vertical steel rods welded to circular horizontal and edge-framing rods base.

from $3,768

The Platner is probably the runner-up for the most recognizable mid-century modern dining table. It was designed in 1966 by Warren Platner. The idea was to bring graceful and decorative elements to the furniture world. Mission accomplished to perfection, of course.

The Platner is available in different colors of the base and tabletops materials, including marble.

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Mid Century Dining Table, Chair, and Benche Set, Kardiel

Mid Century Dining Tables, Chair, and Benche Set, Kardiel
? Kardiel

Dimensions: Width 70.9″ x Depth 35.4″ x Height 29.5″ | Material:  Solid & Plywood Veneer Oak Stained Walnut hardwood


This is a beautiful and practical forever dining set. The wood dining table is expandable, the bench is super cool, and the set of 4 chairs is comfortable.

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I love history and making-offs. It amazes me to understand how genius artistic minds create timeless art. I’m definitely a frustrated artist, in the sense that I wish I had a talented creative soul, you know? Somehow, reading or watching something about the creative processes of artistic masterminds gives me a lot of joy. And after I learned more about the designer behind these mid century modern dining tables, I feel like I wanna have some of this history in my home. I mean, I can have just a beautiful dining table, that matches my style, but somehow, it feels like something specially designed with a purpose has soul, tells a history. I don’t know, I’m just typing my raw thoughts here!

What about you? How do you feel about design furniture?


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