Those who love pretty aesthetic cakes and everything heart-shaped when it comes to Valentine’s Day celebrations will find the perfect Valentine’s Day cake in this post. The cakes below are so gorgeous and uniquely made that they are not just purposeless cakes, they are practically a way to say I love you. You surely gotta put some love on these recipes to achieve the desired results.

The recipes below are for those who are just looking for an aesthetic cake design idea with the shape of a heart or you are looking for a recipe for a gorgeous cake to DIY for a loved one. As a designer, I Love aesthetics but I also love functionality, and I believe they must work together, this is why in almost every post I write I try to go beyond visual inspiration or just technical tips, but also try to put them both together.

So, here you will find a selection and curation of delicious recipes created by the most talented cooks online, and also the pretties ones when it comes to heart-shaped cakes. I will feature not only recipes but also some of the best heart-shaped cake Decoration tutorials.

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A perfect choice for a Valentine’s Day-inspired brunch date, loaf cakes are easy to decorate and simple to make, and the hidden heart is a little surprise that makes a statement that the details run the show when it comes to creating special moments. Below are my favorite aesthetic recipes to decorate a special Valentine’s-themed table with fluffy and delicious loaf cakes.

For pink Barbies, this Vanilla Strawberry Loaf Heart Cake by Lady and Her Blog.

📷 Lady and the Blog

Alix from My Kitchen Drawer developed this stunning Hidden Heart Loaf Cake recipe with vanilla and raspberry that look and feel mouthwatering.

📷 My Kitchen Drawer

A chocolate alternative of hidden heart loaf, by Tala Cooking.

Roll cakes are a better option for those who like some creamy fillings and the delicious mouth sensation caused by the mixture of the soft cake with the moist cream.

Tara Tea Spoon created this delightful Valentine’s Day Strawberry Cake roll filled with strawberry and cream cheese and amused our sights with this lovely heart pattern.

📷 Tara Tea Spoon

If you love the sweet and soft aesthetic of the loaf cake and want to achieve ultimate femininity with a light pink palette, try this pink velvet Valentine cake roulade by Liz Bushong.

📷 Liz Bushong

Any red velvet lover? Then this red velvet swiss roll cake created by The Skinny Pot is the perfect Valentine’s treat for you, and in the beautiful passionate red and white Valentine palette and with the gorgeous heart-shaped patterns.

📷 The Skinny Pot

According to Shobee from The Skinny Pot, this Strawberry Swiss Roll Cake option is not so sweet and looks delightful for aficionados with strawberry and cream cheese.

📷 The Skinny Pot

This Royalcore aesthetic cake was all over Instagram in the past couple of years.

I found this lovely Vanilla, Earl Grey and Raspberry Heart Cake recipe on a Parisian Journey blog

📷 A Parisian Journey Blog

Another gorgeous vintage heart cake tutorial, decoration and recipe, this time created Sugar & Sparrow blog.

📷 Sugar & Sparrow

Another pink pastel delight to decorate any event with a Marie Antoinette aesthetic vibe and indulge in a delicious romantic treat. This Vintage Heart Cake is a recipe for The Simple Sweet Life blog.

📷 The Simple Sweet Life Blog

If you love the vintage aesthetic of the heart-shaped cake but are not really into the decoration process, this heart shaped cake recipe from In Bloom Bakery blog is cute and simple.

📷 In Bloom Bakery

Maybe you are not in the mood for a big cake and just one some heart-shaped treats for your decoration.

The mini heart shaped chocolate cake below is a fast and easy treat that will look pretty and fancy on the table.

📷 Claire Justine Blog

If there was a prize for the most aesthetic recipes on the internet, Nana Pastries would win it. See the recipe video of these cute mini tea heart-shaped cakes and you will know what I mean.

aesthetic heart shaped mini cake recipe for pretty valentines day treat and dessert decoration
📷 Nana Pastries

Nana Pastries aesthetic recipe again for this gorgeous Fraisier Cake.

📷 Nana Pastries

The perfect dessert for a chocolate lover couple, this easy, gorgeous, and, of course, heart shaped, chocolate cake by Nana Pastries.

aesthetic heart shaped chocolate cake, perfect for valentines day dessert or treat
📷 Nana Pastries

How gorgeously romantic are these cream tarts with white chocolate frosting created by Elizabeth from Sugar Hero Blog, one of the queens of baking on the internet.

📷 Sugar Hero

The vintage aesthetic cake is quite trendy, but maybe it just does not suit your table decoration or you don’t have the willingness to put in all the effort it requires. Therefore, the alternatives below will allow you to create gorgeous heart-shaped cakes within the Valentine’s Day theme in a much more effortless way.

Girl vs Dough dessert recipes are all fun and easy, including this delicious chocolate strawberry cake.

📷 Girl vs Dough

Paula Deen’s blog teaches us how to make a very pretty and simple heart shaped cake.

📷 Paula Deen

This easy Sweet Heart Cake recipe from Betty Crocker has more than 40 positive reviews! Worth giving a try if you are a beginner in the kitchen.

📷 Betty Crocker

Is it possible to keep it simple and still go a bit bolder in the decoration and this easy heart shaped cake for Sugar & Sparrow is proof.

📷 Sugar & Sparrow

I love how this heart-shaped cake from The Recipe Critic is gorgeous and easy to decorate.

📷 The Recipe Critic

A completely sweet Valentine palette in this red white and pink strawberry tres laches cake by Nana Pastries.

📷 Nana Pastries

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