Is anyone else feeling ready for spring already? Just like the other 3 seasons, Spring has it magic, so, of course, I have to create a post with some colorful, fresh, and free Spring wallpapers, just like I did with Summer Wallpapers, Winter Wallpapers, and Fall Wallpapers.

Spring is a magical season when nature begins to be alive again and the environment becomes a gorgeous exposition of colors, shapes, and smells. Springtime is that awakening of nature, and with it, the rise of extra awareness of our senses.

The spring Backgrounds for iPhone below are an exclusive selection of artwork and aesthetic spring pictures to get your lock screen in the proper season mood. I credit every single image and encourage you to follow them on Instagram. My goal with this site is to organize the most outstanding visual content online by aesthetics, so you can easily find things you love and suit your mood.

Some of these wallpapers I create using AI and have a lot of fun doing it.

Spring Wallpapers in this post

Glorious Blooms Wallpapers

Spring Bugs, Insects and Butterflies wallpapers

Sweet Springy Srawberries Wallpapers

Spring Bunnies

Spring Animals Wallpapers

Spring Moods Wallpapers

Saving your Spring Background/Wallpaper to your phone

Save the wallpaper to your phone is simple. Just press and hold the image and click ¨save¨.

Glorious Blooms and Colorful Wildflowers

I have already created a full post with Flower wallpapers for iPhones, but I had to add a few extra blooms to this one because the main identity of spring is its colorful, gorgeous, living, and fragrant flowers.


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I love vintage flowers for spring wallpapers like the ones below.

vintage botanical spring wallpaper for iphone english tea bridgerton aesthetic inspired
floral spring wallpaper iphone background
free vintage spring aesthetic wallpaper iphone
By Evie S. l Source
vintage spring cute wallpaper

Although spring is all about abundance, minimalist flower wallpapers can also beautifully represent it.

minimalist tulip spring wallpaper for iphone
Photo by Roonz l Source
cherry blossom photo wallpaper for spring background for a girly and pink wallpaper for iphone
Photo by Masaaki Komori l Source
cute minimal flower wallpaper for iphone
Photo by Evie S. l Source
aesthetic minimalist spring wallpaper for iphone
Photo by Taisiia Stupak l Source

For a more joyful mood, go with a bright colorful floral nature background.

spring aesthetic wallpaper

Simple, cute flower pictures are a romantic approach to spring floral wallpapers. From daisies to tulips, find your favorite and most inspiring bloom to illustrate your phone screen.

spring wallpaper for iphone

The spring in Paris with the Eiffel Tower cherry blossoms needed to be on this list of springy backgrounds as well.

delicate tour eiffel aesthetic spring wallpaper with cherry blossoms
Photo by real_ jansen l Source
Photo by Janis Laubergs l Source

Cherry blossoms are a pink and cute icon of spring, so if you also love these legendary and ultra soft and feminine blooms, you will love the background ideas below.

Photo by Redd F l Source
Photo by Meriç Dağlı l Source
Photo by Code Chan l Source
Photo by Code Chan l Source

Floral illustrations, especially simple & lovely floral patterns are some of my favorite options for cute and pretty spring wallpapers.

floral wallpaper spring daisy iphone aesthetic simple
spring wallpaper iphone pattern
minimal cute spring wallpaper
green floral aesthetic wallpaper
free spring wallpaper
spring flower art wallpaper

Need a daily reminder of what nature came to communicate with you during springtime? So go with this beautiful floral wallpaper with motivational thematic quotes created by the talented @sunnyspotstudio

spring quote illustration wallpaper iphone
floral pattern aestg
bloom spring cute preppy floral wallpaper

Bright Springy Butterflies, Bugs & Birds

Spring is not all about flowers. Orange, pink, blue, small, and big. The nature fairies, also known as the butterflies, are also a symbol of spring that gives cheerful and springy vibes to your phone mood.

butterfly spring wallpaper
butterfly and flowers spring wallpaper
botanical art birds wallpaper for iphone green aesthetic
Via Boston Public Library l Source
Via Boston Public Library l Source

Sweet Spring Strawberries Backgrounds

Strawberries are also super springy. Around May, my Instagram feed gets filled with images of people picking red and bright strawberries, so below are a few options for spring backgrounds with flowers and strawberries.

field of strawberry wallpaper for iphone
a spring wallpaper of cottagecore strawberries

Spring Bunnies

spring pastel bunny aesthetic wallpaper iphone
pretty spring bunny easter wallpaper for iphone with pastel aesthetics and easter eggs

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Spring Animals


Springy Moods Wallpapers

Springy moods are images with a special light, colors, or ¨movement¨ that evoke a spring mood in us that is not too obvious like the alternatives below.
spring court aesthetic wallpaper
beautiful cottagecore aesthetic spring inspired wallpaper for iPhone

Love changing your phone wallpaper according to your mood? then check out all our aesthetic iPhone wallpapers.

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