Already in a big Valentine’s Day mood, I start this year’s aesthetic wallpapers for iPhone series with lovely and romantic heart aesthetic & Valentine’s day wallpapers to add some heartwarming love vibes to your iPhone lock screen or home screen.

A complete list, from cute romantic pink hearts to actually real hearts from the human body (which can be actually also super romantic, believe me), to super cool and aesthetic hearts.

To save these heart wallpapers on your phone, just press your finger and save the image on your gallery.

Cute Valentines Day Wallpaper ideas

Pink, reds, flowers, kisses, and especially hearts, are the cute symbols of valentines day that inspire these gorgeous valentines backgrounds for iPhone.

cute aesthetic valentines day wallpaper
cute valentines day aesthetic wallpaper iphone

Aesthetic Valentine’s day wallpapers with hearts

Aesthetic Wallpapers with hearts are the most popular type of heart background in 2023. The explanation for it is that aesthetics are still a thing, and the cool aspect of aesthetic images makes these wallpaper a top favorite for Gen Z and Y.

valentines day wallpaper
aesthetic heart background for iphone
cute heart aesthetic wallpaper background
white and blue hearts aesthetic wallpapers
heart aesthetic wallpapers
valentines day wallpaper

Black & White heart wallpapers are the perfect choices for the chic minimal yet romantic woman phone lock screen.

black and white heart pattern background for iphone
black white heart wallpaper iphone

Pink is the cutest and loveliest color, so here are a few cute & ultra-romantic pink heart wallpapers backgrounds with hearts for the phone background.

pink heart wallpaper iphone
red and pink heart wallpaper
pink heart background
cute minimal heart aesthetic wallpaper
heart aesthetic wallpaper
light pink heart aesthetic wallpaper iphone
soft pink heart aesthetic wallpaper iphone


Evoking the Soft Girl Aesthetic

Neon Hearts wallpapers are a bright and electric option for a change to the classic soft and romantic Wallpaper Background.

pink neon heart wallpaper iphone
pink neon heart aesthetic wallpaper
pink neon aesthetic wallpaper iphone
neon aesthetic heart wallpaper iphone
red neon wallpaper for iphone
neon human heart wallpaper iphone


Baddie Aesthetic Wallpaper Ideas for iPhone

Red hearts, aka the classic heart, are the highest symbol of love and passion, so of course, red heart wallpapers are also on this list and great for Valentine’s Day thematic phone screen wallpaper with hearts.

red hearts background iphone hd

Almost all heart aesthetic wallpapers can be considered Cute Heart Backgrounds, but for this section, I have chosen the cutest and sweetest tones.

aesthetic heart wallpaper background phone


30 Cute Aesthetic Wallpapers Options for Lovely iPhone Screens

Blue Heart Aesthetic Backgrounds are not the most usual, but they are super dreamy and cute.

Human heart aesthetic wallpapers can be quite cute and a very authentic alternative for iPhone backgrounds

If you loved the romantic mood of these valentines day wallpapers, just take a look at our heart aesthetic guide.

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