I am obsessed with the moon, this loved, intriguing satellite, that observes the earth every single night, since the beginning of time, and is also the inspiration for this selection of astonishing moon aesthetic wallpapers!

To be beautiful and powerful in every phase and be the one who shines in the darkness: This is the definition that makes the perfect connection between the moon and women, and also the reason why the moon is the symbol of The Mood Guide logo and a symbol of the feminine.

just like the moon, no matter what phase you’re in, you’re still whole!

From cute moon wallpaper to mystical, to real moon photographs, they all have aesthetic and artistic traits. I hope you find the perfect one for your iPhone in this post!

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Full moon aesthetic wallpapers

purple full moon aesthetic wallpaper
black full moon wallpaper

Almost full, purple aesthetic moon.

purple moon wallpaper
purple full moon aesthetic background

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Space moon wallpaper

moon space wallpaper

This moon & earth wallpaper is an exquisite collage for those who want a blend of a scientific and mystic background.

moon earth aesthetic wallpaper

Crescent moon aesthetic wallpapers

Aesthetic waxing/crescent moons are super popular. The feeling that there is a superior magical being smiling at us from the sky to tell us that a new phase is coming so we can calm down and start to smile, makes this tiny silver line a popular choice for aesthetic moon wallpapers.

waxing moon wallpaper
waxing moon background iphone
purple waxing moon wallpaper
waxing moon aesthetic wallpaper
moon bg iphone aesthetic

Witch moon wallpaper

Witchy moon vibes backgrounds are the most mystical and beautiful type of moon wallpaper, in my opinion.

witchy moon aesthetic wallpaper

Moon goddess wallpaper to remember everything the powerful light you carry within.

witchy goddess moon aesthetic wallpaper
witch moon wallpaper art

The triple moon is also one of the most mystical and witchy aesthetic moons.

moon phases wallpaper

Don’t compare her to sunshine and roses when she is cleary orchids and moonlight

melody lee

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Moon and Star Wallpaper

The celestial elements that make us all wonder and dream, when graphically combined evoke a most powerful and supreme symbology in our minds.

stars moon wallpaper aesthetic

How gorgeous are these star & moon wallpaper art options?

aesthetic art moon background iphone
cute moon art wallpaper
moon illustration aesthetic wallpaper

Black moon wallpaper

For a minimal moon wallpaper vibe, the queen shines in contrast with a black background.

black white real moon wallpaper

Moon and sea Wallpapers

Few sights in this human existence are more enchanting than the marriage of the moon with the ocean. Physics proves there is a magnetism among them, and we all shall agree this allure is real when we witness these powerful forces together.

witch sea moon ocean aesthetic wallpaper
moon sea wallpaper iphone

Moon phases wallpapers

witch moon phases aesthetic wallpaper
witch moon phases wallpaper
pretty moon phases wallpaper for iphone
mystical moon phases background

Pastel Galaxy Moon Wallpaper

cute girly pastel galaxy moon wallpaper
moon and stars purple aesthetic wallpaper

Girly cute moon wallpaper

pastel galaxy moon wallpaper
girly cute pastel moon wallpaper aesthetic
moon wallpaper aesthetic
cute moon wallpaper art

Halloween Moon Wallpapers

A creepy gothic perspective on moon backgrounds.

moon background for iphone
gothic halloween full moon art wallpaper

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