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Witch season is just around the corner, which inspired me to create a list of enchanting and unique witch gifts that will bring some extra enlightening to yourself or a magic friend who holds the power of changing people’s lives, and, most of the time, loves cats, talk with plants and collect crystals.

I wanted to create something more authentic and unique for this post. After all, some witchy stuff is quite too obvious and they are in every single gift list for witches on the internet. Things like incense or tarot decks, for example.

Not that these are not nice gifts, but the point is that that are so many different types of witches, and different witches will prefer different tarot decks and different scents, for example. This post will help you find a more specific present that would be more suitable to them if you identify the aesthetic and personality of the which you want to surprise.

I organized the gifts aesthetically, thinking about the different types of witches. Of course that are endless types of witches out there, but I chose the most popular ones, to make your purchase choice more straightforward and more accurate.

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Witchy Gift ideas

First I will list traditional gifts that are suitable for every witch, or for the eclectic witch, who mixes all practices and styles according to her need and moods.

Photo: Etsy

Artprint ‘Initial equipment list for apprentice witches & wizzards

One of the coolest gifts for witches, this art print is super affordable and beautifully made. The vintage illustrations make this a super aesthetic witchy gift.

$16.44+ – Agatha Black

Photo: Etsy

Witch Cat Pendant

A beautiful and detailed pendant that brings together some of the main witchy elements: the moon, the black cat, the witch hat, and the crystal. 

$66.50 – Umay Design

Photo: Etsy

Wooden Hand Carved Box with Pentacle

Every real witch needs a box to store tools. From tarot cards to gemstones, this wonderful object is perfect for any witch.

$23.81+ – Umay Design

Photo: Free People

Tamra Copper Water Bottle

Handcrafted in India using the highest quality copper. A chic gift featuring the triple moon, a symbol every witch know and loves. Copper is naturally antimicrobial which makes this one of the cleanest water bottles you can buy.


Green Witch Gifts

The green witch (also known as herbal or botanical witch) is that plant lover who is deeply connected to the earth, plants her own organic food, knows everything about herbs and teas, and hugs the trees. Do you know someone like this? Then these may be the ideal gifts for her!

Photo: Etsy

Mystery Box Set of 3 glass domes

A simple decorative gift that will make any green witch happy.

$13.00 + –Designs by Brickhouse

Photo: Anthropologie

Wild at Home

A book that teaches how to transform her home into an urban forest? The green witch definitely will love it! 

$24.99 –Designs by Brickhouse

Photo: Free People

Sacred Heart Kit

Botanical and herbal mixes can make any witch happy. This gorgeous box holds a compilation of aphrodisiac & mood-enhancing herbs, flowers, berries, and barks. Ideal for those who seek some natural help to boost libido and inner fire energy.

$119.00 –Anima Mundi

Sacred Heart Kit l Anima Mundi

Water Witch Gifts

Mermaids, waterfalls, shells, and the magnitude of the ocean are the sources of the force of the water witch. Long petal baths and rituals by the beach are how she recharges and regain her powers. If your witchy friend loves waterfalls and the beach and collecting shells, you will find the perfect gift here.

Photo: Etsy

Sterling Silver Mermaid on the Moon Necklace

Water witches feel a strong connection with the mysterious and enigmatic mythology of mermaids. This Moon and mermaid necklace is just perfect. 

$110.50 –Frey Jewelry Design

Photo: Anthropologie

Moon Bath Waxing Moon Botanical Bath Tea

This fragrant bath mix was intentionally crafted to enhance your connection to the energy of the Waxing Moon. A bathtub ritual with candles and this mix of cacao, cardamom, and marshmallow is the perfect wellness moment for a water witch.

$16.00 –Moon Barh

White Witch Gifts

Light crystals, ethereal vibes, soft fabrics, and a feminine aura are elements that we can connect to the white witch.

Photo: Etsy

Pentacle Necklace

Although the pentacle is a very traditional symbol in witchcraft, this one is so delicate that it made me think immediately of the white witch vibes.

$28.18 –LiliumPt

Photo: Anthropologie

Agate Coaster

An elegant gift for the white or the crystal witch, these agate coasters will evoke the magic and strength of the earth in any environment.


Dark Witch Gifts

Photo: Etsy

Black snake ring

Snakes are elegant, strategic, sensual, and intimidating. They are also a symbol of transformation and part of the human imaginary. They cause a thrilling feeling of wonder and fear, and this is exactly why they are so appealing to powerful and mysterious, wonderful and fearful dark witches. If you know someone with these features, this adjustable ring is perfect.

$15.00 –Dark Secrets Design Co.

Photo: Etsy

Snake Skull Candle

The same principle from the previous snake gift, this candle is for that extra intimidating dark witch who would love to make a statement in her living room with this skull and snake candle.


Wicked Witch Gifts

Photo: BoxLunch

Funko Pop! The Simpsons Wicked Witch

Maggie with a Wicked Witch of the West costume is the cutest funko a witch might wish for!


Cosmic Witch Gifts

You know that friend who knows everyone’s Birth Chart, and constellation names and is obsessed with the moon and starts? Then she will certainly love these gifts.

Photo: Etsy

Set of 2 Gold Handmade Ceramic Mugs & Serving Plate

Every witch loves everything that is naturally made, including pottery. This kit is a gorgeous accent to any witch kitchen, but especially appealing to a cosmic witch.


astrology deck gift
Photo: Free People

Astrology Deck

A wonderful gift for the modern witch who loves the mysteries, myths, and meanings of the cosmos.


zodiac gift
Photo: Anthropologie

Signs of the Zodiac

Some witches believe in the wisdom of science, others in the ancient wisdom of the stars, and others in both. This a gorgeous gift for those who are into astrology.


zodiac gift aesthetic
Signs of the Zodiac
Signs of the Zodiac

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