The more time passes, the more inclined I feel (just like a mermaid) scared of shallow waters and unafraid to dive deep into the vast, and intriguing blue sea of history, myths, and psyche to explain in an accessible and story-like form, why some images and stories appeal to us.

From how we dress, to the way we behave, and most importantly, what we desire: images awaken, uncover, reveal, and guide our deepest, most primitive wishes.

This is something so archetypical and eternal that even the mermaidcore aesthetic was created, as an attempt to make the myths more accessible, to bring them to the light, and to embrace them in real life.

I read many articles in fashion magazines stating that some aesthetics are a way to escape real life, and this is not accurate. Aesthetics are especially about making life MORE real.

Real for you, for your heart, and for your soul. Embracing the symbolic visual languages of stories, that we now call aesthetics, whether it is the Mermaidcore, cottagecore, or dark academia, is about being Real with yourself and honest with your mind’s deepest wishes.

Aesthetics are pretty much visual symbolic language that the new generations are starting to claim again and that the fashion industry transformed into trends, but we know it is much more than that.

If my soul claims for mermaidcore, it won’t make sense to go baddie because Vogue said that being Kardashian Baddie is now the new trend to be socially accepted. Vogue is just another magazine, they are not your personal story, they are not your deepest desires, and this is why every time I read NEW AESTHETIC TREND, I flinch.

Mermaids: From the Myths to the Aesthetic

That being said, What are mermaids? why are you reading this now, feeling so attracted to the theme, and willing to reveal the mythical magic behind lore that survives through the centuries?

Why do we love the imagery of a woman who is half fish and lives in another realm, under the sea? Who is beautiful yet potentially dangerous?

What are the important metaphors there? Hiding vital messages in our minds that keep knocking for being brought to the light of the surface and that this generation is sort of doing it, even without knowing, by embracing the Mermaid aesthetics.

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Mermaids are one of the many supernatural beings that have come down through the centuries as part of our symbolic heritage. A graphic expression of primitive fears or wishes, being passed by through eternal storytelling.

A good immortal story, like the mermaid ones, especially when merged with good imagery is food for our soul. We need them to have the energy for action.

A good story turns on a little spark that is fuel to make us burn and make a magical transformation in our lives. Just like fire can change a boring potato into delicious french fries: our inner fire, when lit, is also capable of such transformation.

In this article, I will crack the code behind the images and help you understand what you are embracing and changing in yourself when you understand the mermaidcore aesthetics at the symbolic level, helping you make even more soul-level meaningful choices for your life.

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Mermaid Myths & Meanings

It can be today from your bedroom or 500 years ago in a story told by a pirate, someone will certainly feel intrigued and magnetized towards the lore of whimsical, mystical, and sometimes dangerous, mermaids. Myths are eternal because they keep a primitive and universal part of ourselves alive, and embracing aesthetics helps us tap into these powers.

From scientists to storytellers, to my 8-year-old self feeling thrilled every time I watched Splash, the fascination for these hybrid beings goes on and on through the centuries.

According to the book The Womans Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects, by Barbara G. Walker, the mermaid descended from very old traditions connecting Goddess figures with the sea as a universal womb. Medieval books of alchemy described the mermaid as the Siren of the Philosophers crowned and lactating the milk of enlightenment.

The mermaid myths started in ancient Greece, with the sea goddess and sirens of Homer’s Odyssey, in the eighth century BCE. These aquatic creatures were terrible, monstrous female beasts who intended to bring human man to an agonizing death, and their siren songs didn’t promise sex, but enlightenment.

The half-human half-fish sensual image that we have of mermaids these days started with an attempt by the early, Medieval Christian church to spread a message that women and sex are dangerous. After the Second World War, with capitalism starting its best phase, the standard, pretty, and sexy mermaids and symbology were intelligently well adapted to pop culture and advertising, remaining strong to these days.

Regardless of legend or movie, mermaids are mysterious, confident, and daring. Let’s take our most famous and favorite mermaid in pop culture: Ariel, The Little Mermaid. And, when it comes to old lore, the feared Blackbeard pirate feared only one thing: mermaids.

One of the mermaid’s main powers is her voice: the metaphor of Ariel not being herself anymore after losing her voice is a reinforcement of how the mermaid powers in the myths are related to her singing. How afraid are those dangerous pirates and sailors, of a mysterious, free, emotional, and independent woman with a strong voice!

🌊 Other names for mermaids in myths: Sea Witch, sirens, merfolk, water nymphs (or waters spirits). All of these are considered archetypes that live in the collective consciousness, that we can uncover in our inner selves and express through our outer selves.

Mermaidcore Aesthetics: Elements, textures and accessories

Embracing your mermaid self is about flowing with your intuition, shining free with your natural translucence, and embracing your deep emotional waters, unafraid of your natural seduction, femininity, voice, and intimidating nature. Now we will see how to express these features aesthetically, looking more connected to yourself and honoring these beings in your lifestyle, reinforcing those aspects in you.

Deep Seas and Deep Waters:

Freedom and being not afraid to wander weightless and free in the dark. This seems impossible to a modern woman right: Think about yourself running free, half naked on the dark streets, being respected and undisturbed. Mermaids can do that.

They are free and unafraid women, who can explore the huge ocean and nothing will happen to them because they don’t have genitals, won’t be hunted, and won’t be eaten alive.

Mermaids are safe and free in the darkness. They can embrace, and dance, and swim fast and untamed in deep dark waters. This is such a powerful metaphor to our psyches, as woman’s freedom is so limited, especially in the dark, whether literally, by walking on a dark street, or metaphorically, when we think of swimming free in our deep dark waters – our emotions- and living guilty free, swimming free of the earth weight.

We don’t even rationalize these important messages, but they are there, making us secretly wish to be a mermaid. Not afraid of the ocean. Not afraid of our deep, vast, profound, and vital emotions.

Iridescent Shells & Scales

Can you think about anything in nature with the unique iridescent beauty of a shell’s interior? Nature certainly can provide us with stunning shining natural gifts, but shell and pearl iridescence is something very unique, feminine, delicate, whimsical, and rare, adjectives that can easily be associated with mermaids. Iridescent tails and pearly accessories

Mermaid accessories: Mirror and tiaras

According to the book The Mermaid Handbook, by Carolyn Turgeon, mermaids been pictured with a mirror and a comb since the early Middle Ages. The mermaid headdress is a modern accent that reinforces a queen or princess intimidating and sovereign aspect of these powerful beings.

Pastel Mermaid Aesthetic

Pastel Mermaid Aesthetic: Beauty and Fashion

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White Pearl Mermaids Aesthetic

White pearl mermaid fashion

Purple Mermaid Aesthetic

Aquamarine Mermaid Aesthetic

Dark Mermaid Aesthetic

AI Generated Dark mermaid concepts

Dark Mermaid Aesthetic Fashion & Style

Using the mermaid aesthetic for a more authentic life:

The power of symbols is stronger than what I or you think, It lives forever through the years. So, at the moment you feel you don’t have a voice, at the moment you feel you are disconnected and lost from your emotions, at the moment you want to feel proud of your freedom and sensuality, embrace the mermaid aesthetics.

Put your hair down, wear pearls and iridescent flowy dresses, that allow you to run free without losing femininity. Or just do what I call a mermaid meditation: spend a long time brushing your hair, looking at the mirror, and loving what you see. Connect with your inner siren and honor her.

Mermaids are hidden in our minds, always mesmerizing us, and wishing to be incorporated by us, to have their messages and magic spread and seen through being alive in our clothes, style and behavior. Mermaidcore is not just a temporary trend, but a symbology that speaks to a long-hidden part of us that is finally awakening again.

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