The year was 2012, and an image of fairy lights in a bedroom was the first thing that awakened my passion for Pinterest and all the ideas and possibilities this social network provided for those who wanted to live a more authentic and creative life. I was 24 years old and felt enchanted with how easily I could create a cozy, intimate, and slightly magical environment for myself only with a few lights from my Christmas tree.

Today I felt nostalgic, and after a series of posts related to fairy aesthetics, I have decided to make this fairy light decor ideas post.

Many articles I write here are mostly about one specific aesthetic, but I also make some guides listing different moods that a type of decoration or fashion style can provide, so you can identify the most appealing.

The aesthetics and mood of fairy lights: Which is the right one for you:

Every environment will become cuter and slightly cozier and magical with fairy lights in the decoration. Their resemblance with fireflies and fictional fairy tales makes our minds automatically transport us to a fictional place of dreams and mysticism when we are in an environment decorated with tiny sparkly string lights.

So, you can brighten up any space with them, but as with anything else in interior design, the fairy lights will change the overall mood of the setting depending on the objects and colors combined with the lights. Below, I will list a few moods you can enhance with fairy light ideas in your interior design.

Fairy lights for a simple and cozy mood

Fairy lights will always enhance the coziness of an environment, and their cuteness makes them especially appealing for teenage rooms. You will see in the examples below though, that adult, mature interiors can look even cosier with fairy lights.

That modern and cozy room is perfect, and it is clear how the tiny spots of light enhance the warmth and comfort of the place. Feels like the curtains worked as a portal, with the lights marking the entrance and exit of this lovely sacred space.

modern cozy and small aesthetic living room decor with fairy lights on curtain

A cozy rustic headboard with fairy lights that makes a pretty spiral dance.

cosy bedroom decoration with fairy lights

A whimsical fairy touch to a very simple room can be achieved with this curtain of fairy strings and vines.

curtain wall of fairy lights with vines decor in the living room

Tos set a Girly Mood

Girly and feminine interiors get a hint of glamour when you add some fairy lights to them. Below you will see how versatile they are, combining beautifully on the bed headboard or bringing to focus the products of a shelf.

pretty girly and simple bed decoration with fairy lights
pink aesthetic and girly shelf decor with fairy lights

Girly baby rooms’ overall positive and brightening mood can benefit from fairy lights in the details as well.

cute decoration with fairy light

Here we have a very original alternative of a shabby chic dining room decorated with fairy strings.

shabby chic vintage  dining room decor with fairy lights

All pink and girly Boho curtains for lovers of the pink aesthetic.

girly pink aesthetic
AI-generated by The Mood Guide

Tos set a Feminine Vintage Mood

I love the Jane Austen feminine-vintage-academia aesthetics, and thinking of all the nostalgic and romantic feelings these stories wake in me, I decided to generate a Whimsical Romantic vintage Jane Austen bedroom idea on Midjourney thinking about the elements that would recreate an Elizabeth Bennet sort of bedroom in the modern days with the magic of fairy lights.

I love how the curtain of whimsy vines and light strings creates a magic mysterious vibe to the bookshelf filled with vintage stuff behind. And in case you want to protect or hide the books, the curtains can be closed.

vines and fairy lights aesthetic bedroom decor idea. Vintage Bridgerton aesthetic decoration
AI-generated by The Mood Guide

Tos set a Light Academia

Add some sparkles to your clean and classy light academia interiors. Learn more about this simple and minimal style that has its identity inspired by classical Greek elements and references with The Ultimate Guide for Light Academia Aesthetic (Outfits, Room Ideas, Architecture, Moods).

light academia aesthetic living room decor with fairy lights and neutral bookshelves
minimal photo clips with fairy light decor in minimalist bedroom

Tos set a Fairycore Mood

Fairies are mythological beings associated with nature protection, therefore, a refreshing and calming space, that feels as if it is an extension of the outdoor woodland, having the fairy lights as a whimsical symbolic association with real fairies, creates the perfect fairycore room. To understand more about the fairy lore and the fairycore movement (or fairy aesthetic) check out the article Fairycore Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Embrace the Fairy Aesthetic.

Important to clarify that I have created all the images below with Midjourney, an AI image generator. As a graphic designer, I took a while to drop my prejudices and fears about it and decided to explore some tools. Turns out that it does not harm my work as a designer, but expands the possibilities of visualization and optimizes my time.

I added tiny fairy lights to the rooms below, intending to communicate something possible to be recreated in real life. A lot of sunlight and sage greens mixed with light floral bedsheets evoked a fairy-like (which symbolically means a feminine entity of nature) mood to this bedroom.

fairy aesthetic green bedroom with fairy lights
AI generated by The Mood Guide

This bed setting with the fairy lights and the vintage sage floral wallpaper simulates the look and feel of a fairy nook.

vines and fairy lights aesthetic bedroom decor for a fairycore interior
AI-generated by The Mood Guide

This is the least realistic option because I doubt that you can grow real tree branches over your bed without being surprised by a few ants in the middle of the night. But a good architect can certainly project something artificial that is similar.

The 4 essential elements of a fairy inspired room are well represented here: the greenery in vines and plants all over, the whimsical fairy strings hanging and mixed with the greener, the pink florals and the natural sunlight.

 fairycore bedroom with fairy lights
AI-generated by The Mood Guide

Fairy Lights To Set a Boho Mood

From 2020 on, this style of decor became a huge trend. All beige and boho, minimalism, and bohemian textures, were all over Instagram. Fairy lights are a great accent to the bohemian chic style, enhancing the sophistication in a cute and cozy way.

simple minimal beige boho bedroom decor with fairy lights

See how just a few vases with a cascade of small greenery and the rain of string lights are enough to set a boho mood.

simple boho decoration with fairy lights strings

Here we have a boho gallery wall that harmonizes with the boho aesthetic and palette of this bedroom. The fairy lights playing around the artwork enhance the bohemian coziness and highlight the gallery.


String moons with string lights were a Bohemian Urban Outfitters boom a couple of years ago.

boho bedroom decor with moon string and fairy lights
boho bedroom decor with moon phases string and fairy lights
boho adult bedroom decor with hipster string lights
aesthetic boho decor with fairy lights

Hippie Jungle Boho style with fairy lights is a free-spirited hippie paradise when combined with the right natural textures and warm colors.

aesthetic urban jungle boho decor with fairy lights
aesthetic urban jungle boho decor with fairy lights
fairy lights and vine decor

For a Whimsical Luxury Mood

A luxurious bedding with fairy lights to show that even in more classic luxury bedrooms, illuminated with sober and chic white lights, the fairy lights are a nice option.

luxury all white bedroom decor with fairy lights
black and white luxury glam bedroom decoration with fairy lights

Fairy lights to set Christmas moods indoors

String lights are the most traditional choice when it comes to the aesthetics of christmas decor, creating all the powerful whimsical, and strong symbology that reinforces the holidays as a magical time.

It’s been a few decades since fairy lights became a tradition in the christmas tree decorations. There are other ways to enhance the festive vibes of Holidays with them that go way beyond wrapping it around the pine tree, such as:

Set a Festive fireplace with candles and fairy lights.

fireplace decor with fairy lights

Hang garland and fairy lights anywhere in the house, even in the bedroom.

christmas decor in bedroom with garlands and fairy lights

Add a simple cascade to the stairs.

christmas fairy lights decor on stairs

Fairy lights to set an indie mood

A less common choice but also very cool, this 2000s indie aesthetic bedroom with fairy lights.

indie bedroom decor with fairy lights

Big string lights became a huge decoration element to mark cool underground hipster-indie places. See more about Hipster Aesthetic Guide: A Complete Guide for the Hipster Girl.

indie bedroom fairy light strings

To Set a Magical Mood

From Harry Potter Ravenclaw House to the ACOTAR Night Court, any true fan of fantasy books knows that the night sky is a huge element of fantasy stories. Fairy lights have an obvious visual linkage with sparkly starry skies, which makes them a great accent on Magickal-themed rooms, like this Ravenclaw-inspired bedroom below.

✦ See also Ravenclaw Aesthetics & Outfits to help you embrace your Wit, Creative and Smart Self

ravenclaw aesthetic bedroom decorated with fairy lights

So, fairy lights marked the beginning of DIY projects on the internet, and they still are a simple and creative way to enhance the main mood of an environment, whether to make it more free-spireted looking, more glamorous, or more magical, the fairy lights in interior decor will guarantee that sparkle of charm that could be missing to add the differential and comfort you need to your favorite place without breaking the bank.

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