Tiny cute Sakuras or cherry blossoms nails are the perfect nail art for spring and summer that goes beyond the standard floral nail design and expresses intense femininity and dainty aura in whoever uses them.

Sakura and cherry blossoms are light pink, the most feminine color. So, cherry blossom nail art expresses a feminine, girly and romantic mood.

Below I will list Cherry nails ideas and organize them by possibilities and style.

You will see Sakura nail art created by ultra-talented nail designers, and as a (graphic) Designer, I took the liberty to generate some ideas with AI to expand possibilities of very authentic Cherry blossom nails that I could not find in real examples.

Classic Simple light pink Cherry Blossom Nails

All pink or pink and white nail art with sakura is the most classic and simple alternative to doing a feminine, pretty doll sakura-inspired mani. See here for all types of feminine and girly nail ideas.

Pink nail polish, cherry blossoms and glitter add a touch of glamour to your feminine and girly mani.

Nude Nails with Cherry Blossom Design

Super cute and dainty soft pink blossom babies on nude short nails are likely the sweetest and most innocent nail design for spring you can get.

White cherry blossoms are less common on nail design and look stunning and lovely when handpainted on nude nail color.

Beige and long nails with larger branches of bright cherry blossoms are a classic alternative.

Cute Ombre Effect

Soft colors to white ombre is a trendy nail art for reaching a sophisticated yet ethereal mood. See also Nude Ombre Nails Ideas to Innovate on Your Chic & Natural Manicure.

French Tips Sakura Nails

Cherry Blossoms frenchies look dainty and adorable. French tips are always an elegant way to design any manicure with minimalism.

Cherry Blossom nail art with gold or silver

Some nail artists are talented at making amazingly beautiful works of art in nail design.

Using sophisticated nail polish like silver and gold is halfway through an always wealthy-looking mood, even when combined with something so delicate as Cherry Blossom. See here for Gold Nails Ideas & Designs To Try Right Now and Gold and Black Nails Designs and Variations to Evoke Wealth and Sophistication.

Colors, cherry blossoms and gold also look amazing for a cheerful-chic spring aesthetic.

Foil silver tips with sakura or very minimalist silver details.

Colorful Spring Sakura Nails

We tend to isolate cherry blossoms from other springy flowers or seasonal elements when we think about them in nail art.

So, I used AI to make some springy cottagecore-inspired and lavender nails to show that these lovely blooms work out gorgeously mixed with other things, such as strawberries.

See also 45 Strawberry Nails Art & Design For A Sweet Manicure and 20+ Enchanting Cottagecore Nails

Red & Black Cherry Blossom Nails

Another creation from my mind. Cherry blossoms are easily associated with Japan due to the popular show of pink wonder that happens in this country when they bloom before spring.

Japan is popularly known as the house of some of the best horror movies in the world. So, I imagined a mix of the cultural association of the flower with a horror mood of black and red. These would look great in a Japanese vampire aesthetic inspired costume or for Halloween nails!

Sakura with rhinestones Nails

Perfect choice for a very feminine spring-themed wedding.

3D Cherry Blossom Nails

These prove that we can be dainty, feminine and a bit “extra”.

Pastel Colors Cherry Blossom Nails

Teeny-tiny delicate cherry blossoms on dreamy light blue nails or a lovely and sweet mint green are creative alternatives to keep the feminine and cute aesthetics on without the obvious light pink.

See also 51 Pastel Nails Ideas & Designs To Look Cute During Spring And Beyond and A Guide to a Pastel Aesthetic Lifestyle (Danish, Soft, Kawaii) to dive deep into pastel hues meanings in the lifestyle.

As you can see, cherry blossoms look amazing for many occasions and seasons beyond the well-known pink spring nails.

The light blue and white sakura are a popular trend for wedding manicures. At the same time, the gold cherry blossoms on nude nails will get you closer to achieving an extremely luxurious and classy visual mo.

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