Strawberry nails are one of the most popular picks for spring and summer, after all, they are bright, joyful, and it’s strawberry season. If we are lucky we can run into really tasty strawberries during our farmer’s market visit or go on a trip field to harvest our own red fruits. The ideas for lovely manicures are almost endless because you can range from romantic pink designs to cute cottagecore and extravagant 3D art on extra-long coffin nails.

As usual, I invested an entire day of work digging deep into the nail side on Instagram to pick the most popular strawberry nail art and designs to inspire your next manicure. Also, I harvested some stunning decals and press-on sets for a quick DIY. So, make sure you save, print, share, and Pin your favorites.

Strawberry Nail Art & Designs








The Most Joyful Strawberry Earrings

Are you into pink or red strawberry nails?

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