Whether you’re living the high cottagecore, fairycore, forest aesthetic life or you want some fall harvesting inspiration, mushroom nails are the perfect pick for your next manicure. By the way, all puns are intended. In this post, we picked the most trippy, cute, and enchanted mushroom nail designs. There are popular mushroom designs ideas from Instagram and bestselling nail art stickers, decals, and press on from Etsy. Happy nail harvesting!

Mushroom Nails

1. Light green French tips and red toadstools: 10/10 cottagecore.

2. Cute spring vibes


4. High on shrooms


6. It’s a magic trip into the wood

7. Holographic mushrooms nails stickers to nail your manicure even if you’re tripping

8. Fun summer vibes

9. Bright mushroom forest

10. Enchanted cottagecore forest aesthetic

11. Funky fungi

12. Tiny mushroom cabochon for maximum results and little effort

13. Classic mushroom coffin nails

14. Mushroom forest

15. That 70’s show (you know what I mean)

16. Realistic fungi

17. Chocolate mushrooms, anyone?

18. A cute trip

19. Swirl vibe

20. Halloween trip

21. Zero skills, all the mushroom magic

22. A mystical affair


24. Retro spring garden





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How cute are these mushroom nails?

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