Sunflowers and Summer are a match made in heaven. I find sunflowers to be poetic because just like them, I’m always chasing the sunlight and have zero charisma in the darkness. Naturally, yellow is the man of the hour, but you’re not limited to keeping things monochromatic. So, in this post, you’ll find the most inspiring sunflower nail designs for every style and nail shape. There are magical sunflower gardens, combos with pink flowers, purple, blue, and green combinations, and even nude, brown, and black backgrounds for a moody sunflower vibe. Also, these talented artists create stunning sunflower designs that go from simple french tips to elaborate Van Gogh’s inspiration. After all, sunflower nails are all about fun and art.

Sunflower Nails Designs & Ideas

1. Singles

2. Spring Meadow

3. Bright Yellow

4. Minimal Geometry

5. Cute

6. Van Gogh Inspo

7. Delicate

8. 3D Sunflowers

9. Silver Dots

10. Glamorous Sunflowers

11. Pink Match

12. French Tips

13. Magic Spring

14. Lilac & Polkadots

15. Wildflowers Field

16. Animal Print

17. Dots & Stripes

18. Black Matte

19. Lovely

20. Butterfly & Sunflowers

21. Half and Half

22. Handpainted

23. Sage Green Mix

24. Light Purple

25. Red & Pink

26. Pink Flowers

27. Pastel Blue

28. Green Vibe

29. Pure Art

30. Chic Nude

31. Winter Mood

32. Red Art

33. Frame

34. Brown & Texture

35. Yellow & Green

36. Fall Sunflowers

37. Pure Art

oval nails with artistic blue yellow and gold sunflower art

38. Simply White

39. Minimalist

40. Orange Burst

41. 3D Glam

42. Sunflowers For Ukraine

43. Art Decal

44. French Tips

45. Modern

46. Handmade

47. Dainty

48. Blue Tips

49. Pink Romance

50. Sunflower Baskets

51. Easter Egg

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Are you into sunflower nails only for Summer or you’re saving some ideas for Fall and Winter?

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