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Navy blue nails are a major hit in the moody winter pallete. Once you get tired of autumn browns, Christmas reds, and New Year’s Eve gold, it’s time to take turns between emerald green and navy blue. Of course, it’s only a pallet suggestion, because the nail colors are more related to our mood than the weather outside. In any case, here are stunning navy blue nails to inspire your next manicure adventure.

The Best Navy Blue Nails Designs & Ideas

1. Navy French Nails With Strass


2. Daisies

square navy blue nails with daisies

3. Minimalist French Tips

Minimalist French Tips navy blue nails

4. Moody Art Design

Moody Art Design navy blue short nails

5. Glitter Night

round navy blue nails with glitter

6. Golden Accent

Golden Accent navy blue nails

7. Marble Art

navy blue nails Marble Art

8. A Touch of Silver

navy blue nails with silver

9. Christmas Wrap

navy blue nails with Christmas Wrap

10. Matte Design

long square blue navy nails matte design

11. Minimal Geometry

Minimal Geometry navy blue nails

12. Floral Details

navy blue floral nails

13. Moody Christmas

navy blue Moody Christmas nails

14. Sparkling

long navy blue oval nail with glitter and rhinestone

15. Dark Navy

dark navy short nails

16. Navy & White Winter

white navy blue long round christmas nails

17. Navy & Gold Winter

long oval nails Navy & Gold Winter

18. Gold Stars

Gold Stars navy blue nails

19. New Year’s Eve


20. Soft Starry Night

short square navy nails with gold stars

21. Silver Glitter

navy blue silver glitter round short nails







25. White Waves

navy blue and white square nails

26. Gold Constellation Design

navy blue nails with Gold Constellation Design

27. Moody Glitter

short navy blue nails with glitter

28. Fall Art

gold orange and navy blue long almond nails

29. Artsy

short navy blue nails

30. Gold Constellation Design

navy blue nails with Gold Constellation Design

31. Solid & Chic

long almond navy blue nails

32. Gold Details

navy blue golden nails

33. Navy & Gold Elegance

Navy & Gold Elegant nails

34. Matte & Gold

matte navy blue nails with gold details

35. Sparkling Chic

silver and navy blue almond nails design

36. Grey Winter Forest

navy blue and grey short almond nails

37. Mosaic

oval short navy blue nails with mosaic design

Which navy blue nails did you Pin?

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