A few days ago, nature blessed us all with the beginning of fall. Time to let the old things go, leave space for the new and recharge the vitality of our body and spirit. Although we have already written a post about the fall aesthetic and meaning, it is time to dive deeper into the Brown aesthetic, one of the primary colors surrounding us and influencing our moods during the fall season and that also is a relevant color in the look and feel of many other aesthetics, that I will list below.

The Brown Aesthetic

As with any other color, brown can be associated with different moods and lifestyles, depending on cultural influences and personal perceptions. The Mood Guide is a magazine targeted at women from the USA, and here I will break down the types of lifestyles and moods that are evoked by different shades of brown for this culture.

When I think about brown, the three first words that come to my mind are Coffee, chocolate, and earth, which bring me to a balanced, comfortable, and secure place.

Brown is reminiscent of natural materials like wood and earth. Therefore, it can evoke a sense of appreciation for the natural world, the strength of the earth, and the beauty of simplicity.

The overall brown aesthetics: Brown aesthetics in images, decorations, outfits, and even movies, usually make us feel a sense of earthing, warmth, cozy and nostalgic rustic, wood, seriousness and maturity, falling leaves of autumn, and aged & vintage charm.

The brown moods can be split into different shades of brown aesthetics that visually represent specific lifestyles and storytelling. If you few drawn to the imagery evolving the color brown, now you will find out why and which brown aesthetic most represents you.

The brown aesthetic in Adventure and nature.

Dark brown is usually the shade of color that represents lifestyles where nature is a central agent. For adventurous souls and explorers out there, dark brown is a mood booster. From cocoa, coffee grains, the earth itself, tree branches, or mountains, this color is very present everywhere in nature.

In the context of outdoorsy-themed designs, brown can evoke a cozy, nostalgic, and rustic mood. It is often used in interior design to create a warm and charming ambiance when you bring the outside landscape and relaxing yet steady wooden feel to your home.

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Brown in the fall aesthetic 🍂

The cozy aesthetic is the brown aesthetic when we see this color in the context of the fall season. Think of hot cocoa with a chocolate bar and a brown sweater, marveling at the brown leaves outside and you can sense this mood. As the color of soil and wood, brown is strongly connected to the earth and nature. It can evoke feelings of groundedness, connectedness to the natural world, and a sense of being rooted, which also take us to a sense of stability and security.

The earthy and natural tones of brown mixed with cheerful bright orange, perfectly represent the transition of joyful summer to the introduction of winter.

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Brown in the Dark Academia aesthetic

Brown is also highly associated with history, nostalgia, and vintage things, being the principal color of the most remarkable aesthetic from the past ears, the dark academia aesthetic. Vintage books, clothing, and architecture from preppy English scholars have the brown aesthetic, which was incorporated by today’s modern revival of the dark academia lifestyle and aesthetics.

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Soft or Light Brown Aesthetic

There are 3 distinct lifestyle that revolves around the soft brown aesthetic: the cute and romantic soft brown Korean aesthetic, the minimalist chic aesthetic, and the vintage chic aesthetic. In, all of them, this serene and neutral color creates a sense of simplicity

The light brown vintage chi aesthetic is pretty much a mix of light academia with French chic Parisian, with a minimalist aesthetic. This romantic aesthetic consists of golden vintage elements, art, and soft brown.

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The light brown aesthetic in the context of the minimalist aesthetic creates a sense of understated sophistication.

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Soft brown Korean is one of the many subaesthetics of the Korean aesthetic.

Royal, sophisticated traditional brown aesthetic

Imagine a rich old man’s office, and you probably will picture a dark brown wooden desk, with brown furniture. A very formal setting that emanates a sense of responsibility and maturity. This magazine is not targeted at these men from older generations though, but the dark brown is still highly associated with luxury and sophistication. Louis Vuitton’s classic handbag is a classic example.

These Ai generated luxury bathrooms inspired by Louis Vuitton and Rolex brand identity is a perfect example of how dark brown aesthetics work out for a high-luxury look and feel.

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Other original and authentic brown aesthetics

People’s creativity and lifestyle possibilities are infinite. Therefore, there are many other types of aesthetics combined that generate other new subaesthetis. Here are some other fun mixes of aesthetics within the brown aesthetic.

Cottagecore academia

All the cuteness and life romanticization of the cottagecore aesthetic with the brainy vibes of dark academia. This is like. I am very smart but also love nature and certainly a vintage soul.

Adventurous chic

When the dark brown rusticity meets the elegance of the minimal chic aesthetic.

Rustic Vintage

Here, ultimate simplicity meed natural and vintage elements. A nice aesthetic for a simple cozy cottage life.

Brown Aesthetic Wallpapers

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